For all different levels for different levels of students to active learning by fdjerue7eeu


									For all different levels for different levels of students to active learning

 level students for different active

  article from the "mathematical charm stimulate interest in learning so that students at
all levels take the initiative to seek new knowledge; to set doubt, continue to arouse
curiosity, to allow students to express their views in a common level of increase;
hierarchical practice, timely feedback to students at all levels to experience success in
the practice of fun; appropriate adjustments classroom atmosphere, so that the
different levels of students want to learn, willing to learn, "four, described how
mathematics teaching in primary schools, from the dominant position of students and
active spirit, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students so involved in learning
process to effectively improve the quality of classroom teaching.
  Keywords: Excited Interest stratification adjustment
  in mathematics teaching in the classroom for all students as a basic stand, give full
play to the students from the dominant position and active spirit, layered forward to
encourage and guide students to actively participate in mathematics learning to take
the initiative to learn, grow skills. In the usual teaching, I made some attempts from
the following specific practices are as follows.
  1, the use of mathematics attractive, stimulating interest in learning so that students
at all levels take the initiative to learn, travel
  primary school mathematics itself there is some interesting laws and phenomena,
this is the charm of math. As teachers to make full use of the favorable factors, design
transfer students exposure to one of the teaching process, so students in the teaching
of thinking is always active, stimulating their interest in learning. Over time, different
levels of students in the teachers excited, will enhance interest in learning
mathematics, so that they actively participate in activities to explore new knowledge.
, such as teaching, "circumference of a circle", the first for students to come up with
wafer sizes and prepared white lines. Then, guide students along with a white line
around the wafer's edge and then measure out each week, the length, and finally,
students calculate the length of the white line relationship with the wafer diameter. To
find the circumference of circle diameter of the circle length is always 3 times more.
This layer gradually move to the full participation of students of different levels of
knowledge to explore new activities, initiated studies on the relationship between
circumference and diameter, the teaching effect is self-evident. Again, teaching
"change the nature of business" when a teacher first talked about a "monkey
sub-peach" story, one day Wukong Monkey King to the average of 10 peaches to eat 5
small monkeys, hear Wukong, full happy face, the Monkey King asked: "Sun Wukong,
how upset you ah?" 'Monkey King said: "Each monkey was too little share of two
peach Rights, can not pay would number?" Upon hearing the Monkey King, said:
"Yes, that I'll give you 150 peach, but there is one condition, you have to average 75
monkeys to eat, right? Sun Wukong, one can be happy it! divided on monkeys with
peaches ready to eat. the students listen End story, teachers guide the students, the
share of each monkey over peaches yet? Wukong be happy? Why? by such a design,
it demonstrates the appeal of mathematics so that students active thinking, the master
understand the nature of business will be easy to change much, so that all levels of
students learning anything.
  second effort to set up the suspect, continue to arouse curiosity, to allow students to
express their views in a common level of increased
  mathematics class teaching, focused, seize the key, is the core of teaching each
lesson. The "Questions" precisely to the core of teaching is an important one crutch.
Of course, many ways to set up the suspect, from the big ways, There are several
methods of setting the suspect.
. use of the original knowledge no doubt. If the new grant of 1 / 3 +1 / 4, to let
students speak their own understanding of the number, in case of 2 / 7, 7 / 12, etc. The
answer, I proposed to the students, "Which answer is correct? "And then guide the
students to discuss, all have our say, finally, summarizes the first common
denominator, then add elements, the denominator unchanged. In this way, is to use
existing knowledge to improve the point of its, to be located the suspect for students
to jump leap of thinking, initiative to obtain new knowledge.
. in the knowledge of the critical point, the suspect intentionally set. such as teaching,
"the basic properties of scores", I proposed to the students, "multiplied and divided by
the same number, 0 except for "Here's a few, may be what number? such measures to
assist students to eliminate stereotypes, to enable students to discuss present their
views, and finally understand it can be a natural number can be is that the minority.
