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									                                                                     Hair I Am
                                                                    By Rebecca Martinez

                         Gift Certificates Available

                         Wedding Party’s • Bridal Shower
                           •Birthday • Valentine’s Day
                         • Mother’s Day • Baby Shower
                          • Just Because You’re Special !

High School & Jr. High
                                                                   The Art of Nails
 Students plus Staff
                                                                     By Roxane Gonzales
  Full set $25.00
   All year Special!
                                                                    Open Tuesday—Saturday

                                                                    Late Appointments available
                           Hair appointments not available for         by appointment only
                            June 21st and June 28th 2008

                           Nail appointments not available for       628 10 TH S TREET
                                                                  F LORESVILLE T X 78114
                            July 15th thru July 19th 2008
       H AIR S ERVICES                 S PECIAL O CCASIONS                           N AIL S ERVICES

*Prices May Vary                  1)    Minimum Party of 5                     Sculpture full set:                        $35.00
 Ask for Details                       Hair Updo’s Start at:          $35.00   Fills:                                     $20.00
                                       Solar nails or manicure:       $25.00   Back fill:                                 $30.00
CONSULTATION FREE                      * Bride hair and nails:       * FREE
Hair cut:                $15.00   2)   Party of 5 or more:            $35.00   Nail Repair with fill:                 $3.00 each
Hair cut plus Shampoo:   $18.00         Plus Flower girl:             $25.00   Nail Repair:                           $4.00 each
Hair cut plus Style:     $24.00         Solar nails or manicure:      $25.00   Soak off acrylic:                          $10.00
                                       * Bride hair and nails:       * FREE    with new set:                               FREE
Style Only:              $20.00                                                Polish change:                              $6.00
Updo’s:                  $35.00           Debut Packages
                                                                               Buff and polish:                           $10.00
French Braid:            $10.00   1)   Minimum Party of 5:            $35.00
                                       Solar nails or manicure:       $25.00          Natural Nail Treatment
                                       * Bday girl hair and nails:   * FREE    Classic Manicure:                          $18.00
                                                                               Spa Manicure:                              $25.00
Color:                   $30.00                                                Paraffin Treatment:                         $8.00
                                  2)   Five or more ladies:           $35.00
Highlights:              $45.00                                                Polish change:                              $6.00
                                       Plus Flower girl:              $25.00
Color Correction:        $50.00
                                       Solar nails or manicure:       $25.00
Perm:                    $45.00                                                    Classic Pedicure (45min)
                                       * Bday girl hair and nails:   * FREE
                                                                               Bath soak, trim nails, smooth
                                                                               callus areas, salt scrub, smoothing
                                           Pampering Toes                                                                 $30.00
                                                                               lotion and polish:
                                        (includes French polish)
                                  Buff & Polish:                     $15.00           Heel Therapy (1hr)
Hair cut:                $12.00
                                  Classic Pedicure:                  $30.00    Bath soak, trim nails, smooth
Highlights:              $20.00
                                                                               callus areas, callus treatment, salt
                                            Facial Waxing                      scrub, smoothing lotion, massage
                                  Eye brows:                          $9.00    and polish:                                $40.00
              Children            Lip:                                $7.00
Hair cut:                 $8.00   Lip and eye brows:                 $15.00          Spa Pedicure (1.5hr)
Bangs:                    $5.00   Full Face:                         $28.00    Bath soak, trim nails, smooth
Bangs with shampoo:      $10.00                                                callus areas, salt scrub, smoothing
                                                                               lotion, foot mask, massage and
                                                                               polish.:                                   $50.00

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