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					German ethnic folk customs and folk customs

  German national folk customs
  in September, "the Stuttgart Beer Festival"
  weekday each year by the end of September, ornate beer trucks from all over the
country The team dressed in national costumes, music and fun along the street with
the crowd roared its approval of, from the Bart - Exploration and Staat's nursing home
has been marched to the survey Staat Hall Lawn. With this colorful parade, fireworks
and the opening of the barrels, the largest ethnic festival in Stuttgart, "Stuttgart Beer
Festival," also known as: "Exploration Staat people Festival" began. 24 meters high,
beautifully decorated fruit festival site stands in the central column. The tradition
stems from 1818. Held during the festival, regardless of distance guests will gather in
Stuttgart survey Staat large lawn, a huge influx of more than beer tent. Where they
roasted chicken, big mouth swig of beer festivals, and basking in the beautiful native
folk music band. Outside, the air was filled with the smell of toasted almonds, a
psychedelic Ferris wheel is kind invitations to the festival over a site visit, balloons
floating in the air, slide and swing 8 characters haunted house brings guests an
exciting memorable experience. Shooting shed a bit of luck waiting for brave people.
This traditional festival for 15 days, which is Germany's most captivating, the second
largest ethnic festival, highlights of the festival is certainly a wonderful fireworks

 Munich Oktoberfest Munich
 is the feast, Oktoberfest moment has come: the iron drill in charcoal barbecue beef
on the distribution of rich flavor, Nande ethnic costumes, wearing typical beer girl
face with a humorous smile, will be filled with fresh beer cordial one ear sent
blackjack table, playing loud music spread throughout the large traditional tents each
corner. 1892, a large beer glass in celebration of the first cup into the large lawn, and
many traditionalists have insisted on using a large ceramic beer mug. Today, the
Oktoberfest in Munich in October to more than 600 million participants in Germany,
and the world's largest beer theme event. I wish you a Happy Oktoberfest!

 German traditional cuisine
 rich, dense, with energy --- the characteristics of the German traditional food, it not
only to feed their families, better physical and mental pleasure. Rich flavor sauerkraut
(pickled cabbage not equivalent to the Northeast ret), fresh and juicy or crunchy pork
Jiang Zhouzi hand; of course can not ignore that the world-famous variety of German
sausage and bread rich in vitamins, from three donut hole to the nut bags, coarse rye
bread. More than 300 kinds of bread: the different types of bread are all good for
health. Rough wood stripe-like rye bread is the main bread of Westphalia, coupled
with fried ham, taste wonderful, it is part of a special kind of bread, for example,
onions, sweet grapes and low-calorie crackers bread, with sesame or sunflower seed
bread become increasingly popular. . Germany can magically change each region a
different cuisine, pay attention to their own food recipes, and proud of it. The chef not
only fish the north and cream mixture, but also smart to join pears, beans and bacon.
In the south and west of the plate often delicious meatballs. Each region is proud of
their own sausage. G?ttingen (G? Ttingen) and Regensburg (Regensburg) of sausages
from the Middle Ages had known in our world. Thuringian red sausage
(ThueringerBratwurst) and the use of cattle to be grass baked spiced sausage, the
world is a must. Kassel (Kassel) who just love their own liver and intestine,
Schwabing people prefer as thyme, clove and meat contents of myristic baked sausage
spiced black death.
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