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									Praxis Test Information                                                       rev. 6/26/07 A. Reeves

This document contains information about:
  Which Praxis tests you need to take                  What score you need to get
  When you need to take these tests                    Where to go for more information
  How you can prepare for the tests

Which Praxis tests you need to take
The Praxis tests are grouped in two sets, Praxis I and Praxis II. A passing score on both Praxis I
and Praxis II is required for certification.
PRAXIS I – A set of three 1-hour tests. Each is called a "Pre-Professional Skills Test" or PPST.
Their formal titles are:
 PPST: Reading (test code # 10710 for paper test; 5710 for computerized test)
 PPST: Writing (test code # 20720 for paper test; 5720 for computerized test)
 PPST: Mathematics (test code # 10730 for paper test; 5730 for computerized test)
The first number in the test codes for the paper tests indicates the testing session on a given day
in which the test will be administered. Reading and math are administered in the first session;
writing in the second. There may be up to three sessions in a single day, so when you register for
more than one test, make sure that the test sessions do not conflict. In the case of Praxis I, you
may register for two tests in one session because these tests are only one hour long. Tests in
Praxis II are usually two hours long, so you can register for only one test per session.
You may register for one, two, or three of the Praxis I tests on a particular day, but you may also
take them on separate days if you prefer. If you don't pass one or more of these tests, you need
to repeat only the ones you didn't pass. These three Praxis I tests may be taken on a computer or
in the traditional paper-and-pencil form. The computer form costs a bit more and is offered at
only a few sites, but you can register closer to the testing date and you will know right away
what your score is.
The PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education) website states: "[These tests] can be taken
either by paper and pencil OR by computer. The computerized PPST's are given at most Sylvan
Learning Centers or Prometric Centers. You may take each PRAXIS I Computerized PPST once
per calendar month up to 6 times in a 12-month period. If this restriction is violated, the scores
from your retest will not be reported and your test fees will not be refunded. This applies even if
you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. However, the paper and pencil test could be
taken during this time period, if required. "
There are two ways of achieving a passing score on Praxis I:
   Method 1: You obtain a certain minimum score on each of the three Praxis I tests.
   Method 2: The sum total of your three scores meets a minimum "composite score." Your
             scores on one or two of the tests may be slightly lower than the minimum for
             Method 1, but you compensate for that by obtaining a higher-than-required score
             on another of the three tests.
The testing agency chooses the method most advantageous for you.

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PRAXIS II: In addition to passing Praxis I, you must also pass one or more tests from the
"Praxis II" set of tests in content knowledge. Which Praxis II tests you must take depends on the
kind of certification you are seeking.
    1. "Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge" (30511)
    2. "Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment” (10011)
    Early Childhood Education: In addition to the two Praxis II tests required for Elementary
    certification, you must also pass "Early Childhood Education." (10020)
    K-12 Subjects: If you are seeking K-12 certification, you must pass the following two Praxis
    II tests:
    1. "Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge" (30511)
    2. A content test in your subject area, for example "Spanish: Content Knowledge,"
        "Environmental Education," or "Music: Content Knowledge"
    Secondary Education (specific subjects in grades 7-12): You must pass the Praxis II test
    for your subject area, such as "English Language, Literature, & Composition: Content
    Knowledge," "Mathematics: Content Knowledge," or "Social Studies: Content Knowledge"

When you need to take these tests
You need to pass all the required Praxis tests before you can be certified. SU's Education
Department recommends that you pass Praxis I before your senior year. You may take it as soon
as you know you want to be a teacher, even if you are in your first year of college. But keep in
mind that your Praxis scores will expire after five years, at which time you would have to re-take
the tests if you haven't yet been certified.
Praxis II tests require the kind of content knowledge that you learn in your college studies, so it
is recommended that you take Praxis II tests in your senior year. If you take Praxis II in
November or January, you'll have time to take it again before you graduate if you don't pass the
first time.

How you register for the tests
You may register for all Praxis tests online on the ETS website at If you prefer to
register by mail, you can download the registration form from that website. At the ETS home
page, under "Tests," click on "Praxis." At the Praxis home page, you will find links under "Praxis
I" and "Praxis II" to register for a test. In order to register, you need to pay close attention to four
1. The test date: choose the date you prefer from the list of options on the ETS site. Each test
   date has a registration deadline, so be sure to register in time.
2. The test site: You will also need to select a test site (and a second-choice site, in case the first
   one is filled) from the “test centers” list. The places closest to SU that you can take the Praxis
   tests are Harrisburg and Bloomsburg, but there are many other sites listed in Pennsylvania and
   other states. You can take the tests that Pennsylvania requires in other states.
3. Make sure that the test you want is offered at the site on the date you desire: Not all test sites
   offer all tests on all test dates, so when you are choosing a test site and date, check test
   availability carefully. On the ETS webpage for Praxis tests, click on a tab that says "Code

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   Lists" or click on a link in the left margin that says "Registration Code Lists." Both links take
   you to a "Code Lists" page where you can access a chart showing which test is offered at
   which site on each test date. The chart is called “Test Session/Test Selection (List A).”
4. Make sure that your test scores are sent to Susquehanna University. Otherwise you will have
   to make a special request later that they be sent to SU and pay an extra fee, since Susquehanna
   University must have your scores before you can be certified. To be sure SU gets your scores,
   you will need to find the proper "recipient code" that ETS has assigned to SU. On the Code
   Lists page, click the link "Attending Institution/Recipient Codes" which gives you a PDF file
   containing the codes for colleges and universities in every state.
   Your scores are automatically sent to the state Department of Education in the state in which
   you are taking the test. Therefore, if you take Praxis in a state other than PA (which is where
   you will receive your initial certification), you must add PA's Department of Education
   recipient code to your ETS application along with SU's recipient code. You will find PDE's
   recipient code at the top of the list of Pennsylvania colleges and universities in the "Recipient
   Code" section of the ETS Praxis information.

How you can prepare for these tests
1. ETS provides for each Praxis I and Praxis II test a short "Test at a Glance" document. At the
   ETS home page (, under "Tests," click on "Praxis" and at the resulting Praxis
   home page, under Praxis I or Praxis II click on "Prepare for a test." On the resulting page, you
   can find the "Test at a Glance" by test title or by state requirements. See “FAQ about Praxis”
   on the ETS website for more resources that can help you prepare.
2. The SU library reference section has several copies of a book called "How to Prepare for
   Praxis" by Robert Postman.
3. To prepare for Praxis II, the content test(s), review all the major concepts, skills, and facts
   from your college course notes and textbooks. Use the summer before your senior year to
   prepare for this test.

What score you need to get
This information can be found on the ETS website ( At the ETS home page,
under "Tests," click on "Praxis." At the resulting Praxis home page, click on "State Testing
Requirements" in the center column. The chart for Pennsylvania's required tests will show you
cut-off scores, names and code numbers of tests, and a link to each "Test at a Glance."

For more information
The Educational Testing Service (ETS) produces, administers, and scores all of the required
Praxis tests. At their website's home page, under "Tests," click on "Praxis." Here you can click
on links to learn more about Praxis I or Praxis II tests.
The Pennsylvania Department of Education also has information about Praxis tests and
requirements. At the PDE home page, click on "Teaching in PA" in the left margin. On the
resulting webpage, click on "Testing Requirements" in the left margin.

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