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									                                Advent Calendars
                                                     nat i v i t y c a r d hol de rs

Holds up to 30 cards                 Holds up to 20 cards                            Holds up to 30 cards                 Holds up to 30 cards
      ACS565                              ACS645                                          ACS701                                ACS761
      1020mm                               850mm                                          1020mm                                1020mm

                                                            B u i l d a Pict u r e

                                            With 24 self adhesive stickers, one for each day.

                         ACS4900                                                                              ACS484
                       240 x 300mm                                                                          240 x 300mm

                                        Advent Calendars
                                                                                                             fabric Velcro advent calendar

        This wooden Nativity Set comes with 24 drawers containing nativity figures                                         ACS8554	
                                                                                                    This advent calendar is made from sturdy felt material.
      enabling the nativity scene to be constructed day by day. The stable rotates 360º.          The pockets contain 24 Velcro backed pieces which are used
                                                                                                     to build your own nativity scene. Size: 350 x 650mm

                                 Size: 160 x 270 x 280mm

                                                 inter acti V e wooDen a DVent calen Dar

                                 Both sets have 24 pigeon holes with magnetic doors. The smallest holes are approximately
                                         35mm square and the large 30 x 60mm. Overall size: 40 x 355 x 430mm
            These sturdy advent calendars are fun for the whole family, great teaching aids for young children and can be re-used year after year.


                          ACS8172 - Blue or Red                                                                      ACS8189 - Red
This comes complete with 24 magnetic nativity figures, one for each day               This advent calendar comes complete with the nativity scene permanently
leading up to Christmas. Open a pigeon hole each day to reveal a piece                attached. All that is needed to be done is to place your own gifts
of the nativity puzzle. These pieces can then be attached to the magnetic             (chocolates, prayer, etc...) in the pigeon holes for your child to discover
board to slowly create your nativity scene.                                           each day.
You can place your own gifts (chocolates, prayer, etc...) in the pigeon
holes, for your child to discover each day.

                  Advent Calendars and Wreaths

                                                                                                    3D calendar	60 x 230 x 460mm
                ACS597	                                           ACS625	
       Manger scene	270 x 270mm                          Manger scene	280 x 330mm
  Calendars below are 240 x 340 with Bible text, except ACS605	which comes with an envelope.

              ACS543                       ACS552                            ACS605            Fabric Christmas stocking - 250 x 470mm
                                                            a d v e n t w r e at h s

A.	 CW126
	 Ø280mm resin wreath.
    Candles included

B.	 AW61027
	 Leaf shape metal wreath.
    Candles included

C.	 AWAD117
	 Ø170mm genuine metal
    wreath inscribed with
    “O Come O Come Emmanuel”.
    Candles included                   A                                      C                         E
D.	 AWAD103
	 Ø170mm genuine metal
    holly wreath.
    Candles included

E.	 AW6114
	 Ø250mm metal wreath.
    Candles included

F.	 AW8479
	 Ø180mm resin Advent
    wreath with Nativity scene.
    Candles not included

                                       B                                      D                          F
                                            christmas couriers metal holiday ornaments
                                                   Gift carded - Size approximately 63mm

                   CO901                                            CO902                                 CO903	
            Baby’s First Christmas                              God Bless Nurses                      Friend’s Blessing

     CO904                                   CO906                                      CO907                      CO908
Teacher’s Blessing                   First Christmas Together                      Blessed Memories           Sister’s Blessing

      CO9000	                                  CO910                                  CO911                     CO912
 Size 300 x 330mm                        Christmas Blessings                        Christmas Joy          Grandma’s Blessing

                                                 Christmas Gifts
                                                                     legends of christmas
                Attractive pins relaying the traditions of the holidays. A story relating the relevence of the symbol appears on reverse side of card.


                                                                                      Christmas Rose
                          LPX5301                                                                                                         LPX5306	
                        Christmas Tree                                                                                                  Christmas Holly

                                                        LPX5302	                                                                            LPX5304	
                                                     Poinsettia Cross                                                                       Poinsettia

Legends of Christmas display unit
   36 pcs: 6 each of 6 designs                                                                     LPX5303	
         235 x 385mm                                                                         Christmas Rose Angel

                                                                        christmas angel
                                               A special Christmas Angel lapel pin with Genuine “Austrian” crystal,
                                             sent this time of year bringing warmth, love and good cheer - Pkts of 6.

