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					January/February 2003                                               Volume 10 Number 1

 (L) Candy Davis and Bruce Lee with Candy’s Witch Candy right after its successful Level 2
   flight at Nebraska Heat II. (R) Candy with her 1999 Graduator at NH II. (Richard Burney)

         Winter Meeting Schedule
    Tuesday January 7th, Tuesday
 February 4th, and Tuesday March 4th.
Each meeting will start at 7:00 PM at the
     La Vista Community Center.

    January/February 2003 Calendar
   2003 calendar pending. Stay tuned!

        In Memory of Candy Davis                                  Candy, along with Bruce Lee and Tony Cochran,
                   By Richard Burney                              during a construction party for the Nebraska Heat
                                                                          rocket in February 1997. (Burney)

         Most everyone who belongs to THOR has
probably learned by now of Candy’s accidental death the
evening before Thanksgiving. Candy’s son, Jacob, had
stopped breathing and Candy had rushed him down to
the basement of the Davis’ residence where Arley was,
in order for Arley to perform CPR. When Candy went to
run to go call 911, Candy slipped and fell in a pool of
water that had backed up from the basement drain. In
the process, Candy came in contact with a drill press
that was plugged into an improperly wired socket.
Candy was electrocuted. Arley was able to revive
Jacob, but was unable to revive Candy. Candy was only
22 years old. She leaves behind her two year old son,
Jacob, and her four month old daughter, Necia. Candy
was laid to rest at the St. Mary’s Cemetery on December
5 .
                                                                  Arley Davis, Candy, and Richard Burney get ready
         During the last five years, a few other THOR
                                                                  for a Minie Magg drag ra ce at the 1998 AIRFest at
members have passed away. Bruce Furan died in early
                                                                              Argonia, KS. (Arley Davis)
1998 from MS. Scott Meinhardt died in August 2000
from cancer. In both cases, both men weren’t that old;
Scott was in his mid 30’s and Bruce I believe was in his
late 40’s. But due to the nature of their illnesses, we had
time to say goodbye. In Candy’s case, the last time
some of us got to see her was at the November meeting.
And then she was gone. I know I will miss her. Candy
was only 7 years younger then me, so this definitely puts
into perspective how short our lives can be in this world
and how fragile human life is.
         There is currently a memorial fund in Candy’s
name in order to raise money for any legal expenses
that Arley may need to pay in order to keep custody of
Jacob and Necia. Donations may be sent to the below
address or may be made in person at any US Bank

      Candy Davis Memorial c/o Arley Davis
                   US Bank
                1700 Farnam St
                                                                   Candy and myself work on cutting a coupler for
               Omaha, NE 68102                                                rd
                                                                    THOR’s 1/3 scale Mercury Redstone. (Davis)

                                                                          Deuce’s Wild Review
                                                                        Article and pictures by Larry Vetter

                                                                       Deuce’s Wild is a kit by FlisKits, Inc. FlisKits is
                                                             out of Merrimack, New Hampshire. They just started
                                                             offering kits in September. I ordered one called Deuce's
                                                             Wild. It has a length of 21.2", a diameter of 1.637”, and
                                                             has four fins. Deuce flies on a twin cluster of A8-3’s, B6-
                                                             4’s, or C6-5’s.
                                                                       It’s unique because it uses a canted engine
                                                             design. The engines are canted 15 degrees. They don't
                                                             offer it with die cut balsa fins so you have to use the fin
                                                             pattern and cut them yourself. A lot like the old Estes kits
                                                             used to be. The part I didn't care for was the way the
                                                             engine mount was done. They use cardboard rings and
                                                             a triangle wedge to set the canted angle. The ring with
                                                             the holes for the engine tubes is glued to the pointed end
                                                             of the wedge. The other solid ring is glued to the bottom
                                                             of the wedge. When you put the engine tubes in they try
                                                             to twist off sideways. I finally enlarged the holes so the
                                                             tubes didn't bind up and twist things off sideways. The
                                                             rest of the kit went smoothly.
 Candy working on a part for the Redstone. (Davis)                     FlisKits is just getting started and plans on
                                                             offering more kits in the future. Right now they offer just
                                                             a few kits in various skill levels. Check them out at

 Candy and her son, Jacob. Additional pictures of
  Candy along with an Omaha World Herald article
about the accident are currently posted at the Tripoli
                                                                   Jeramy Vetter and his dad’s Deuce’s Wild.
        web page ( (Davis)
                                                                THOR High Power Launch
                                                                Pickrell, NE – October 26 th
                                                                Article and pictures by Richard Burney

                                                                 The last high power launch of the year turned
                                                       out to be one of the best launches of the year if not ever!
                                                       Though the day started a bit cool, the sky was pretty
                                                       clear, it warmed up to somewhere in the 50’s, and the
                                                       wind was virtually non-existent all day long. To give an
                                                       idea on just how calm it was, Mark Havel’s Level 2 Cert.
                                                       flight using the PML Small Endeavor powered by a J350,
                                                       landed just about two or three hundred feet from the pad
                                                       after going a few thousand feet up. Normally, one would
                                                       expect to walk a half mile or more to get it back!

Deuce’s Wild ready for launch. Note canted motor
        pods sticking out of the bottom.

                                                         Tom Henry and his stretched PML Pterodactyl Jr.

              Liftoff on two B6-4’s.

              A successful flight!                                        Liftoff on an I161.
  Don Rice and one of his dual-stage deployment          Bill Richardson and his PML Endeavor. Motor for
capable rockets…. that is one looooonnnggg rocket!                     this flight was an I435.

 Liftoff on an I285. Unfortunately, the main chute                  A quick and rapid launch!
    failed to deploy resulting in a hard landing.
                                                                      THOR Meeting Minutes:
                                                                     November/December 2002
                                                                      Compiled by Richard Burney, Secretary

                                                             THOR Meeting Minutes 11/502

                                                             Attendance: Doug Buhrman, Richard Burney, Tony
                                                             Nicklin, Bruce Lee, Jacob Davis, Arley Davis, Candy
                                                             Davis, Necia Davis, Shaun Landgraff, Kevin
                                                             Trojanowski, Denis Gilbert, Jeff Moon Larry Drake, and
                                                             Jon Damme.

                                                             Meeting starts at 19:15.

                                                             Since THOR (Tripoli Nebraska) is responsible for the
                                                             Tripoli Raffle, four raffle tickets are pulled by Jon Damme
                                                             for the four available raffle prizes. Over $400 was raised
                                                             for the first raffle. For the second (November) raffle, a
                                                             variety of prizes including reload casings, cups, etc. will
                                                             be available.

                                                             Cesaroni’s 150mm O5100 now available through
                                                             Magnum and Blacksky.

                                                             Animal Motor Works and Cesaroni now have a joint

                                                             A ruling will be coming soon on the BATF lawsuit. It
                                                             appears that the ruling will be good for the rocketry
Tony NicKlin and his own scratch built Spike. Spike          community.
may only be a few feet long and 4” in diameter, but it
   weighs about 8 pounds (lots of nose weight)!              Kevin Trojanowski’s Lusty Corn Maiden is a featured
                                                             item in the November issue (Issue #22) of Extreme
                                                             Rocketry magazine.
                                                             The plans for rebuilding the 1/3 scale Mercury
                                                             Redstone are on hold. Rick Loehr, as of right now, will
                                                             probably be unable to attend LDRS. We would need his
                                                             presence there in order to use his P motor (per Tripoli

                                                             Plans are proceeding to develop Elmer Harms set-aside
                                                             land for THOR’s usage. In the early spring, gravel for
                                                             the parking space and the path leading up to the parking
                                                             space along with permanent wiring will be laid down.

