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astronomy charts


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									                                                  Astronomy                                                                                                 Click here to start shopping

                                                                                                                      GeoSafari Motorized Solar System
                                              Orbiter Planetarium                                                     Observe the vastness of space in a dramatic light show!
                                              Sun, Earth and moon revolve around one another on this gear-            The Sun is lighted with a bright bulb inside a yellow orb to shine
                                              driven model. Effectively demonstrates daylight, night, seasons         onto the nine planets as they orbit around it. The central tower and
                                              and phases of the moon. Arm is 15"; sun is 6" diameter. Includes        the planetary support rods are black so that they disappear in a
                                              Study Guide.                                                            darkened room for a spectacular effect! Base features planetary
                                              H-3101-000                                              $ 204.00        longitude marks so the planets can be set up to their correct
                                                                                                                      positions. Powered by four C batteries (not included) or A/C
                                                                                                                      adapter (included).
                                                                                                                      P-5235-000                                                  $ 59.00
                                              Illuminated Orbiter Planetarium
                                              Light up the sun with this version of Orbiter. Structurally identical
                                              to the standard Orbiter, this model can be plugged into a standard      Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System
                                              wall outlet to illuminate the sun. Includes Lesson Plan.                Now you can learn about Earth’s cosmic neighbors when you
                                              H-3151-000                                                 $ 299.00     bring the solar system right into your class. Just hang the Sun and
                                                                                                                      nine planets from any ceiling, expose to light, then darken the
                                                                                                                      room to create a night sky planetarium. Easy to assemble, the
                                                                                                                      Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System includes one Sun with hanger,
                                                                                                                      nine planets with hangers, 9.8 meters of clear plastic line for
                                                                                                                      hanging, and a solar system guide.
                                                                                                                      P-5236-000                                                 $ 24.00
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                                              Lighted Elementary Planetarium
                                              Provide clear, single-concept instruction for budding
                                              astronomers with this exceptionally well constructed, carefully
                                              designed planetarium. The moon, Earth, and Venus globes are
                                              rotated and revolved separately by hand. The lighted sun
                                              provides a beam of light directed at the Earth as it rotates around
                                              the sun for demonstrations of seasons, night and day, phases of
                                              the moon, eclipses, and many more concepts. A twilight zone
                                              ring enables beginners to better understand the nature of dawn          Solar System Simulator
                                              and dusk. Durable, yet economical. Complete instruction                 Give your students the chance to see the solar system in action.
                                              manual included.                                                        Calendar at base allows positioning of planets according to date
                                              P-4020-000                                                 $ 264.00     and shows relative position between individual planets and the
                                                                                                                      sun. Lesson plan facilitates explanation of orbit and speed.
                                              Elementary Planetarium (without lighted sun)                            Grades 3-9
                                              P-4010-000                                                 $ 199.00     H-0200-000                                             $ 134.00

Motorized Planetarium                                                 Planet Plaque and Poster
Dramatically demonstrate the relationships of the Earth, sun,         Developed from the latest information, this dramatic
moon and Venus, all in motion simultaneously, with this unique        representation of our solar system has been approved for
planetarium. A light in the sun follows the revolving Earth to show   accuracy and detail by the Adler Planetarium. The large 18"x45"
solar, lunar, and annular eclipses; phases of the moon; reasons       format depicts planet size differential, planet color and
for seasonal changes; areas of day, night, and twilight; signs of     information about rings and moons. Plaque is vacuum formed in
the zodiac; and other Earth, sun, moon, and Venus relationships.      three-dimensional relief. Poster version is printed on heavy paper
A sound investment for many years of classroom use. Separate          stock to withstand classroom use.
light and motor control switches are located in the strong, nearly    H-3238-000           Solar System Planet Plaque          $ 265.00
unbreakable base. Model may also be operated manually. A              H-3238-001           Solar System Planet Poster           $ 32.20
complete instruction book, Elements of Astronomy, is included.
P-4500-000                 Motorized                   $ 1,013.00
P-4400-000                 Manual                        $ 508.00

