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									Missouri training rule                     score of at least 75%. Every individual

2 CSR 90-10.012(1) As a prerequisite
to registration in this state and
                                           subject to the requirements of this
                                           section shall attend refresher training at
                                           least once every three years. New
receiving a numbered certificate of
registration to engage in the business
of selling at retail liquefied petroleum
                                           employees shall be trained by their
                                           employer until such a time that training
                                           is available through a state-approved
gas (LPG), or in the business of
handling or transporting LPG over the
highways of this state, or in the
                                           training program. Each training
                                           program’s curriculum must be based
                                           on the National Propane Gas
business of installing and servicing       Association’s (NPGA) Certified                  2009 Spring schedule
equipment and appliances for use with      Employee Training Program (CETP)               and State of Missouri
LPG in this state, application shall be    or equivalent, structured to meet the
made to the director of agriculture on     trainees’ needs, and approved by the           training requirements
forms prescribed for this purpose with     Missouri Propane Gas Commission.              *St. Louis County accredited course
such reasonable information as shall be
deemed necessary. AND (3) Every                                                         Did you know?
individual applying for registration to                                                 Missouri state law requires that all
engage in the business of handling,                                                     workers who service or install
storing or transporting LPGs or in the                                                  equipment or appliances that use
business of installing, repairing or                                                    propane gas (LPG) must be certified by
servicing piping equipment or                                                           the Missouri Propane Gas
appliances for use with LPGs must                                                       Commission.
score at least 75% on a written
examination administered by the                                                         To help HVAC employers comply
Division of Weights and Measures                                                        with state law, MPGA has developed a
before approval of registration will be                                                 one-day class that meets the training
granted. AND (4) Every individual,                                                      requirements of the Department’s
except clerical personnel and others                                                    regulation. This class is conveniently
not actually handling LPGs or                                                           offered at six locations throughout the
servicing appliances or equipment,                                                      state and includes all required
within any business involved in                                                         materials, breaks and lunch. Class size
handling, storing or transporting LPGs                                                  is limited, so turn the page and register
or involved in the installation,                                                        for this important training!
repairing or servicing of piping
equipment or appliances for use with                                                       Classes fill up quickly!
LPGs must attend and complete an
initial training program, including                                                        Register now to reserve
passing a written examination with a                                                             your space!
   2009 Spring Class
       Schedule                                                                    HVAC Registration
                                            Registration: 7:30 a.m.             Class: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
                                            Class fee:    $119 per student (MPGA members)
                                                          $149 per student (non-members)
City                    Date
                                            Student name (please print)                    Class date               City/Location          NFPA 54
Jefferson City         March 18                                                                                                            ($46.00 each)
        MPGA Office (lower level)           ____________________________                   __________               _________________  
                                                                                                                                       Yes No
        4110 Country Club Drive
        573-893-7655                        ____________________________                   __________               _________________ 
Springfield            March 25
        The Lamplighter Inn                 ____________________________                   __________               _________________  
                                                                                                                                       Yes No
        2820 N Glenstone-next to I-44
        417-869-3900                        ____________________________                   __________               _________________  
                                                                                                                                       Yes No

Saint Peters           April 1              Total # of students attending classes___________x $119 (MPGA member price)                     =$_________
        Holiday Inn Select
                                            Total # of students attending classes___________x $149 (Non-member price)                      =$_________
        4341 Veterans Memorial Pkwy
        636-928-1500                        Please reserve _____ copies of NFPA 54 (class text) at $46.00 each, to be picked up at classes.
                                            (Add this cost to your amount due for class fees. Purchase of the NFPA 54 text is optional.)   =$________
Poplar Bluff          April 15               Check enclosed 
                                                           Please bill me 
                                                                             Call 573-893-7655 to pay by credit card
        Holiday Inn                                  (Make checks payable to the Missouri Propane Gas Association)
        2781 Westwood Blvd                                                                                          Total amount due       =$________
                                            Company name_____________________________________________________________________
Kansas City            April 22
        Intrigue Park Place Hotel           Mailing address___________________________________________City______________________
        1601 N Universal Ave
        816-483-9900                        State__________________ Zip___________________ Phone # ______________________________

Note: To qualify for full refunds,          Contact Signature____________________________________ Check #_____________ for $_______
cancellations must be received 5 business
days prior to class. The registration       Please send registration and payment to:
deadline is two weeks prior to class.
                                            MPGA, 4110 Country Club Drive, Jefferson City MO 65109                           You may also fax to: 573-893-2623
Questions? Call 573-893-7655 ext

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