                                                             Treasurer’s report: $815.26 currently in THOR’s

                                                             As soon as Kevin is done finishing up the work on a few
                                                             other web pages, he will finish the new THOR web page.

                                                             Jon Damme shows some motor mount configurations
                                                             and designs he has created which were made with the
                                                             Estes E-9 in mind.

               Liftoff on a Pro38 I205.

Tony Nicklin just got his Animal Motor Works 54mm             THOR’s Christmas party will be at Denis Gilbert’s on
motor casing set. It is comprised of a 1,000+ N/S J and       Friday.
a 1,700+ N/s K case.
                                                              Larry Drake is wanting to cluster 303 Estes D motors to
Rich Burney passes around pictures that he took at the        set the new cluster record! Larry plans on flying this
last several high and low power launches.                     rocket at LDRS. The combined thrust of this cluster
                                                              would be equal to either an M3333 or an M3434
The THOR Christmas party will be at Denis Gilbert’s           depending on if D12’s or D11’s are used. Larry set the
house on Friday, December 6 .                                 cluster record a few years back when he successfully lit
                                                              269 A10 motors out of a cluster of 293. The rocket went
Nominations are made for THOR officer positions. They         a few hundred feet up.
                                                              Treasurer’s report: $680 currently in THOR account.
President – Bruce Lee
Vice President – Greg Rothman or Arley Davis                  Kevin Trojanowski has got the new THOR web page up
Secretary – Richard Burney                                    and running (Editor’s note: the URL may eventually
Treasurer – Larry Drake                                       change… at press time it has!). Kevin has also applied
Tripoli Nebraska Prefect – Kevin Trojanowski                  to establish the waiver at Pickrell for next year.

Spend remainder of meeting watching tape that Mark            The Tripoli Raffle is conducted. Jon Damme pulls the
Kahler had made of numerous flights from Nebraska             tickets for the prizes for this month.
Heat V.
                                                              Jon Damme shows his copy of the book Full Moon which
Meeting adjourned at 21:25.                                   he bought for $24.95. The book is full of pictures taken
                                                              from the various moon landings. These are digital
THOR Meeting Minutes 12/3/02                                  copies taken from the original negatives. Many of these
                                                              pictures have not been previously published.
Attendance: Richard Burney, Greg Rothman, Rick
Bosworth, Jon Damme, Kevin Rich, Kevin Trojanowski,           Doug Holverson shows some of the latest artwork that
Bruce Lee, Tony Nicklin, Doug Holverson, and Larry            he has done for John Carroll’s book on the German A-9.
                                                              Good news on the AeroTech front. AeroTech will be
Meeting starts at 19:20.                                      receiving its remaining insurance money that it needs to
                                                              complete construction of its new plant.
Rick Bosworth is introduced to the group.
                                                              Rich Burney talks about his current and future rocket
Pictures (mainly by Nadine Kinney) of the CSXT space          projects. Rich proposes that Candy’s Witch Candy
shot attempt in September are passed around.                  rocket be repaired and flown at a major event (ie. LDRS,
                                                              Nebraska Heat VI, etc.) next year.
Bruce plays a tape of various news clips which covered
Candy Davis’ accidental death the night before                Tony Nicklin shows off his Level 3 rocket Mediterranean
Thanksgiving. The funeral service will be at 10:00 AM         Raider. A unique feature of the rocket (besides its fin
on Thursday morning at the Good Shepherd Funeral              configuration) is that he painted all the internal
            th                                                components!
Home at 56 and Sorenson. The club will pay for a
bouquet of flowers. Jon Damme passes around a card
for Arley Davis for the club to sign.                         Greg Rothman is voted in as the new vice president. All
                                                              other officers will remain the same.
First TV (the people behind the Battlebots show on
Comedy Central) will be recording enough footage at           Meeting adjourned at 21:40.
LDRS next summer to make three separate shows.
Bruce, along with Ky Michaelson, plan on making a
flying Porta Potty! Bruce recommends that any and all
                                                                          Breda Waiver Update
                                                                          By Kevin Trojanowski – 12/17/02
THOR members planning on attending LDRS to bring
something big, powerful, and/or unique!
                                                                       We will once again have waivers above 7,000’
                                                              MSL at the Breda site. Friday and Saturday, I'll be able
The Team America NAR competition is discussed.
                                                              to get a window to 15,000’ MSL and we should be able
THOR will be meeting with Team America participants at
                                                              to get 15,000’ MSL all day on Sunday. All this
our planned launch on Sunday. More information on the
                                                              complements of the fine folks at the Iowa Air National
Team America competition can be found through NAR’s
                                                              Guard, who "own" that airspace.
web page.

