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									                                                                  Created by Sabra Swilley
                                                                       September 25, 2007

                            Unit: Dangerous Destinies
                             Level: 10th Grade Honors
                        School: Pulaski County High School

                       Lesson Title: Imagery in Poetry
                     With a focus on “The Street” and “Fear”

Lesson description: Students will read “The Street” and “Fear” and construct images
based on what they feel, picture, or see when they read/hear one of the poems. Then they
will have a mini-lesson on imagery and relate the images the students have created to
what imagery is.

Objective: Upon completion successful students will be able to identify and describe
imagery and identify imagery with the poems “The Street” and “Fear.”

Virginia English S.O.L.s:

Focus and Review:
Imagery: how it connects to literature and the students’ response to it.

Learning Activities/Procedures:
1. Either:
         a. I will read the two poems aloud
         b. The students will read the poems aloud, or
         c. The students will read the poems silently.
   After each poem we will discuss as a class what we think the poem “means” or the
theme of the poem.
         Example: “What do you think is going on in this poem? Why do you think that?”
2. Students will get an 8x11 sheet of paper. Using materials provided, they will create an
image of what they feel about the poem or what they picture when they hear or read the
poem. ON the back of the sheet I want them to put their name and how their picture
relates to the poem (there is no right answer—I just want to see their thinking process!).
3. Students will share their images with the class. If there is enough time, each student
will share. If not, I will pick volunteers.
4. Mini-lesson on imagery.
         -What is imagery? How do you define it? How do others think about it?
         -Where do you see it in each of these poems?
         -What is the purpose of imagery in writing?
        -How did the imagery make you feel? What is the effect of imagery in literature?
5. Tying it all together.
        -Why do you think you had to create images?
        -How do you know what to draw/look for, etc.?
        -Did the imagery in the poem affect your picture/image? Was it conscious or
unconsciously affected?
6. Collect images to comment on and return another day.

Materials and Resources:
Literature Anthology “Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes”
Construction paper
Markers/colored pencils
Glue Sticks
8x11 blank paper

If any student has trouble with using scissors or glue sticks, I will be there to assist them.
Also, I will be walking around asking students what they need so that they do not have to
crowd around the “crafts” table.

Assessment will be done through participation credit for work and through observation.

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