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									                                                                                                Natural Cosmetics
                 lavera Faces – The Individual Face Care System for every sky type
      Optimised formulations ensure a long-lasting and beautiful skin with natural innovative
  active ingredients and new developed plant organic essences as well as more organic extracts
                                  Available from April/May 2008!
 20 years of lavera, 20 years of innovation, variety of
      products, quality and active market pattern.
On its anniversary lavera Natural Cosmetics presents,
          on time for the BioFach/Vivaness 2008,
               the new Faces Care System:
           monolingual for the German market,
     trilingual (German-English-French) and in six                                  20 years of lavera – The natural cosmetic
  languages (German-English-French, Italian-Dutch-                                  guarantee
                     Norway-Danish)!                                                    •   100 % organic plant oils and extracts
                                                                                        •   100 % natural perfumes and perfume
Since 2005 lavera Faces offers 20 care products which                                       compositions
respond to the individual needs of your skin with a special                             •   100 % constitutional shades
Care System. On the BioFach/Vivaness 2008 lavera                                        •   100 % natural preservation methods
Natural Cosmetics presents the new Faces with optimized                                 •   100 % organic active ingredients
formulation.                                                                            •   100 % organic emulsifer & active ingredients
Lavera Faces Face Care stands once more for affectivity,                                •   Of course, the product is produced according
                                                                                            to the strict guidelines for “Certified Natural
tolerance and nativeness and combines 3 care steps.                                         Cosmetics” of the German association BDIH.
Step 1 “cleansing”, Step 2 “clear your skin”, Step 3 “care”.
You will quickly find the right care for your skin.

The skin, the largest organ of the human being, is especially sensitive around the face. Environmental conditions
and variation in temperature have the same impact on the skin as the right nutrition and your mood.
So it is not a big surprize that the normal skin is more and more rarely.
Faces comprimises 20 Care products – available with new innovative care formulation for visible and
noticeable effects:
Faces Wildrose for dry & mature skin
Organic extracts from grape + peach + apricot + oil mixture = Care with Anti-Age effect

Faces Aloe Vera for sensitive & delicate skin
Organic extracts from sea buckthorn + fennel + almond + oil mixture
= Anti-Stress Care with skin care effect
Faces Calendula for combination skin and normal skin
Organic extracts from grapefruit + orange + apple + oil mixture
= Has a balancing effect on the skin

Young Faces Mint for oily & impure skin
Organic extracts from rosemary + thyme + juniper + oil mixture
= Clear Skin Care with slight antibacterial effect
Precious herbal ingredients provide intensive skin moisture and care, and protect the acid protective mantle of your
skin. The natural ingredients are rich on essential fatty acids and have a melting point identically to the skin. The
light emulsions are quickly absorbed. The skin is optimally protected without to influence the breathing of the skin.
The skin of the eye is very delicate and each skin type has the same structure. Therefore lavera offers the Faces
Eye Gel for every skin type.
                                      The Special Care System Faces is produced according to the high quality standards
                                      of the BDHI for “Certified Natural Cosmetics" and has a gentle natural perfume. We
laverana GmbH, Am Weingarten 4, 30974 Wennigsen, HRB 101818, Sitz Wennigsen, AG Wennigsen,
GL.Thomas Haase, Klara Ahlers
Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit c.o. Sabine Kästner 05103-9391-25 05103-9391-942,

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                                                                                                Natural Cosmetics
                                      use the power of nature and that is why a high proportion of our ingredients are from
                                      certified organic agricultur. Faces are only tested on human volunteers and are in
                                      addition dermatologically tested through patch tests.

                                      The actual Faces design is very simple to describe: attractive packages in modern
                                      photo designs.
                                      The most important active agent for each skin type can be seen on the package or
                                      The Faces perfume remains the same: the perfume mixture has a wondeful warm
                                      and pleasant vanilla fragrance.
                                      The Faces package size meet our customer’s whishes: the washing products are
                                      available in 75 ml tubes, the toner in 50 ml botles, the protection cream in 30 ml tubes
                                      and the eye gel in a 15 ml tube. The foundation pillars of lavera Natural Cosmetics
                                      are: effectiveness, tolerance and naturalness.
                                      The Faces formulation is more creamy and softer today; therefore the emulsion can
                                      be absorbed much faster and the new formulation makes it more effective.
                                      The pharmaceutical form of Faces intensive care and cure products (masks)
                                      corresponds to the demands of the modern consumer. 10 ml sachets for one-time
   new layout – monolingual –         utilisation.
   first pictures from March 08
The labeling of the packages is clear and offers a fast and easy orientation:
Certified and Controlled Natural Cosmetics