                 CLUB OFFICERS                                        THOR Membership Application
                                                                                Personal Information
Phone Number: (402) 691-8420                                     Name:________________________________

VICE PRESIDENT – Greg Rothman                                    Address:_____________________________
Phone Number: (402) 891-5706
E-mail:                               City:_________________________________
TREASURER – Larry Drake                                          State:___________ Zip Code:____________
Phone Number: (402) 895-1583
                                                                 Phone Number: ________________________
SECRETARY – Richard Burney
Phone Number: (402) 553-5816                                     E-mail:_______________________________
                                                                                 Hobby Information
TRIPOLI NEBRASKA PREFECT – Kevin Trojanowski                     How long have you been in model rocketry:__________
Phone Number: (402) 292-4101
E-mail:                                             Do you belong to a national rocketry organization (enter
NAR SECTION #562 LEADER – Bruce Lee                              your number to the applicable organization):

NEWSLETTER EDITOR – Richard Burney                               NAR#_________ TRA#_________ NERO#__________

                                                                 Are you certified for high power rocketry (check mark
 THOR on the Super Information Highway!                          your applicable TRA or NAR Certification Level):

              Brand New Address!!!                                     Level 1____     Level 2____     Level 3____

                                                                                 Membership Rates                                             ½ year memberships will divide by 2 and add
                                                                 $1. Write your check payable to “The Heartland
                    What is THOR?                                Organization of Rocketry” or “THOR”. Mail it to the
                                                                 below address or pay at the next meeting.
          The Heartland Organization of Rocketry (THOR)
is both an officially sanctioned prefecture of the Tripoli               Family Membership - $36
Rocketry Association (Tripoli Nebraska #46) and is an                    Senior Membership– 18 and over - $24
officially sanctioned Section (#562) of the National                     Junior Membership – Under 18 - $12
Association of Rocketry. THOR conducts low through                       Correspondence Membership - $10
high power model rocket activities through out the year.                 (Members over 50 miles from Omaha)
THOR strictly adheres to the safety guidelines that have                 Newsletter Only (6 issues a year) - $6
been established by the NAR and Tripoli.

         When and where does THOR meet?
                                                                 I agree to comply with THOR’s policies as
                                                                 pertains to the safety guidelines set forth by the
         Meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of          NAR and Tripoli. Failure to do so is grounds
the month at 7:00 PM (different days or times will be            for expulsion.
announced in advance) at the La Vista Community
Center at 8116 Parkview St., La Vista, NE (turn east at
the Sinclair Gas Station on 84 St. and go a block east).         Signature:____________________________
Visitors are welcome to attend.
             For additional information…
                                                                   The Heartland Organization of Rocketry
        For club launch times, launch locations, or for
those with additional questions call THOR at (402) 896-                     6211 South 141s t St.
2069 or toll free 1-888-546-0396 (there is a voice mail                      Omaha, NE 68137
option at the end of the message). Interested parties
may also write their inquiries to the address to the right          Membership in The Heartland Organization of
and are also welcome to contact any of THOR’s officers.               Rocketry is open to all interested parties.