                                                                      Giant Inflatable Solar System
Motorized Solar System Simulator                                      Create an out-of-this-world playroom or bedroom with this unique solar
Give your students the chance to see the solar system in action!      system set. Each colorful planet inflates easily, turning any room into an
The motorized solar system simulator will show your students the      intergalactic experience. Includes a sun, nine proportionally sized planets
relative orbit speeds of each planet and the relative position        with hanging hooks, moon, convenient foot pump, Activity Guide with fun
between individual planets and the sun. Lesson plan facilitates       planet facts and repair kit.
explanation of orbit and speed. Model is gear driven within the       P-2434-000                                                        $ 55.50
H-3201-000                                             $ 307.00

Project Planetarium Set
Bring the mysteries of the solar system into your classroom with
Project Planetarium Sets. Designed for individual or small group
use, mini-planetarium sets let students plot eclipses, moon           Inflatable Eclipse Kit
                                                                      Children begin to understand the differences between solar and lunar
phases, and planet positions. Kit comes complete with Study
                                                                      eclipses with this inflatable activity set. Demonstrate rotation, orbit and
Guide, Solar System Chart and mini sun-moon-earth model.              moon phases. Set includes inflatable Sun, Earth, Moon, foot pump,
H-0160-000                     Each                       $ 38.50     flashlight and hanging hooks for a great playroom decoration.
H-0160-010                     Set/10                    $ 350.00     P-2435-000                                                        $ 28.10
                            Astronomy                                                                                                Click here to start shopping

                                                                                                 Transparencies I
                                                                                                 Illustrate your point with this informative set of six overhead
                                                                                                 transparencies. Overlays allows for logical organization of
                                                                                                 detailed material. Topics: Seasons, Moon, Eclipses, Star Chart,
                        Astronomy DVD’s                                                          Solar System, Day and Night.
                                                                                                 H-1510-000                                             $ 138.00
                        The Sun, Our Closest Star
                        So vast a million earth would fit inside it, the Sun works like a huge
                                                                                                 Transparencies II
                        slow-motion hydrogen bomb pouring out heat and light to the rest
                                                                                                 Project the mysteries of the universe overhead with these 12
                        of the solar system. The Sun, Our Closest Star, examines how the
                                                                                                 informative transparencies. Set includes Astronomy I
                        Sun originated, how it generates its incredible energy and how it
                                                                                                 transparencies, plus 6 additional images that will broaden your
                        affects all life on Earth.
                                                                                                 students understanding of important astronomical information.
                        H-8660-DVD                 20 minutes                         $ 68.25
                                                                                                 Extra topics include: Tides, The Sun, Phases of the Moon, Solar
                                                                                                 System Origin, etc. Transparent overlays add detail and
                        Planets: New Discoveries
                                                                                                 organization to conceptual development.
                        Discover the latest about Earth's celestial neighbors, based on
                                                                                                 H-1512-000                                             $ 239.00
                        the newest generation of high-tech space probes, including
                        recent Voyager, Magellan and Galileo imagery to create an
                        exciting visual experience.
                        H-8520-DVD                  20 minutes                  $ 68.25

                        The Earth-Moon System
                        Explore the unique relationship between the Earth and its
                        companion Moon. Understand the reasons why these planetary
                        bodies are considered a system and how their mutual movement
                        creates tides, eclipses and natural phenomena that affect us all.
                        Discuss how this remarkable relationship helps shape our hopes
                        for the future of space exploration.
                        H-8550-DVD                  20 minutes                   $ 68.25
Fax: 1-800-556-8182

                        Solar System and Beyond
                        Come explore the spectacular complexities of our Universe with
                        the latest astronomical discoveries as we go beyond the Solar
                                                                                                 Astronomy Fact Book
                        System. Computer animation and vivid new imagery from the                The newly-updated Astronomy Fact Book is loaded with current
                        Hubble Space Telescope, we leave our Earth behind and probe              color photos - many taken from the Hubble Telescope - and is a
                        the farthest reaches of outer space.                                     great reference tool for kids and adult alike. Paperback book
                        H-8670-DVD                  20 minutes                $ 68.25            contains easy-to-read chapters on the moon, sun, stars, planets,
                                                                                                 asteroids, meteors and comets, galaxies and celestial
                                                                                                 phenomena, and instruments and techniques of astronomy.
                                                                                                 Also includes a timeline of important discoveries and events in
                                                                                                 astronomy and an index.
                                                                                                 H-3190-000                                              $ 30.25
Phone: 1-800-556-5226