Vegan and free from animal ingredients

On the fifth strap: herbal organic essences, organic butter (cover stick),
herbal organic extract (toner, summer tan)

                                   Faces Wildrose for dry & mature skin offers
                                   -  Cleansing Milk, Exfoliant Wash, Toner, Moisturizing Cream, Liposome Care,
                                      Moisturizing Mask
                                   Dry and mature skin has a tendency to the formation of fine lines/wrinkles and needs an
                                   intensive care especially around the T-zone and the dry skin area. Flower hydrolates,
                                   fruits and herbs offer the best care for the special needs of your skin. Precious lecithin,
                                   organic wild rose oil, rose flower essence, liposome and hyaluronic acid combined with
                                   evening primrose oil and shea butter protect your skin and provide facial skin care.
                                   The active agent formula from organic extracts of grapes + peach + apricot + oil mixture
                                   in combination with a special oil mixture refines and protects the skin. Thanks to its very
                                   effective organic essences Faces Wildrose has a revitalising and refreshing effect and
                                   prevents the creation of wrinkles.
                                   The Eye Gel Wildrose is, as it is already mentioned above, appropriate for every skin
                                   Faces Wildrose – Revitalisation with system.

laverana GmbH, Am Weingarten 4, 30974 Wennigsen, HRB 101818, Sitz Wennigsen, AG Wennigsen,
GL.Thomas Haase, Klara Ahlers
Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit c.o. Sabine Kästner 05103-9391-25 05103-9391-942,

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                                                                                                Natural Cosmetics
Faces Aloe Vera for sensitive & delicate skin
Cleansing Milk, Toner, Moisturizing Fluid, Protection Cream
Moisturizing Aloe Vera gel and precious flower and herbal essences calm your skin
and offer additional moisture. Shea butter, high-grade shorea butter, evening
primrose oil and other precious herbal oils protect your skin and create a thin
protective film. The hydro-lipid-mantle is in balance and the skin is strengthend.
The special active agent formula from organic extracts of sea buckthorn + fennel +
amygdale as well as a special oil mixture calm and soothe easily irritated skin.
Faces Aloe Vera – Care with system!

                                           Faces Calendula for combination skin
                                           -     Cleansing Gel, Toner, Balancing Cream, Exfoliant Wash
                                           -     Combination skin needs formulations which regulate the balance between
                                                 the slightly greasy T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and the dry skin areas.
                                                 Essences of calendula and precious flower extracts from melissa or witch
                                                 hazel calm the skin. Plant extracts improve the appearance of your skin with
                                                 exquisite babassu oils and maintain its balance.
                                           The special active ingredient formula from organic extracts as grapefruit + orange
                                           + apple refine the skin and keep its in balance. The skin function is regulated.
                                           Faces Calendula – Balancing Care with system

Young Faces for oily and impure skin – with mint
- Cleansing Gel, Toner, Exfoliant Wash, Moinsturizing Fluid,
Blemish Stick
As a result of excessive seburn production, the skin tends to
have impurities (pimples and blackheads) and to be oily.
Therefore the Care System contains a high percentage of
disinfectant and antiseptic ingredients as for example mint, tea
tree, algae, rosemary and sage. Hydrolate and jojoba oil
moinsturiz your skin.
The special active ingredient with organic extracts from
rosemary + thyme + juniper as well as a special oil mixture
have a stimulating effect and stand for skin care with a slight
antibacterial effect.
Faces Mint – Care with system
Each of the four systems has three cleansing steps and responds to the special demands of your skin.
Faces is a well arranged are Care System and the products can be combined according to the state of your skin. A
mask of our System Young Faces will make your combination skin feel wonderful. A sensitive skin gets along with
a moinsturizing mask and enjoys the anti-wrinkle effect.

The new Faces product range nearly complies with the old formulation. It is enriched with innovative plant
essences and supports you with even more positive effects. Accompanied by the application YOU feel the plus of
intensive and comprehensive care. But also the new Faces System offers light oil in water formulations which are
quickly absorbed and guarantee a pleasant fresh feeling on your skin.
Faces products are available from March. You can find them in organic trade shops such as cosmetics-, natural
food shops, pharmacies and health food shops as well as by selected mail order companies and online shops. New
layout and product specifications are also available from March.

laverana GmbH, Am Weingarten 4, 30974 Wennigsen, HRB 101818, Sitz Wennigsen, AG Wennigsen,
GL.Thomas Haase, Klara Ahlers
Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit c.o. Sabine Kästner 05103-9391-25 05103-9391-942,

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