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					      Case Summary                                Genworth Financial
                           MI Heroes: 2007 Product Support Campaign

Challenge/     With the mortgage meltdown of 2007 reverberating from Wall Street to Main
Opportunity:   Street, Genworth Financial’s mortgage insurance (or “MI,” for short)
               marketing team turned to Catevo for help in reinvigorating lender interest in
               using MI. Yet the company was hoping to spark that interest at a time when it
               had no new, innovative products to introduce to the market (a problem not
               faced by many of Genworth’s leading competitors).

Solution:      Genworth’s marketing team decided to give the industry a much-welcomed
               (and long-overdue) virtual pep talk by equating lender’s work to that of
               “everyday heroes” — professionals who make the American dream of
               homeownership a reality (through, in part, the smart and effective application
               of mortgage insurance products).

Results:       With the theme “MI Heroes” in hand, Catevo developed a core brand
               platform for the campaign, featuring a campaign logo, tagline and robust
               visual aesthetic. Then we implemented the brand through a comprehensive
               suite of marketing communication tools, ranging from an overview video
               presentation and tradeshow exhibit design to lender contest support
               materials and a robust microsite. Genworth officials view the campaign as a
               critical bridge between the company’s current marketing position and its
               spring 2008 new product introductions.
               The full MI Heroes campaign made a high-profile debut the Mortgage
               Bankers Association National Convention on October 14-17, 2007.
               (To see the components that comprise the MI Heroes campaign, just
               explore the microsite at: