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BOARD AGENDA LETTER                                                   Agenda Number:
                                                                           Prepared on:    06/25/01
                                                                     Department Name:      General Services
                                                                       Department No.:     063
                                                                          Agenda Date:     07/10/01
                                                                             Placement:    Departmental
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors                                        Estimate Time:    1 Hour
105 E. Anapamu Street, Suite 407
Santa Barbara, CA 93101                                                Continued Item:     No
(805) 568-2240                                                        If Yes, date from:

TO:                             Board of Supervisors

FROM:                           Ron Cortez, Director
                                General Services Department

STAFF                           Robert Nisbet, Capital Project Manager (560.1011)
CONTACT:                        General Services Department

SUBJECT:                        COPs Facility Program Annual Update
                                All Supervisorial Districts


That the Board of Supervisors:

     A. Receive an annual update on the COPs Facility Program.
     B. Approve and execute a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) to provide complete design,
        construction documents, and construction administration for the District Attorney building in the
        lump sum amount of $348,500, with Cearnal Architects Incorporated, a local architectural firm.
     C. Add a new project to the Program to construct a one-deck parking structure at the Garden Street
        parking lot.
     D. Modify the scope of the Rehabilitation Building project to demolish the building and replace it with a
        like-sized building instead of remodeling it.
     E. Adopt the attached resolution enabling the County to reimburse construction expenses incurred prior
        to issuance of the COPs with proceeds from the initial issuance.
     F. Approve the attached Budget Revision to transfer funds from the Courthouse Construction Fund and
        Criminal Justice Facility Fund to cover design expenses anticipated during FY 2001-02 for the
        projects cited in the Revision.

Alignment with Board Strategic Plan:

The recommendations are primarily aligned with Goal No. 2 Ensure the Public Health and Safety and
Provide Essential Infrastructure.
COPs Facility Program
All Supervisorial Districts
Agenda Date: July 10, 2001
Page 2

Executive Summary and Discussion:


On August 8, 2000, the Board approved the COPs Facility Program, which is a Program of 10 building
projects to be built over the next 7-8 years, financed by issuing Certificates of Participation (COPs). Staff
informed the Board at that meeting that the Program would be updated and presented to the Board annually.

On May 22, 2001 the Debt Advisory Committee (DAC) received an update on the Program and gave their
concurrence to Recommendations B, C and D. They also directed staff to meet with representatives of Bank
of America to discuss the current market conditions for issuing COPs, the procedural steps required to issue
COPs, and the preferred timing of the initial issuance. This was done on June 7, 2001 and a financial report
prepared by B of A is included as Appendix Three in the attached Strategic Plan.

The COPs Facility Program Strategic Plan presented last August has been updated and Section I is an
Executive Summary that summarizes the progress that has been made on each project in the Program during
the past year. In general, the Plan is used as a tool to ensure the projects are delivered on time and within
budget. The Plan includes compliance reporting requirements for monitoring the COPs and tracking the
revenue sources to retire the debt. Furthermore, the Plan defines the roles and responsibilities for
implementing the Program, and recommends the formation of a “design team” for each project.

PSA for District Attorney Building (Recommendation B)

This project was conceptually approved by the Board on August 8, 2000. The proposed building will be
around 25,000 square feet and will be built across Santa Barbara Street from the East Wing of the
Courthouse. This parcel is currently being used for juror parking and the Sheriff’ Civil Division. In the
long term, the plan is to relocate the Sheriff’ Civil Division into the East Wing of the Courthouse after the
District Attorney moves into their new building. In the short term, the District Attorney will move some of
their operations out of the basement of the East Wing and the Figueroa Courts into leased space so that the
existing Sheriff Civil building can be demolished and the Division can be temporarily moved into the
Figueroa Court area that the DA vacates. Additionally, this move will allow for showers to be installed in
the basement of the East Wing for the Sheriff’ Civil Division. The new DA building will also provide 26
surface level parking spaces for employee parking.

A Request for Qualifications to provide professional design services for this building was sent to
approximately twenty-five architecture firms in the County, and five of those firms responded. The Architect
Selection Committee interviewed all five firms and determined that Cearnal Architects Incorporated, a local
architectural firm, is the most qualified firm for this project.
COPs Facility Program
All Supervisorial Districts
Agenda Date: July 10, 2001
Page 3

One-Deck Parking Structure (Recommendation C):

Since the proposed District Attorney building is to be constructed on the juror parking lot, replacement
parking must be provided in order to proceed with the project. The plan is to construct a one-deck parking
structure over a portion of the Garden Street parking lot and relocate the juror parking to that location. The
proposed parking deck will accommodate approximately 110 new parking spaces and the jurors will be
allocated 75 of these new spaces. This represents an increase of 40 spaces over what the Courts currently
have for juror parking. Funding for these additional juror parking spaces will come from categorical monies
in the Courthouse Construction Fund. Both the Courthouse Construction/Criminal Justice Facility Fund
Committee, and the Debt Advisory Committee have conceptually approved this proposal.

