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                          *** AWARDS BALLOT ***
♦   Polka Personality of the Year: This is WPM’s highest honor. Name one Wisconsin individual (or
    couple if they work together) who has demonstrated the most exceptional achievement in any aspect
    of Wisconsin's polka music scene within the last year. (i.e. bandleader, musician, promoter, deejay,
    producer, club officer/director/member, hall owner, dance operator, devoted fan, etc.)

                   Write in your vote here: ___________________________________

♦   Band of the Year: Name one Wisconsin polka band that you think has demonstrated the most
    outstanding musical accomplishment within the last year.

                   Write in your vote here: ___________________________________

♦   Recording of the Year: Choose only one.

               ____   Brian & the Mississppi Valley Dutchmen: “United”
               ____   Randy Dorschner: “Concertina... Dorschner Style - Volume Three”
               ____   Gary’s Ridgeland Dutchmen: “25 Years of Miles, Smiles & Memories”
               ____   Verne & Steve Meisner: “The Best Of Verne & Steve Meisner - Summer Music Fest”
               ____   Don Peachey Band: “Funtastic Foxtrots”
               ____   The Polish Connection: “Good, Clean Fun”
               ____   Sophie & Delores: “Babuškas, Bellows & Beer”
               ____   Jeff Walker: “Polka Hall of Fame 2007”
               ____   Jeff Winard: “Jeff Winard’s Wonderful World of Music”

♦   Exceptional Achievement: Name two Wisconsin individuals, couples, groups, businesses, or
    organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement in any aspect of Wisconsin's polka
    music scene within the last year. (i.e. bands, bandleaders, musicians, promoters, dignitaries, clubs,
    club officers/directors, radio stations, radio shows, deejays, producers, engineers, studios, dance
    operators, halls, tavern owners, festivals, devoted fans, etc.)

                Write in your vote here: (#1)____________________________________

                Write in your vote here: (#2)____________________________________

These awards were established to recognize people for their contributions to polka music — not for how
well they campaign for votes. Therefore, it is now against the rules to vote for anyone who asks you for
your vote. By signing below, you declare that you have read Page 2 of this ballot, have made your own,
independent, informed decisions for each category, and have not voted for anyone asking for your vote.

                                  (Signature required to validate ballot)
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Wisconsin Polka Music ( is a website dedicated to promoting polka
music throughout the state of Wisconsin. It’s also one of the most popular polka websites in the world,
receiving over one million hits each year. Every summer, WPM bestows awards to recognize those who
have demonstrated outstanding achievement in Wisconsin's polka music scene over the past year. The
awards we present are unique in that their recipients are chosen based solely on the highest number of
write-in votes received. There are no preliminary nominations, no membership requirements, and no
third parties involved in the selection process. These are truly "people's choice" awards. Voting is open
to everyone in the world who appreciates Wisconsin's diverse polka music heritage. There are no fees,
there is nothing to join, and you don't have to be a Wisconsin resident to vote. It’s the most economical
way you can help promote polka music in Wisconsin. The winners, who will receive both a trophy-style
award and an attractive, online banner award, will be announced on the WPM website in early July.

Failure to abide by any of these rules will result in ballot disqualification.

♦ You may only vote once per year.
♦ Write in only one name per line.
♦ You must personally fill out the ballot yourself. You may not fill out or sign a ballot for your spouse,
 another family member, or anyone else.
♦ Affix your return address label, or write your return address, on your envelope. (Your return address
 is required only in the event we would need to verify the information on your ballot via postcard. Your
 ballot and envelope will be kept confidential, and will be destroyed after the results are tabulated.)
♦ Only you may mail in your own ballot. No one else may write in your return address or mail your
 ballot for you.
♦ Only couples/families bearing the same last name and living in the same residence may return their
 ballots in the same envelope.
♦ If anyone asks you for your vote, you may NOT vote for them. It is now strictly forbidden for any
 person or band to campaign for votes because it tarnishes the integrity of the awards.
♦ Mail your completed ballot, postmarked between June 1st and June 30th, 2008, to:

  WPM Awards, 4055 S. 103rd St., Milwaukee, WI 53228-2005

Tip: Be specific about whom you are voting for. For example, a radio station, radio show, and radio
deejay are three, independent entities.

2005                                     2006                                    2007
Personality: Arl Brooks                  Personality: Jeff Heinz                 Personality: Jeff Heinz
Band: The Music Connection               Band: The Music Connection              Band: Carol & the Keynotes
Recording: Brian Seehafer                Recording: The What Cha Callums         Recording: Mike Schneider
Achievement: Jeff Heinz                  Achievement: Arvin Lange                Achievement: Mike Schneider
Achievement: Wis. Polka Boosters         Achievement: Marilyn Lange              Achievement: WTKM Radio

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