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					                           Desserts                                                           Mini Desserts
                                                                                        (We suggest two per guest)
                Plated Desserts 4.95
                                                                                     Shooters 2.25 each
New York Style Cheesecake                                          Key lime Shooters, Kaffir Lime Shortbread cookie
Fresh Strawberry Sauce, Chocolate Cigarette, Whipped Fromage
                                                                   Raspberry Shooter, Vanilla Yoghurt, Fresh Raspberries,
Raspberry Ripple
                                                                   Meringue Dots
Fresh Raspberries, Yogurt Vanilla Cream, , Meringue Dots, Lime
Crème Anglaise                                                     Tiramisu Shooter, Kahlua Crème, Lady Finger, Espresso
                                                                   Chocolate, Almond Brittle
Double Chocolate Mousse
Cointreau Crème Anglaise, Raspberry Fluid Gel, Crispy              Double Chocolate Mousse Shooter, Raspberry Sauce,
Chocolate, Roasted Marcona Almonds                                 Crispy Chocolate, Roasted Marcona Almond
Fresh Berry Tart                                                                    Spoons 1.75 each
Seasonal Berries, Lemon & Basilt Custard, Whipped Fromage,         Lemon Custard spoon, Fresh Berries, Mint Tuile
Key Lime Tarts                                                     Crème Burlee spoon, Raspberry Gelee Cube, Chocolate
Key lime juice, Berry Compote, Cilantro Tuile                      Cigarette
Crème Brulee                                                       Espresso Mocha Spoon, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Hazelnut
Fresh Berries, Chocolate Tuile, Liquor 43 Cream Anglaise, Kaffir   dust, Chocolate Cover espresso beans
lime & Almond Shortbread cookie
Dark Chocolate Tart                                                         Mini Tartlets, Pies. Cheesecakes 2.25 each
Dark Chocolate Ganache, Caramel Anglaise, Sea Salt, Port wine                           (We suggest two per guest)
paint, Liquor 43 Crème Anglaise                                    Seasonal Crumble Mini Pies, Seasonal Fruit Pies, appropriate
Individual Seasonal Crumble Mini Pies                              Accompaniments
Seasonal Fruit Pies, appropriate Accompaniments                    Dark Chocolate Caramel Tartlets Dark Chocolate Ganache,
                                                                   Caramel anglaise, Sea Salt, Port wine paint, Liquor 43 Crème
                      Dessert Action Stations                      Anglaise
Make your own Sundae Bar 5.95                                      Key lime Tartlets Key lime juice, Berry Compote, Cilantro
Vanilla bean Ice cream, Hot Fudge, Caramel, Crushed Candy bars,    Tuile
Cherries, Sprinkles, Bananas, and Crushed Nuts                     Berry Tartlets Seasonal Berries, Lemon & Basil Custard,
                                                                   Whipped Fromage,
Chef Attended Flambé Station. 6.95
Vanilla bean Ice Cream and Choice of one of the following Flambé   Rasp Berry Ripple Tartlet Fresh Raspberries, Yogurt Vanilla
desserts                                                           Cream, Wafer, Meringue Dots, Lime Crème Anglaise
Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee, Peach Melba, Brandied Apples,    Mini New York Style Cheesecake, Strawberry Sauce,
Island Pineapples (add additional Choice’s for .75)                Chocolate Straw
                                                                   Crème Brulee Tartlets, Fresh Berries, Chocolate Tuile, Kaffir
                                                                   lime & Almond Shortbread cookie

                          Hosted Bar                                                            Cash Bar
              6% Sales Tax & 20% Gratuity applies                                  Pricing includes sales tax & gratuity
               Must be 21 years of age to be served                                Must be 21 years of age to be served
Liquor by the Bottle: Call 90.00                                         Mixed Drinks: Well 4.50 ◦ Call 5.50 ◦ Premium 6.00
                        Premium & Cordials 110.00
                                                                            Bottled Beer: Domestic 3.50 ◦ Premium 4.25
House Wines 25.00 per bottle: Chardonnay ◦ Cabernet                             Wines By The Glass: House 5.00
   Sauvignon ◦ Merlot ◦ White Zinfandel ◦ Champagne
                                                                              Long Pour Liquor Cocktails: 5.75
Keg Beer: Domestic 300.00                                                              Soft Drinks: 2.00
           Imported/Premium 400.00
                                                                                          Juices: 2.00
Bottled Beer: Domestic 3.50
               Premium 4.25
                                                                                   Coffee, Decaf & Tea: 1.75
Punch: Non-Alcoholic 35.00 per bowl                                 If cash bar sales are below 450.00, a fee of 45.00 will apply for each
        Spiked 75.00 per bowl                                                                     bartender
Additional: Soft Drinks 2.00
            Juices & Sparkling Water 2.00
            Non Alcoholic Sparkling Juice 14.00 per bottle

Liquor               Call Brands           Premium Brands
Whiskey              Seagrams 7          Crown Royal
Bourbon              Jim Beam            Jack Daniels
Vodka                Smirnoff            Absolut
Gin                  Gordon’s
Rum                  Bacardi
Spiced Rum           Captain Morgan/Malibu Coconut
Scotch               Cutty Sark
Tequila              Jose Cuervo Gold

Cordials: Kahlua ◦ Bailey’s ◦ Amaretto ◦ Drambuie

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