                                                                                                 Astronomy Clever
                                                                                                 Catch Ball
                                                                                                 Students practice their knowledge
                                                                                                 of astronomy through play. Great for
                        Astronomy Study Prints                                                   use in organized classroom activities,
                        Twelve 9"x11" study prints will help your students understand day        on the playground, or at home! Basic
                        and night, seasons, planets, the sun, the moon, phases of the            play for Clever Catch is simple. Two or
                        moon, eclipses, tides and much much more. Laminated for heavy            more players toss the ball to each other, answering questions
                        classroom use.                                                           shown under their left thumb. Grades 4-8.
                        H-3110-012                                              $ 39.50          H-1414-000                                             $ 14.75

H-0310-000                         H-0300-000

                                                                      Official Nasa Moon Globe
Basic Transparent Celestial Globe                                     Lunar landscape. This extraordinary 30cm globe accurately
Featuring 4" internal earth globe with adjustable sun, this 12"       depicts the geographical features of the Earth's moon, including
transparent celestial globe offers an economical alternative to the   craters, 'seas’ and mountain ranges. NASA-approved !
Celestial Star Globe. Includes Study Guide.                           G-3824-500                                              $ 64.85
H-0310-000                                               $ 147.10

Celestial Star Globe
Unique 12" diameter globe design gives visual reference to aid
student's conception of Earth in space. Shows constellations
and many other cosmic phenomena in 3-D format. Globe can be
set to reflect constellation position according to date. Includes
Earth globe, moveable Sun, meridian ring, horizontal mounting,
detailed study guide.
H-0300-000                                               $ 246.25

                                                                      Book Plus Sun Model
                                                                      These colorful teaching models are designed specifically for
                                                                      hands-on use with young children. Made of resilient, non-toxic,
                                                                      EVA foam, the removable pieces stimulate problem-solving skills
                                                                      and develop small motor skills. Every model is accompanied by a
                                                                      reproducible activity card containing background information
                                                                      and extension ideas. Teachers can cut out the task card and use it
                                                                      in a learning center or as a group activity.
                                                                      D-6906-400                                               $ 52.95

Sun Scale Kit
Students measure several sun-related phenomena. Kit includes:
1 hardwood half-meter track, 1 adjustable calibrated projection
screen and instruction guide. Measurements can be made of
Sun’s diameter, the distance of Sun from Earth and solar eclipses.
Activity integrates math skills with science investigation.
H-3066-001             Each                               $ 19.25
H-3064-015             15 Kits                           $ 236.00

Astrolabe Kit
This fascinating 7"x6" device allows
students to make real scientific
measurements of declination, altitude
and azimuth of celestial bodies in order to
determine latitudinal position, or to observe                         Milky Way Galaxy Model
the motion of the earth. Measurements of                              Clarify the relationship of Earth and our galaxy with this
slope, strike, and dip of geologic features can                       transparent model of the Milky Way. Accurately locates and
also be taken. Instructions are included on the                       names the spiral arms, our sun, our solar system, and major star
Astrolabe.                                                            clusters. Helps to explain why the galaxy appears as a band of
H-3014-000               Individual Kit                   $ 18.50     stars. Illustrated study guide included.
H-3015-000               Set of 15                       $ 229.00     P-3215-000                                             $ 266.00
                                                  Astronomy                                                                                                Click here to start shopping

