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Please contact Joaquim in the English Learning Centre office by email at
One semester students should already be booked. For two semester students, Joaquim will be contacting
the natural parents concerning the return date. The students are responsible for buying their US
domestic flight ticket to JFK to pick up their international flight.
Students must contact Ricardo at Cultura Global Intercambio in Brazil to give him their final day of school.
Cultura Global will then book students’ tickets back to New York. Students have international tickets
leaving from New York. Students who need to change the date of their flight should contact Cultura
Please contact STB for return flight information.
Students must contact Via Mundo in Brazil. All students should get in contact with Via Mundo’s tourism
department in order to have their flight back to Brazil booked according to their last dates. The domestic
part of their flight should be arranged only after securing their international flight. If the students need
assistance, they should email Alanna at
Students from World Study have roundtrip electronic tickets through American Airlines. They must
contact the AA reservations counter at 1-800-433-7300 to change and confirm their return date. The first
change is free of charge. In some instances, students must appear at their nearest AA counter in person
to change their return date. Students from World Study are also responsible for making domestic flight
arrangements if needed. If students have any problems to change their flight dates, they should get in
touch with their advisor by e-mail or by the free toll given to them before their departure.

Students must contact Integral in Bulgaria to change flights. Borislav Milkov will communicate with
Integral’s travel department to make sure that the best flights are arranged for students.

Students should contact the airlines and schedule their return home date themselves. Because students’
end dates for school vary, CES booked their round-trip tickets as an open ticket. Usually CES begins to help
students to arrange their trip home one month before the program ends. If the students have any
problems with departure airline ticket arrangement before that time, CES is more than happy to help
Students are responsible for arranging return flights. First, confirm international flight and then arrange
domestic flight. Students are responsible for any charges/change fees.

                                                 Czech Republic
Domestic ticket – Student Agency advises students to either contact Student Agency (through email or
through their parents) so that they can process the domestic flight; or students can buy their ticket in the
USA (this is sometimes the only way, as from some destinations it is difficult to buy a ticket in Czech
Republic, but this is very rare.)
International ticket - All of the STU students have flight reservations booked to leave from JFK on June
13 at 5:10 PM on Czech Airlines. The students are individually responsible for booking the domestic
portion of their flights from their host family’s home to JFK. In booking their flights, they should arrive to
JFK by at least 2 PM, so that they have plenty of time to connect to their 5:10 PM flight. If the students
want to leave on a date other than June 13 , they should contact STU to make this change. They can
easily change the date of this journey by contacting us through email or their parents. The change is for

Students should have received an email from ESFA asking for their last day of school. If they have not
received this email, they must contact ESFA with their last day of school and their preferred return date
(within two weeks of the last day of school). ESFA will then book flights for the students.
The students need to contact our travel agent STA Travel in Berlin (not another STA office!) either by
phone 01149-30-28098786 or by email to to book their return ticket. It
may be necessary to book an extra leg from the local airport to connect to their international ticket. It is
the students’ responsibility to pay for these tickets. If organized through STA Travel the payment is also
organized through them and therefore the easiest way.
Students must contact Educational Exchange International in Germany with their last day of school so that
EEI can book the return flight accordingly.
Students should contact Travelworks and give them 3 choices for dates on which they would like to return
to Germany. Travelworks will reschedule the flights for the students. Students just need to confirm the
flights 4 days before their departure to make sure the time has not changed.

Please contact AES for return flight information.
Please contact CTS for return flight information.
Students should have received instructions on return flights at their US address around the middle of
March. They should follow these steps:
1. The JPN students will let CIEE Japan know the last day of the school around the middle of March.
2. Then CIEE Japan will decide when exactly the students will leave US based on the day, and change the
international flight ticket.
(The leaving day will be normally at the next weekend after they finished the school.)
3. After that CIEE Japan will arrange domestic flight to SFO.
4. The students will receive instructions on return flights at their US address by mail.
(Their natural parents in Japan will receive the same letter as well.)

Please contact AUR for return flight information.
Students must contact Petar Gavrilovski for any information about their return flights.

LEV usually arranges the flights for their students through a travel agency, but students are free to make
their own arrangements, especially students who live far away from the LEV office and have their own
travel agency to work with. Students who book their own tickets should send Gloria Tirado
( a copy of their itinerary and their ticket.
ULT helps students book their return flights, though the natural family pays for the ticket. All students
should already have their tickets. Please contact ULT for assistance if you do not have your ticket or have
misplaced it.

All students have flights – if students need to make change they can do it themselves in the USA or via
Almatur in Poland.
WESCO issues the return tickets to all students and they can rebook the tickets by themselves or thru the
agency. Wesco can rebook the tickets at the office and collect all fees, if needed.

All students have a return ticket from New York to Europe by various airlines. Most students are
travelling British Airways via London, some of them are travelling Austrian Airlines via Vienna, and some
are travelling Lufthansa via Munich. All students have an exact date on their tickets, as the airlines did not
allow open tickets. The dates should be sometime in late June and it is possible to change the date. This
change can be made in the US or students can ask DND team to do it for them. The domestic flight can
also be done either by the student or through DND team. Students should arrange their flights as soon as
possible, as some airlines have limited availability.
Speak English in Slovakia is responsible for flights. Flights have been booked already. If students wish to
make a change there will be a fee. Speak English is working with the students’ natural families.

                                                South Korea
Please contact COO for return flight information.
Please contact HAN for return flight information.
Students are responsible for arranging return flight. First, confirm international flight and then arrange
domestic flight. Students are responsible for any charges/change fees.
Please contact JOO for return flight information.
Please contact YBM for return flight information.

Students must contact Foreign Study League Espana to confirm the date of their international return
flight. Students can email Teresa Dominguez in the FSL office at Once this flight is
confirmed, STA will arrange a domestic ticket for the student. A domestic flight cannot be arranged
unless the student has a confirmed international ticket first.
Please contact GET for return flight information.

Initially, Overseas Ed arranged the departure date for students on June 5, 2009. However, all students
have their own options whether to confirm or reschedule the date of departure. If the student needs to
reschedule the tickets, he/she can contact Overseas Ed to change the date, free of charge for the first
change, by March 31, 2009. However, if he/she contacts the airlines directly, he/she will be charged about
$125 for the change. Moreover, there are some students who don’t have the return tickets for
the domestic flights. These students also have their choices whether to have Overseas Ed arrange it for
them or they can do it by themselves. For domestic flights, Overseas Ed might also use American Airlines,
Mesa Airlines, Delta Airlines, which charge $100 for each change plus additional fee if the ticket price
changes, and Northwest Airlines, which charges only $100 for each change.
Regarding airlines rules and regulations of United Airlines, which we're using, the students are allowed to
check-in with two large luggages with the weight of no more than 23 kg. or 50 lb. and the size of no more
than 62in or 157cm. The students are responsible for the fee of extra weight of their luggage - $50 per
luggage for the weight of between 24-32 kg. For the third luggage, the fee will be $200 at the weight of 1-
23 kg. Moreover, the students are allowed to have one carry-on bag with the weight of no more than 7
kg., excluding handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, and with the size of no more than 45in or 112 cm. Every
student has to confirm the date with Overseas Ed by contacting Overseas Ed directly whether via phone
call or email at no later than March 31, 2009.
Please contact UKR for return flight information. UKR has arranged return flights for their students

Student purchased return ticket from our Alpine Air-Flight Booking Office, so that we will help them to
book or reconfirm all their return flights
Students just need to let us know the date they are wishing to travel, we are here will book accordingly.

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