A portion of the Garden Street Lot will not be needed for parking once the structure is built and it is
proposed that this leftover area be split from the parking lot parcel, surplused, and sold. The proceeds of the
sale can then be used to partially fund the construction of the parking structure. Courthouse Construction
Funds and Criminal Justice Facility Funds will fund the remainder of the cost of the parking structure as

                    Sale of parcel adjacent to Garden Street         $ 700,000
                    Courthouse Construction Fund                     $1,200,000
                    Criminal Justice Facility Fund                   $ 500,000
                            Total                                    $2,400,000

Rehabilitation Building (Recommendation D)

This project was originally included in the Program as a remodel of the existing 27,000 square foot
Rehabilitation building. After re-inspecting the building, it was decided that it is not cost effective to
remodel the building, but that a new building should be built in its place. The analysis for this decision is
summarized in a report entitled, “Rehabilitation Building Project Alternatives”. The report was presented to
the DAC in June and they concurred with the decision. The scope of the project has therefore been revised
and it is depicted in the Strategic Plan as a new building with an estimated cost of $6,000,000. However, on
page I-4 of the Plan, it is clearly shown that the revised project is not completely funded and that
approximately $171,000 additional per year is needed to pay the estimated debt service on this project. We
are proposing to proceed with demolition of the old building and design of the new building over the next
year with money from VA rent revenue and a portion of ADMHS’Tobacco Settlement Funds. During this
time, additional financing options can be explored.

Resolution Authorizing Reimbursement of Construction Expenses (Recommendation E)

Since COPs are not typically issued until construction begins, the Board adopted a resolution on August 8,
2000 establishing the mechanism by which “up-front” expenditures such as design costs would be
reimbursed from COPs proceeds once they are issued. According to the Program Master Schedule, the Casa
Nueva project may begin construction before the COPs are issued. If this is the case, then another resolution
must be adopted allowing construction expenses to be reimbursed as well.
COPs Facility Program
All Supervisorial Districts
Agenda Date: July 10, 2001
Page 4

Budget Revisions (Recommendation F)

The attached Budget Revision is required to transfer Courthouse Construction Funds and Criminal Justice
Facility Funds to capital accounts so that expenditures can be made on the relevant court and criminal justice
project prior to June 30, 2002.

One Related Consideration:
At the August 8, 2000 Board meeting, staff requested direction from the Board on how to proceed with what
we have termed, “Tier II projects”. (These are building projects included in the CIP that do not have a non-
General Fund revenue source to pay debt service on COPs.) This discussion was continued to a time
uncertain and there are still numerous unfunded, yet extremely important, building projects included in the

One idea we have considered is prioritizing some group of these projects to be funded by a General
Obligation Bond (GOB). The issuance of GOBs must be approved by a 2/3-majority vote of the people. The
best candidate projects for this type of bond would probably be health services related projects and park
projects. A group of such projects taken together could be marketed under a unifying theme of say, “The
Family Health and Well-Being Initiative”. We plan on analyzing this proposal further and will make a
recommendation to the DAC and the Board later in the year.

Mandates and Service Levels:

Fiscal and Facilities Impacts:
§ A variety of funding sources are proposed to pay the debt service for this COP issuance. They are
  discussed in detail in Section III of the attached Strategic Plan. Each source is described, and a brief
  assessment of the fund’ stability over the 20-year debt term is presented.

§ Once the facilities are complete, operations, maintenance, and utility (OM&U) costs will increase by an
  estimated $704,000 annually. The Program will add 183,000 square feet of additional space to the
  County’ building inventory and the estimated OM&U costs are based on approximately $4.33 per
  square foot. This unit cost is an average figure that General Service uses for estimating OM&U over the
  life of a building. In the early years, these costs will generally be less since the buildings are still
  relatively new. The departments should be aware of this increase and have included such estimates in the
COPs Facility Program
All Supervisorial Districts
Agenda Date: July 10, 2001
Page 5

§ COPs are an obligation of the General Fund regardless of which funds are designated internally to pay
  the debt service. Therefore, if any funding source does not materialize in any given year of the debt
  term, the General Fund must make up the difference.

§ Following completion of the Program, 11 new facilities will be available for use by the relevant
  departments. This increase in County facilities will have an impact on the General Services facility
  maintenance staff. It is estimated that 1 maintenance worker will need to be hired in Fiscal Year 2003-04
  and one in Fiscal Year 2005-06 to accommodate this increase in service level.

Special Instructions:



Debt Advisory Committee
Criminal Justice Facilities/Courthouse Construction Fund Advisory Committee
Superior Courts
District Attorney


1)   Strategic Plan
2)   Resolution to reimburse up-front expenditures
3)   Budget Revision
4)   Letter of support from the District Attorney