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The Hibbett Sports League Tracker program (“League Tracker”) is offered at the sole discretion
of Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc. (“Hibbett”). Hibbett reserves the right, at its discretion and at
any time, with or without notice, to modify, add or delete any League Tracker rules, terms,
conditions, point calculations, rewards and point totals and to terminate League Tracker or
participation. The duration of League Tracker will be six (6) weeks, with the start date
coinciding with the first (1st) registration date for each League (as hereinafter defined).

League Tracker is open to select recreation leagues (“Leagues”) and the League members
(“Members”) who are U.S. residents at least 13 years of age. By joining League Tracker, each
Member represents that he/she is 13 years of age or older, and by using League Tracker,
Leagues and Members agree to be bound by these Hibbett Sports League Tracker Terms and
Conditions and the Hibbett Web Site Terms and Conditions, located at http://www.hibbett.com.
A League Tracker card (“Card”) will be available for all Members. Each Card will contain the
unique account number of each participating League and may only be used to earn Points (as
hereinafter defined) for the benefit of such League. Cards cannot be used to earn Points unless
tendered at the time of purchase. Lost or stolen Cards will not be replaced. League Tracker is
valid only at participating Hibbett retail store locations, including Hibbett Sports, Sports Additions
and Sports & Co.

Earning Points
One “Point” will be earned for each full dollar spent on in-store purchases (except layaways and
special orders) of Nike products only. All Points reporting is final. Members must present their
Card at the time of each in-store purchase of Nike products in order to ensure accurate Points
reporting. Failure to present a Card at the time of purchase of Nike products will result in the
forfeiture of any related potential Points. Points earned for in-store purchased Nike products will
be for the actual paid purchase price only, excluding any coupons, Reward Certificates or other
Hibbett-issued discount used. Points are not awarded on any tax paid on purchases. When a
purchased item on which Points were earned is returned to Hibbett for any reason, its purchase
Points will be deducted from the account to which the Points were credited. In the case of
fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or violation of these Hibbett Sports League Tracker Terms and
Conditions, Hibbett reserves the right to take all available legal or administrative action,
including the forfeiture of accumulated Points and/or termination of a League’s League Tracker
account. Other restrictions or exclusions may apply. League Awards are void where prohibited.

League Awards
Points themselves have no cash value and are not redeemable. At the end of the League
Tracker program, Points earned will be converted into League Awards (“League Awards”) using
the conversion table below. Within thirty (30) days following the end of a League’s League
Tracker program, any League Awards earned will be sent to each designated League
representative. Hibbett is not responsible for League Awards (or Gift Cards) that are lost,
delayed or misdirected in the mail or otherwise during transit or for any misappropriation thereof.
                           Points                        League Award

                       1,000 - 2,500              $100 Hibbett Sports Gift Card
                       2,501 - 5,000              $250 Hibbett Sports Gift Card
                       5,001 - 7,500              $500 Hibbett Sports Gift Card
                      7,501 - 10,000              $750 Hibbett Sports Gift Card
                     10,001 and above            $1,000 Hibbett Sports Gift Card

Hibbett reserves the right to terminate a League’s League Tracker account at its discretion.
Further, Hibbett has the right to terminate the League Tracker program at any time, without prior
notice. Leagues may cancel their participation in the League Tracker program at any time. In
any case of termination or cancellation of the program or a League’s participation therein, all
unconverted, accumulated Points in a League’s account shall be forfeited and Hibbett will not be
responsible for such accumulated Points.

Any personal information sent to and collected by Hibbett as part of the League Tracker
program will be used by Hibbett in accordance with its Privacy Policy located at

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