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Founder of Modern Mechanics_ founder of modern Germany - Prandtl


									Founder of modern Germany, the founder of modern mechanics - the Prandtl

 Founder of Modern Mechanics, Germany

  Prandtl, L. (LudwigPrandtl1875 ~ 1953) German mechanical home. One of the
founders of modern mechanics. February 4, 1875 was born in Freising, August 15,
1953 died in G?ttingen.
  Prandtl in college studying mechanical engineering, Technical University of Munich
after the A. Foeppl (1854 ~ 1924) Professor of elasticity under the guidance of main
attack, received his Ph.D. in 1900. 1901 work in a machine factory, due to improved
litter with pipeline suction air flow separation devices discovered the problem; later a
professor at the University of Hanover, the observation of surface flows with the
phenomenon of self-made tanks, three years after the proposed boundary layer theory.
He Heidelberg 1904 International Mathematics Congress read a paper on the
boundary layer (full name is "On the small viscous fluid motion"), by Professor of
Mathematics, University of G?ttingen F. Appreciated Klein, Klein recommended that
he serve as Head of the Department of Applied Mechanics, Gottingen, and later to
support him and presided over the establishment of aerodynamic experiments and
William Royal Institute of Fluid Mechanics. Nearly half a century, the Prandtl note
the link theory with practice, achieved in a number of groundbreaking achievements
  Prandtl's main contribution in the fluid are: ① boundary layer theory. His
observation was based on the proposed small viscous flow around the object boundary
layer equation for calculating friction, solving the separation zone and the heat
exchange laid the foundation for such issues. Prandtl's boundary layer theory to
combine theoretical and experimental, laying the foundation of modern fluid
mechanics. ② wind tunnel test techniques; ③ wing theory; ④ turbulence theory.
  Prandtl in solid mechanics also has a lot to contribute. His doctoral dissertation
(1899) explored the narrow rectangular beam of lateral stability. 1903 raised the
question torsion film analogy, he inherited and extended the AJCBde Saint-Venant
plastic flow initiated by the research. T.von under the guidance of Carmen, in his
doctoral thesis (1910) is the plastic zone on the cylinder buckling. Prandtl also address
the narrow section of semi-infinite uniform pressure by the plastic flow analysis
(1921). He also has plasticity pioneering study.
  Prandtl developed a number of internationally renowned mechanical home, in
addition to the founder of modern mechanics card to another door, there is J.
Arkwright, A. L. Na Dai, W. Prager, etc.. S. P. Timoshenko and J. P. Deng Hatto has
done research work with him.
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