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Phoenix, AZ 85018-6060
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CONTACT: ALISON BAILIN                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
         (602) 957-8881                                                APRIL 14, 2006

Subway and City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Department join forces!

                 Eager to help children find a “Kool” reason to get off the couch this summer, Subway®
Restaurants of Phoenix and northern Arizona announces its sponsorship of the 2006 City of
Phoenix Parks & Recreation Department’s Kool Kids program. The Kool Kids program provides
free admission to 20 city pools for kids ages 17 and under.
             “Since 1990, the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department has partnered with
local businesses and community leaders to provide free swimming for at-risk youth in low-
income neighborhoods,” said Kerry Martin, Kool Kids Marketing Coordinator. “Known as Kool
Kids, this sponsorship program relies totally on the support of organizations like Subway to
provide a safe, healthy alternative for these young people during the summer heat. Last year,
more than 127,000 at-risk youth were served by Kool Kids.”
             As part of its sponsorship, the Subway logo will appear in the Harmon Pool, located at
1239 S. 5th Ave. in Phoenix, all summer long. Free kids events at the Harmon Pool this summer
            Kool Kids - free open swim for kids age 17 and under, begins Monday, June 5th
            CIGNA Summer Cub Club – a fun way for children ages seven to 10 to learn basic first
             aid and water safety skills. Participants meet two times a week for six weeks. Sign-ups
             begin May 6 at all 29 pools, and the program starts Monday, June 12.
            CIGNA Summer Discovery Guards – this program, provided for children between 10
             and 13, is a step into more detailed water safety. Participants meet two times a week for
             six weeks. Activities include: an introduction to CPR, basic first aid training and an
             introduction to lifeguarding skills. Sign-ups begin May 6 at all 29 pools, and the program
             begins Monday, June 12.
      CIGNA Summer Junior Lifeguard Training – this program provides children between
       13 and 15 the opportunity to develop leadership skills. First-year junior lifeguards will
       become certified in Community First Aid and Safety and CPR; second-year junior
       lifeguards will be certified water safety aides and work toward the goal of employment.
       Participants meet 3-4 times per week for eight weeks. Sign-ups begin May 6. The
       program starts Monday, June 12 and will be available at 15 City of Phoenix pools.
      Water Basketball – free program for boys and girls age 12 to 16 years. Practices are
       held Monday through Thursday; games are held on Friday afternoons. Activities take
       place in standing depth water; no swimming skills are necessary.
      Water Basketball Championships – Friday, July 28th from 3pm-6pm, with sandwiches
       provided by Subway for all participants.

         For more information on any of these or other City of Phoenix Aquatics events this
summer, please visit
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founded by Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck in 1965. That partnership marked the beginning of
a remarkable journey-one that made it possible for thousands of individuals to build and succeed
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