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					Safety first in marine outfitting

Monitoring quality and safety is vital at OP Marine, which prides itself on a
reputation for excellence. Managing Director Steve Ingle explains what’s next
for the company

Following extensive research into the marine outfitting services market. OP Marine was formed to
combine and deliver the range of specialist on-site services required to meet and exceed international
standards with one aim: “To provide fast, efficient and cost effective solutions”.

Steve Ingle (Managing Director) and John Petrie (Projects Director) always believed there was a gap in
the market just waiting to be filled and so took the initiative to create the company.

“There were certain areas within the marketplace that we thought could be targeted for growth and
innovation. The decision to enter the turnkey outfitting sector of the industry was, we felt, a
calculated risk. Architectural outfitting on a turnkey basis is very demanding and requires meticulous
planning and has logistical challenges.”

Its success is due to team-related commitment, timing, hard work, determination and innovation.
Customer feedback is also very important to its business. OP Marine prides itself on its immediate
reaction and speedy resolutions to any problems or difficulties that arise.

Steve Ingle, OP Marine’s Managing Director says: “Client integration is paramount to fulfil and sustain
our objectives and goals. Close liaison with all clients and suppliers is a very important part of our
future growth strategy. 2009 was a very important year for the company with increased
turnover/profits and several new additions to our client portfolio.”

Safety is vital, particularly within the marine and offshore sectors, which is why it has implemented
extensive HSE policies and procedures that are strictly adhered to. “Our safety policy is very strict, it’s
very tight, it’s our reputation. Safe working environments for our employees and associated operatives
are paramount. We have an impeccable safety record,” he says, emphasising, “we either work in a safe
environment, or we don’t work at all.”

Diversification and global exposure has also benefited its operations. The addition of new members
with industry-wide experience to its projects and operations teams has increased the company’s
operational capabilities to accommodate its growth, which in turn aids client support and

OP Marine has recently successfully completed Transocean, Key Manhattan Drill Rig in Croatia, full
accommodation upgrade; Ensco 100 Drill Rig in Poland, consisting of full upgrades, including supply,
manufacture and installation of the complete living quarters; Prosafe, Safe Bristolia (semi sub)
accommodation upgrade whilst in transit from Mexico to the USA, then Trans Atlantic from USA to
Norway for completion.

In addition, contract award for accommodation upgrades: Technip, Deep Blue (Offshore pipe lay vessel)
in Mobile, Alabama USA and cabin upgrades for Prosafe MSV Regalia, Val Hal, North Sea.

OP Marine is constantly adapting its design technology, project monitoring and QA control systems,
reacting to lessons learnt and ongoing changes in working legislation. John Petrie, OP Marine’s Project
Director explains: “OP Marine as a company is not ignorant to the fact that there is always room for
improvement. Improvement in the areas of project control and monitoring, lead to maintaining critical
paths and enhanced client satisfaction.”


OP Marine’s reputation and commitment is the main reason that the company has remained unscathed
throughout the global recession. Continuing global exposure is very much part of the company’s future

Recent opening of offices in Singapore to improve its presence and exposure within the Asia-Pacific
region. Recent contracts within the Gulf of Mexico substantiate the fact that OP Marine is a global
operation and will accommodate client needs regardless of location or country.

The provision of such a bespoke service requires a high level of expertise amongst its operational and
management personnel, which reflects on the finished product. Quality has always been, and will
always remain, an integral part of the company’s philosophy. With those skills firmly ensconced in OP
Marine, the company is guaranteed a successful future.

Description: Monitoring quality and safety is vital at OP Marine, which prides itself on a reputation for excellence. Managing Director Steve Ingle explains what’s next for the company.