witches alphabet by kickinitup


									               The Witches Alphabet

The Theban Alphabet, also called Runes of Honorius or Witch's Alphabet ,
emerged during the medieval period when Cabbalistic studies were prominate
in the practices of European magicians. It is very powerful, and you can use it
on your BOS, carving the letters on stone or wood as an amulet, or for candle
spells. Users of this magickal alphabet often include a stylized character at the
end of a writing. This character is translated as the Greek Alpha and Omega.

It is believed to have been invented by Honorius of Thebes (an ancient city in
Greece), hence the opt-used designation "The Runes of Honorius," but there is
no credible supporting evidence to this fact.

It is often referred to as "Witch Writing," "Witches' Runes," or the "Witches'
Alphabet. Although there are witch covens today that use this alphabet and
claim it has a history with witchcraft, the language originally appeared in the
16th century in The Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Cornelius Agrippa.

The alphabet seems to be just that, an alphabet with no associated language. It
was used to write out messages either in the magician's own language, or more
likely, Latin.

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