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					                            Traveling To Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento is a small city in located on the north coast of the Sorrentine Peinsula on the Bay of
Naples. It is a popular resort community and hosts a wide variety of hotels and restaurants.
Sorrento can be reached easily from Naples and Rome by car, train, bus, or by sea. Once in
Sorrento most of the town can be easily covered by walking. Taxis are plentiful in Sorrento, but
they can be expensive with just a short trip costing €20.00 or more.

Hotel Address:
       Hilton Sorrento Palace Hotel
       Via S. Antonio 13
       80067 Sorrento (NA), Italy
       Phone: +39 081 878 13 94
       Fax: +39 081 878 1397

Arrival from Naples:
Naples is located across the bay from Sorrento. The trip is about 55 km, or 1:15 (by car), depending
on traffic.

The Napoli Capodichino Airport is located 5 km from Naples city centre and is easily reached via
air connections from Rome, Milan or other major European airports. From Capodichino Airport
there is a bus service run by the Curreri Company with six round trips daily to Sorrento. The
length of the journey to Sorrento is approximately one hour and costs approximately €6.00 each
direction. The bus is just outside the arrival gate and takes you directly to Piazza Tasso, the main
square of Sorrento. The bus schedule is:

                  Capodichino to Sorrento                  Sorrento to Capodichino
                          0900                                       0645
                          1130                                       0830
                          1300                                       1030
                          1430                                       1200
                          1630                                       1400
                          1900                                       1630

Rental cars are available at the Napoli Capodichino Airport. The trip to Sorerento is approximate
53 KM and takes approximately one hour depending on traffic. There is parking available at the
Hilton hotel for a nominal daily charge. Driving directions can be found on most websites.

Alternatively, ground transportation is available by taxi (at metered rates), or by private car. Private
car pick-up can be arranged through the Hilton and costs approximately €99.00 each direction for
up to four people.

The Central Station of Garibaldi Square in Naples is connected by underground passageways to the
rail lines of the Circumvesuviana, which links directly from Naples to Sorrento. As soon as you
arrive at Napoli Centrale Station take the stairs to the underground and you'll find the
Circumvesuviana Station. From Naples the trains depart every 30 minutes (no reservation is
required), and the trip to Sorrento is about 90 minutes. Tickets cost around 2.60 Euros and are
available at the station and in many authorised shops. Updated timetables can be consulted on the
site The trains are sometimes crowded but represent the fastest and cheapest
way to reach Sorrento.

From the town centre of Naples it is easy to reach Sorrento by sea. There are different hydrofoils
and ferries companies linking Naples to Sorrento. Depending on the transport it takes about 45
minutes to get to Sorrento and costs under €10.00 each direction. The hydrofoils and ferries arrive
in the port of Sorrento which is about 500 metres far from the town centre.

Arrival from Rome:
From the Rome-Fiumicino Airport take the highway that connects Fiumicino to Rome and then take
the GRA (Great Link Ring finger, the Rome ring road) in the direction of Highway A2 to Naples.
Approaching Naples take Highway A3 (exit Castellammare di Stabia). After exiting take Strada
Statale SS 145 Sorrentina until you reach Sorrento. From Castellamare to Sorrento is 23 km. You
will pass through the villages of Vico Equense and Sant'agnello. Total Time travel from Fiumicino
is about 4 hours.

By Train:

Travelling by train from Airport Rome Fiumicino to Rome Central Railway Station: The
principal airport in Rome (Rome Fiumicino) is well connected to the center of the city via many
trains with intermediary stops. The direct train between Fiumicino and the Termini Railway Central
Station in Rome costa €9.50 and takes around 30 minutes. The tickets can be purchased from
automatic distributor, or ticket offices. The train runs every 30 minutes from 0637 until 2337
(Fiumicino – Rome), and 0552 at 2252 (Rome – Fiumicino).

Travelling by train from Rome Termini Central Railway Station to Naples: Take the train to
Naples Central Station “Centrale Piazza Garibaldi”. The updated timetible can be consulted on the
site The travel time is one hour and half and costs 43 Euro (1st class) and 33
Euro (2nd class).

Travelling by train from Naples Centrale Station to Sorrento: See above directions for
continuing the train journey from Naples to Sorrento.


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