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					                                                                           Animal Control

                                                              Got a puppy for
                                                   Things you need to think about...

  A healthy puppy is a                With appropriate training and time, a puppy              Desexing can be the
     happy puppy.                     will become a well mannered dog and a great             kindest thing you can
   Ask your vet about                                    companion.                              do for your dog.
  vaccinations and diet.              However, like children, puppies will go through        If you don’t want him to
                                     various stages before they mature and will at times     use it, he should lose it!
                                           behave in a less than desirable manner.

    Most behavioural
 problems can be solved.                                                                     Early socialisation of
Don’t be afraid to seek help                                                                  puppies is essential.
  from a professional or                                                                       Consider attending
   other knowledgeable                                                                       puppy training courses
          person.                                                                             or joining the Canine
                                                                                                Obedience Club.

  Spend time with your
 We all enjoy a little com-                                                                   Make an effort learn
       panionship.                                                                                  about dogs.
                                                                                              Visit your local library
                                       Dogs need care when you go on holiday.                   or your bookshop.
                                            Who is looking after your dog?
Be patient and never lose your
           temper.                                                                             All puppies over
Puppies are like little children -       Adults, do not expect a child to take                3 months must be
   bad behaviour is often a                 responsibility for the puppy.                    registered and may
 symptom of a lack of training         Generally children do not have the skills or        require micro-chipping.
         and maturity.                 commitment to properly care for a puppy.             Talk to Animal Control.

         Owning a dog is a responsibility for life....
Every year thousands of animals are abandoned, sadly not all
 of these animals can be re-homed and many are destroyed.
                        Proudly brought to you by the Marlborough District Council
                              Animal Control in conjunction with the SPCA.