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									bite me.
                        C e rt i f iCat e s
                            Our Gift Certificates make
                            perfect presents for friends,
                            family and associates. Available
                            in any denomination.

                            starting at $15.00

        P l a n n i nG
     Call us and we’ll help you
     design the appropriate lunch,
     dinner, or desert table to
     suit your needs.

     161 Osborne Street
     Winnipeg MB Canada R3L 1Y7
     204 452 5176

     www.bakedexpeC tations.Ca
tortes                                                                    Cheesecakes
                                                                                    small 5.5” $22 Medium 7” $32 Large 10” $45

 PAVLOVA *                                                                 STRAWBERRY *
 Light meringue layers with whipped cream,                                 Delicious, juicy, plump strawberries heaped atop
 tart lemon curd and fresh fruit.                                          creamy plain cheesecake.
 One size $50
                                                                           CHERRY ROYALE
 HAZELNUT MERINGUE                                                         The classic plain (if you can call it that!) cheesecake with tons
 Two hazelnut meringue layers with                                         of dark cherry topping.
 hazelnut buttercream and whipped
 cream in between.                                                         APPLE BAVARIAN
 One size $45                                                              Shortbread crust wrapped around cheesecake - apples cinnamon
                                                                           and almonds top it off.
 Almond shortbread layers with                                             OREO COOKIE
 an outstanding lemon curd                                                 What can we say – everyone loves it. Chocolate cookie crust,
 between the layers and on top.                                            Oreos generously mixed through the cheesecake – topped
 One size $42                                                              with more cookies and cream.

 SHMOO                                                                     GERMAN CHOCOLATE
 Angel food cake with lots of pecans, loads of                             Creamy chocolate cheesecake with coconut pecan
 whipped cream and tons of caramel sauce.                                  topping... unbelievable!
 Extra caramel sauce supplied.
 Medium $35 Large $50 Log $65                                              DARK CHOCOLATE *
                                                                           Our darkest chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate
 MOCHA                                                                     cream and strawberries dipped in chocolate.
 Luscious mocha cream sandwiched between thin chocolate layers
 and topped with whipped cream.                                            CARAMEL PECAN
 Large $45 Party size $65                                                  Crushed pecans and caramel sauce mixed through our
                                                                           creamy cheesecake.
 A torte made of thin cinnamon layers with cream between each.             LEMON
 Decorated with light cocoa cream.                                         We use fresh lemons in the cheesecake, and top it with a tart lemon
 Large $45 Party size $65                                                  sauce and a touch of cream.

 TIA MARIA                                                                 PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP
 Chocolate chip cookies dipped in coffee liqueur and milk, stacked         Smooth peanut butter cheesecake with crunchy chocolate chips and
 high and topped with more cream and chocolate chips.                      creamy chocolate on top.
 Small $25 Medium $35 Large $45
                                                                           PUMPKIN *
 DEADLY CHOCOLATE MOUSSE                                        eat me.    Only in the fall! Pumpkin with a touch of Amaretto. Topped with
 The deadliest chocolate mousse in the                                     cream and slivered almonds.
 world - thick, dark and laced with cognac.
 One size $45                                                              ESPRESSO
                                                                           Dark, rich espresso mixed with creamy cheesecake and topped
                                                                           with dark chocolate.
 TRIFLE * (Please bring bowl when ordering)
 Genoise cake, custard, sherry, cream, fresh fruit...
 basically a dream in a bowl.
 Priced according to size of bowl
                                                                                  * seasonal prices apply
                                                                                    fresh berries market price
Cakes                                                                             Pies
                                                                                            one size only. pie plate deposit $10

 OLD FASHIONED CHOCOLATE CAKE                                                       APPLE RAISIN PIE
 Grab a glass of milk! Our heaviest chocolate cake – it has                         Wonderful, fresh, hand cut apples piled high with lots of
 fudge icing and bananas between the layers.                                        cinnamon and raisins.
 Small $22 Medium $32 Large $50                                                     One size $45