. the next class on Question, more will be memorable. as teaching "area of a circle," a
lesson, I reveal the complete formula S = πR × R after before class, I made "known
the radius area of a circle can be found, then known Can you find the circumference
of a circle area of a circle it? "To lay an ambush for the next class teaching, and
further enable students to explore after school.
  3, hierarchical practice, timely feedback to students at all levels to experience
success in the practice fun
  classroom teaching, we should students a solid grasp of knowledge or skills, must
pay attention to classroom exercises. If uniform practice questions will require
different levels of development of students, or students enough to eat, or students
going gets. according to the actual students with different levels of development, basic
questions and thinking arrangement problems, such as students on the lower
requirement only to master the basic requirements for math, do the basic question,
there is spare capacity for school students, not only do they do think the basic
question question. stratification requirements such practice, so different students
experience the fun of a successful practice.
  if, in teaching the basic nature of the scores, I designed this set of exercises for
different levels of student participation in practice. 1 / 3 = / 6 = / 9 ; 1 / 3 = 3 / = 9 /; 2
= / = /, this three exercises to better take care of all the students, so that all students
have received training, can experience the fun of success.
  I am in teaching practice, on the same exercise on the different levels of students
make different demands. textbook, in addition to selecting questions and think about
issues other than the exercises are required of all students can grasp. So for these
exercises, I asked each student have to master, for a variety of methods can be used to
answer the application questions, I asked the students to poor students in a way only
ask them to answer, and conduct timely inspections found that counseling so that they
can be completed through our efforts. for science have spare capacity of the middle
and upper-level students, I ask them to different perspectives can be used to analyze
and answer, and find the best solution. to enhance their problem solving ability.
  4, appropriate adjustments classroom atmosphere so that the different levels of
students want to learn, willing to learn
  Mathematics is a highly logical discipline, lack of moving the plot, due to learning
content with taste, adjust classroom atmosphere, the teaching often appears effective
and efficient.
  written application if the title A language student, often this error occurs, such as:
"Little Red buy" Xinhua Dictionary "spent 10.5 yuan, to buy school supplies spent 7.5
yuan. Asked the little red spent how much? "Some students into the determinant
solution, immediately will say: red with a 18 money. This error occurs after students
and teachers how to do, lectures, I did not immediately point out to students, but made
the following interesting herself, Answer. "Yes! If the subject to ask, how much time,
A used 18 times, asked Little Red have multiple, heavy on A red 54, if asked how long
car trip? A spent 24 hours on. "At this point, the classroom laughter, talking about,
quick to point out the A language errors. Obviously, such a classroom atmosphere is
effective, it makes students happy atmosphere easily learned knowledge.
Unconsciously, so that all students participate in learning activities to enable students
to learn, willing to learn.
  and if more than a few of the division of teaching time, I presented such a problem:
38.2 divided by 2.7, I found that most students The result is wrong, some students
come to the business is 1.4, some students arrive at the remainder is 4. for the more
typical mistakes that I did not spot the error to the students, but to judge it as a
problem for students independent research first determine whether the correct answer,
then asked: "How do you find wrong? "Students enlightening induced problems, and
actively explore and quickly find the three to judge the wrong way:
  (1), the remainder with the divisor 2.7 to 4, the balance than the divisor, which meant
that wrong.
  (2), checking:: 1.4 × 2.7 +0.4 ≠ 38.2, shows business is wrong.
  (3), checking 14 × 2.7 +4 ≠ 38.2, shows the balance is wrong .
  followed, I would take students to analyze, to find the right provider and the
remainder. As the calculation, the dividend and the divisor also expanded 10 times,
business can not forget where the decimal point, the remainder is enlarged to 10 times
the dividend calculation After remaining, so I also expanded the number of 10 times,
the correct balance should be reduced to 4 to 10 times, was 0.4.
  above, I think, in mathematics teaching, we only focus on the student teachers , to
transfer students, to enable the participation learning process to improve teaching
quality, so that the different levels of students in active learning, and thus acquire
knowledge, enhance skills.
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