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 dictator of Spain and France have

 Franco (1892 ~ 1975)
 RancoBahamonde, Francisco
 Spanish head of state (1939 ~ 1975), Phalange Party leader, fascist military dictator.
December 4, 1892 Born in el ferrol military families, November 20, 1975 and died in
Madrid. 1907 into the Infantry Academy. To Morocco in 1912, the Spanish colonial
wars. 1915 promoted to Major. 1926, promoted to brigadier general. Rivera JA
Pulimode in the period of military dictatorship, he was appointed Dean of Military
Academy of Zaragoza. Second Spanish Republic in 1931 after the establishment of
the cancellation of active duty status. In 1933, the conservative forces in control of the
Republic, to be reused. 1934, promoted to Major General. In 1935, Marshall became
chief of staff. February 1936 Spanish general election, the Popular Front victory,
Franco was transferred to the Canary Islands, any military officer. July 18, 1936
against the Popular Front government launched an armed rebellion, A. Hitler in
Germany and Italy, Mussolini's support of BAA, the suppression of the people of the
struggle against fascism. October 1, 1936, any land, sea and air force marshal. After
nearly three years of civil war, March 21, 1939, Franco's troops occupied Madrid,
overthrow the republican government, the establishment of dictatorship. Franco itself
the head of state, cancel all other political parties, fascist parties in the Phalange Party
the only legal political party. Arrested, shot and killed the Communist Party and the
progressive people, a large number of Spaniards exiled to Europe and Latin America.
During World War II, sending the blue division with the German attack on the Soviet
Union. 1947 declared as the monarchy of Spain, Franco Regent for life. /