                  LPX6930                                                  LPX8248                                             LPX8763 - Enamel

                                                       Holy Cards
                                                        Holy Card packets contain 100 cards

                                  natale series
                          Assorted packet - HCNATALE                                                                 t r e a sUr e s e r i e s
                                                                                                               Assorted Packet - HCTREAS

 HC11841	                               HC11843	                     800 series
Verse on back                          Verse on back            Solid Pkt - HC8-145	                                    mira series
 Luke 2:15                             Luke 2:10,11            Prayer on Reverse Side                          Assorted Packet	-	HCMIRA

    P l a stic tree orna ments

                                                           naV i Da D s e r i e s                                 Be t h l e h e m s e r i e s
CXGS3                             CXGS2
60mm                              60mm                 Assorted Packet -	HCNAVID                              Assorted Packet -	HCBETH
                                                                                             w i nD ow P r ay e r c a rDs

                                                          * All cards have an appropriate prayer on reverse side * 100% durable plastic * Credit card size *


CXGS1R                           CXGS1B	
 60mm                             60mm

                                                                  LC10035	                                                        LC30938	
                                                             Nativity Bethlehem                                           Silent Night, Holy Night
        Pa Pe r 3 D n at i V i t y s e t                                                      c h r i s tm a s s tatUe t t e
                                                                           Paper mini statuettes that fold out and stand upright on their own.
                                                                                                  Approx. 120mm tall

                 110 x 155mm                                                   HCX903                                                            HCX904
                                               Christmas Books

      celeBratinG aDVent          cele Br atin G christm a s          Prayers to the Boy JesUs           christmas traDitions               Gi f t of c h r i s tm a s
      with the Jesse tree              St Joseph Picture Book            St Joseph Picture Book             for chilDren                   The fully illustrated story
      St Joseph Picture Book           32 pages fully illustrated       32 pages fully illustrated        The Christmas story and         about Christmas. 96 pages,
     32 pages fully illustrated            0-89942-498-8                     0-89942-388-4              traditions simply explained.               hardcover
          0-89942-495-3                                                                                     32 pages, softcover.               0-89942-225-X

          silent niGht                            we three kinGs                        francis & the natiVity                           my first christmas
      The history behind the                  The story of the 3 Kings                  Delightful illustrations by                The Christmas story told in
      writing of the famous               following the star of Bethlehem             Maggie Swanson show how St                 adorable illustrations by Maggie
         Christmas Song.                        to visit the Messiah.                Francis created the first nativity           Swanson. Ideal for babies and
       24 pages, hardcover                      24 pages, hardcover                          in Greccio, Italy.                   toddlers. Plush covered board
         0-88271-009-5                            0-88271-010-9                            24 pages, hardcover                                 book.
                                                                                              0-88271-300-0                              0-88271-707-3

                                               BaBy’s first christmas                        christmas stories
   t h e s aint who Beca me                                                                                                            c h r i s tm a s P r ay e rs
           santa cl aUs
                                           A beautifully illustrated keepsake           A timeless collection of classic
                                           book for baby’s first Christmas.                                                            Important prayers for the
 The life and legend of St. Nicholas                                                     Christmas stories, carols and                    Christmas season.
                                              Features artwork by Kathy                       poems. 96 pages.
and how it evolved into the concept          Fincher. Plush covered board                                                                24 pages, paperback
            of Santa Claus.                                                                    1-4127-37796                                0-88271-524-0
         Size: 145 x 205mm                         0-88271-705-7
                                                                                                coloUrinG Books
                                                                                                         32 Pages

      c h ristm a s Pr ayers
         an D cU stoms
                                                                chris tm a s                         a Bo Ut a D Ve n t          th e story of c h r i s tm a s
Advent greetings plus explanation of
 Christmas customs and traditions.                             0-89942-680-8                          0-89942-690-5                        0-88271-358-2
       64 pages, paperback.

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