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									                      FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS 

Seventh International Symposium on Display Holography 
                     (A conference in memory of Stephen A. Benton) 
                              At OpTIC, North Wales, UK 
                                   10‐14 July 2006 
CHAIR             Hans I. Bjelkhagen  Contributions on the following topics 
CO‐CHAIRS         Tung H. Jeong       are invited: 
                  Nick Phillips        
ART CHAIR         Martin Richardson        Artistic Techniques and Concepts 
                                           Colour Holography 
HONORARY CHAIRS   Yuri Denisyuk and 
                                           Commercial Holography 
                  Emmett Leith             History, Education and Theory 
                                           Materials and Processing 
CONFERENCE ADMINISTRATOR                   Computer‐generated and Digital 
Email:                           Holography 
                                                               Scientific, Technical and Medical 
                                                               Reports from the Nations 
Enrolment is limited please indicate early interest to     
our Conference Administrator                              Papers will be selected by the chairs and the 
                                                          organising programme committee. 
INFORMATION                                               Title and a 200‐word abstract should be 
More information will be provided shortly by the          received by 30 November 2005 and sent to 
Conference Administrator.                                 the Conference Administrator:  
For General information on OpTIC visit                                                
A selection of art holograms from the Jonathan             
Ross’ Collection by invited artists will be on display                 The Holographer 
in a nearby art gallery with the opening of the                        ( 
exhibition during the symposium.                                    
                                Lake Forest College
                                                                                     Department of Physics
                                                                                      555 North Sheridan Road
                                                                                    Lake Forest, IL 60045-2399

June 23, 2005

Dear Friends in Holography:

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to participate in the Seventh International Symposium on Display
Holography, to be accompanied with an exhibition of holographic art at the Centre for Modern Optics of
OpTIC Technium in St Asaph, North Wales, UK. Please see the details in the accompanied announcement.

I founded this triennial symposium in 1982 at Lake Forest and held it six times until my retirement in 1997.
Throughout the subsequent years, numerous past participants have expressed their great desires for a
continuation of this symposium because of the unique congenial atmosphere it engendered between artists
and scientists.

Thanks to the efforts of Professor Hans Bjelkhagen, who has co-chaired many conferences with me in the
past including the Lake Forest symposia, we can finally reconvene this nostalgic event in July 2006.

I look forward to rejoining a community of holographers in a pastoral setting.


Tung H. Jeong


                                     Tung H. Jeong, Professor Emeritus
                                        Telephone: 847-234-3756
                                           Fax: 847-615-0835
                                OpTIC to Host the
         7        International Symposium on Display Holography
Technium OpTIC (Opto-electronics Technology and
Incubation Centre) is located at St Asaph, North Wales
in the United Kingdom at the heart of an existing opto-
electronics industry cluster and comprises 7,700 sq m
of floor space.        OpTIC links three elements, an
Incubation Centre of 24 units, a Technology Centre
with clean room facilities for innovative new products
and process within the opto-electronics industry and a
Business Centre which includes conference and
restaurant facilities.

OpTIC is part of the Technium Wales network providing high quality accommodation and
support for young technology based companies. The Technium project is funded by the
Welsh Development Agency, Welsh Assembly Government and the EU.                    A vibrant
community of new opto-electronic companies will be established through the efforts of
entrepreneurs, technologists, businessmen, investment groups and the public sector that
will enable OpTIC to become a national resource in its field and strengthen established links

                                 The Technology Centre at OpTIC is home to the
                                 Centre for Modern Optics (CMO) which has a
                                 worldwide reputation for its work in full colour
                                 holography,    holographic   materials,   HOEs,
                                 diffusers, projection screens, 3D imaging,
                                 interferometry and the development of lasers
                                 and other photonic devices.

       CMO transferred from De Montfort University to the state of the art facility
       at OpTIC. The relocation and recreation of the CMO group at OpTIC is
       designed to optimise the scientific strengths and to take advantage of the
       commercial exploitation capabilities at OpTIC. It is anticipated that this
       will put CMO at the forefront of the major expansion of holography and
       lithography over the coming years.
CMO builds on more than 20 years experience in holography and coherent
optics. Our unique history of contract research and consultancy in many
important aspects of physical optics and optical imaging has resulted in
successful break through developments in diffusers, phase plates, barrier
masks, projection screens, HOEs for 3D displays, full colour display
holography and novel holographic materials.

Key personnel in Holography at OpTIC

         Hans I. BJELKHAGEN,MSc, PhD (Industrial Metrology), Fellow
         SPIE, Fellow RPS, Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist RPS
         Tel: +44 (0) 1745 535 130
         Fax +44 (0) 1745 535 101

         Ardie OSANLOU GDip, MPil, PhD, TCFAE, CMath, MIMA
         Tel: +44 (0) 1745 535 131
         Fax +44 (0) 1745 535 101

         Nicholas J. PHILLIPS ARCS, FInstP, CPhys, FRCA,
         Emeritus Professor of Physics Loughborough
         Tel: +44 (0) 1745 535 132
         Fax +44 (0) 1745 535 101

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