 CRAZY CHOCOLATE                                                                    CHOCOLATE BANANA PIE
 Chocolate cheesecake, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake                          A real sleeper. This rich, creamy pie is true comfort food.
 covered in chocolate ganache... it’s crazy.                                        One size $32
 Small $25 Medium $35 Large $50
                                                                                    COCONUT CREAM PIE
 CHOCOLATE ORANGE MOUSSE CAKE                                                       An old-fashioned pie that’s hard to resist.
 Chocolate génoise with chocolate orange mousse between the                         One size $32
 layers and on top. All wrapped in solid dark chocolate.
 One size $50                                                                       KEY LIME PIE
                                                                                    A custard pie using fresh lemon and lime
 CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY MOUSSE CAKE                                                   juice – just like Florida!
 Chocolate génoise with chocolate strawberry mousse between                         One size $32
 the layers and on top. All wrapped in solid dark chocolate. Topped
 with a few strawberries dipped in chocolate.
 One size $55

 A light lemon génoise cake with whipped cream, lemon curd
 and fresh berries in season. Garnished with white chocolate
 curls and stawberries.                                                                                                give me.
 Medium $45 Large $60                                                              Yummy cupcakes
                                                                                   $2.50 + up / each.
 CARROT CAKE                                                                       48 hours notice
 Classic carrot cake with delicious cream cheese icing.                            required
 Medium $35 Large $50

 A terrific old fashioned cake with butter icing and bananas
 between the layers.
                                                                                   Dainties by
 Medium $35 Large $50                                                              the Dozen
                                                                                    A unique selection of mini
                                         Cakes for                                  cheesecakes, bite-sized
                                                                                    meringues, lemon almond
                                          sPeC ial                                  squares and many more.
                                         oCC asions                                 Starting at $15 / dozen

    if you would like a               We’re known for our special occasion
    message on your cake,             cakes for weddings, anniversaries,
    we will write on a                christenings, bar mitzvahs, showers, etc.                         strawberries
    chocolate plaque.                 Most cakes are also available in larger                           dipped in
    onLY! $3.00                       sizes or different shapes. Please give                            Chocolate.
                                      us a call, we can help you determine                              $20 / dozen
                                      the appropriate protion size.
We Cater                                                                               love me.

 Continental breakfast offers a selection of freshly baked
 muffins, scones, coffee cakes.
 Deluxe breakfast includes a more extensive
 selection of bagels and cream cheese, smoked salmon
 platters, quiche and more.

 A beautiful selection of sandwiches including grilled chicken,
 smoked salmon, grilled vegetable wraps, Italian meat,
 tuna salad, chicken salad.
                                                                                   You’ve found your perfect match. Now it’s
 FRUIT PLATTERS                                                                    time to let Baked expectations help you
 Beautifully arranged seasonal fruit.                                              design an equally perfect wedding cake.
 VEGETABLE PLATTERS                                                                You can choose a design from our style
 Tasty veggies and dip..                                                           book. Or bring in a picture. Or an idea.
 CHEESE PLATTERS                                                                   We’ll sit down with you and work out all the
 Imported and domestic, garnished with grapes and strawberries.                    details. How the cake should look. When
 Served with a selection of crackers.                                              and how it should be served. How much
 SALADS    Choose from:
                                                                                   you’ll need.
 Mixed greens, orange almond, caeser, spinach, wild rice, oriental
                                                                                   Please call 204 452 5176 to make
 chicken, traditional Greek, Greek orzo, pasta and more.
                                                                                   an appointment for a consultation.
 APPETIZERS      Choose from:
 Quesadillas, chicken satays, crostini, pizzettas and more.

 take me.                                                        Get baked!
                                                                 at your next
                                                                 business lunch.

                                                                                                  eat me.      s W eet
                                         D e l i v e ry                                                        ta b les

                                 Delivery is available to all parts of the                                  Want to go over the top?
                                 city by special arrangement.                                               Let us plan a dessert table
                                                                                                            for your special event.
                                 Some items may require 24 hours notice.
                                 All our baking is made on the premises
                                 using the freshest, finest ingredients.

                             ‡   minimum order required
                                 Wholesale prices available upon request.

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