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halloween animations by Augustalbum


									                                                          Contact: Spunky Productions
For Immediate Release:                                             419.524.4330

                  It’s b-b-back! A Spooktacular Halloween Activity
                                For Kids And Families
ATLANTA, GA – Spooktacular fun for the entire family on Halloween. That’s the idea
behind, a Web site that’s filled with fun animated activities for kids and
parents. It’s also why a growing number of families will be huddled in front of their computers
interacting with ghoulish characters as they join Scary sing-a-longs, witness bone-rattling
comedy, and share creative costume and recipe ideas. Not surprisingly, the site has become one
of the most popular Halloween sites for kids and parents.

Some of the entertaining things to see on, the audio and animated-packed site
created by Spunky Productions, are a semi-scary cemetery full of goose-bumping rollovers, a
mansion that keeps kids wandering and lots of ghoulish character guides, including William
Shakenscream. After all, knowing about the history of superstitions is a must, especially during

“Like other holidays, Halloween provides a good opportunity for families to get together, play
together, create traditions and build lasting family memories,” said Craig Kronenberger,
Creative Director of Spunky Productions. “Scary is safe and spine-tingling experience that
parents will enjoy as much as their kids.”

Shriek is the site’s ghostly host, the Grim Reader tells a few choice ghost stories and Festerina
Wormrot shares her favorite disgustingly fun food recipes, including eyeballs in spaghetti
(really only gummy candies), and rat on a stick (made with day-old sponge cakes and cookies),
sure to give kids a stomach-filled chuckle. There are also plenty of craft ideas including a
repulsive door wreath.

“What better way to welcome Halloween than to follow Shriek, the ghostly host as he takes
families through his Scary-lite Web site filled with music, sounds and animations sure to get
them into the festive Halloween mood,” said Karl Kronenberger, President of Spunky

For more fun scares no matter your age, visit

Note to editors: Screenshots, recipes and graphics are available.
                                              ### created by Spunky Productions, a division of Universal Digital Communications, Inc.
                          Mansfield, OH * Atlanta, GA * San Francisco, CA

About Spunky Productions:
Spunky Productions, a division of Universal Digital Communications provides digital media
and strategic marketing services for the kids, family, teen and young adult entertainment
markets. Spunky Production uses new media solutions, including 2D & 3D animation for TV
and the Web, DVD development, low-memory animation development, and broadcasting for
wireless devices. Spunky Productions builds brands with entertainment & games, product
demos, characters and online advertising. Drawing on talent in Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Atlanta and its regional offices, Spunky also develops original syndicated content for both the
Web and TV, with full production capabilities for animation and video projects.

With its award-winning creative team, Spunky operates two successful holiday-themed
websites: (the world’s #1 Christmas site) and (a year-round “Fright Lite”
site for kids). Spunky has also pioneered some of the first interactive Web cartoons, which can
be seen on The site also includes a showcase of Spunky’s
creative and brand building capabilities. Corporate clients include Chevrolet, Keebler, JC
Penney and Universal Studios. For 2003, Spunky will create an Easter and Valentine’s site.

About Universal Digital Communications:
Mansfield (OH)-based Universal Digital Communications is a digital marketing company,
providing total, integrated marketing to companies and institutions. Universal Digital
Communications provides advertising and design, personalized on-demand digital printing,
large format printing, digital video production, e-Commerce and e-Business solutions, digital
photography, videoconferencing and Web streaming. Universal Digital Communications has
offices in Ohio (Mansfield), California (San Francisco) and Georgia (Atlanta). created by Spunky Productions, a division of Universal Digital Communications, Inc.
                          Mansfield, OH * Atlanta, GA * San Francisco, CA

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