                                                                                                                    Glow-In-the-Dark Star Finder
                                                                                                                    Phenomenal glow-in-the-dark star finder is the perfect solution for
                                                                                                                    learning constellations. Shows star position for any date.
                                                                                                                    Includes a self-contained zodiac dial on reverse side.
                                              The Constellation                                                     H-0431-000                  Single                       $ 11.40
                                              Breathtaking splendor. This unusual two-way illuminated globe         H-0428-000                  Set of 10                   $ 102.75
                                              will provoke many spirited conversations in your home or office.
                                              Turn the light off and brilliant lithography delineates the
                                              firmament's stars, constellations and nebula. Turn the light on       Seasonal Star Chart Book
                                              and witness the luminous beauty of approximately 70 celestial         Unlock the secrets of the night sky with this detailed set of colorful
                                              images (inset). Features a molded black base and smoke semi-          charts. Students will be able to recognize constellations and
                                              meridian. Diameter. 30 cm                                             planets from their indoor studies, and then locate those celestial
                                              GA-3030-000                                           $ 84.10         bodies using the accompanying glow-in-the-dark star finder. 24
                                                                                                                    pages. Waterproof.
                                              Inflatable Star Globe                                                 H-0433-000                                                  $ 31.95
                                              Glow in the dark star globe. Diameter: 40 cm.
                                              G-3022-040                                                $ 15.20
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                                                                                                                    Galaxy Card Kit
                                                                                                                    Illustrate the galactic mysteries of the universe with this set of
                                                                                                                    plastic coated cards. 9 cards per kit, 15 kits per class. Students
                                                                                                                    sort cards by galaxy type.
                                                                                                                    H-3085-000               15 Kit Set                        $ 20.50
                                              Planet Quest Game
                                              The first animal in space was a dog. True or False? The sun is a
                                              star. True or False? Learning about our solar system is much more
                                              than memorizing planets! It's full of fascinating facts. For 2–4
                                              players or teams, this board game includes 132 true/false             Wall Size
                                              questions on the nine planets, the earth's moon, supernovas,
                                                                                                                    Star Chart
                                              asteroids and much more. Earn planet cards for correct answers.
                                                                                                                    Compare night skies from
                                              Put the planets in the right order, and you win! Ages 7-11.
                                                                                                                    the northern and southern
                                              P-5079-000                                                  $ 28.90
                                                                                                                    hemispheres with this large
                                                                                                                    (44"x44") reversible royal blue
                                              Giant Solar System Floor Mat                                          star chart.        Highlights cons-
                                              Your child have fun hopping from planet to planet on this giant       tellations, stars, nebulae, Milky Way.
                                              floor mat! Mat features the Sun and all the planets in our solar      Chart can be rotated to reflect any
                                              system and provides a unique way to learn about them. Also            date of observation.
                                              includes 10 large, double-sided cards with facts and true/false       H-3400-000                       $ 63.45
                                              questions about each planet for a quiz-style game to increase
                                              your child's knowledge of the universe. Guide included.               Note Pad Size, 50 Charts per Pad
                                               P-5077-000                                             $ 39.50       H-3424-000                                                   $ 11.15

The Solar System
Discover! Reproducible Books
The activities in this book explain elementary concepts in the
study of the solar system, including orbits, the sun, the moon and
moon phases, planets, seasons, and day and night. General
background information, suggested activities, questions for
discussion, and answers are included. Encourage students to
keep completed pages in a folder or notebook for further
reference and review. Grades 4-6. 32 pages.
T-1930-009                                                 $ 9.40

Exploring the Universe
Discover! Reproducible Books
The activities in this book reinforce basic concepts in the study of
the universe, including the planets, stars, comets, astronomers
and their tools, and space travel. General background
information, suggested activities, questions for discussion, and
answers are included. Encourage students to keep completed
pages in a folder or notebook for reference and review. Grades
4-6. 32 pages.
T-1930-025                                                  $ 9.40

                                                                       Astronomy Charts
                                                                       This highly visual series employs large straight forward diagrams
                                                                       to reveal the relationships of the earth to the sun and other
                                                                       members of the solar system. The series focuses on the earth-
                                                                       moon system, and the earth-sun relationships, exploring the
Planet Earth                                                           seasons, eclipses and lunar phases, as well as introducing other
Discover!                                                              members of the suns family: major planets, satellites, minor
Reproducible                                                           planets (asteroids), and comets.

Books                                                                  Mounted on Charthead With Tripod Stand
The activities in this book                                            D-1940-041   (5 charts total)                          $ 509.00
reinforce basic concepts in                                            Mounted on Multi Spring Roller System
the study of the planet Earth,                                         D-1940-032   (5 charts total)                          $ 509.00
including the composition of
Earth, Earth’s surface,                                                Also available individually:
minerals, rocks, weathering
and erosion, mountain building                                         Earth's annual revolution
and earthquakes, soil and soil                                         D-1941-010                                             $ 109.00
conservation. General background information, suggested
activities, questions for discussion, and answers are included.        Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Encourage students to keep completed pages in a folder or              D-1942-010                                             $ 109.00
notebook for further reference and review. Gr. 4-6., 32 pages.         Phases of the Moon
T-1930-029                                                $ 9.40       D-1943-010                                             $ 109.00

Also available                                                         Solar system
T-1930-010            Oceanography                         $ 9.40      D-1945-010                                             $ 109.00
T-1930-011            Weather                              $ 9.40      Solar system II
T-1930-024            Ecology                              $ 9.40      D-1946-010                                             $ 109.00

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