Barnes and Noble Bookfair_ April by fjwuxn


									           Barnes and Noble Book Fair – a
               Fundraiser and More!
             Check it out - April 19-21
In conjunction with our Barnes and Noble fundraiser, we are hosting several student
activities, presentations and displays of student work. It is a great opportunity to
showcase our students and their hard work in a public setting. Please make a point to stop
by and support the school and our students!

Activities and Displays: (see below) are scheduled at Barnes and Noble, Centerra in
Loveland, April 19-21. Student projects including artwork, technology and classroom
projects, will be displayed around the store throughout that week.

Sales: When you make a purchase, be sure to use the voucher with our bookfair number.
In fact, send a copy of this voucher by e-mail to family and friends across the country.
These vouchers may be used at any Barnes and Noble nationwide and Barnes and Noble
online for an entire week: April 19-25 to benefit WCA. And all purchases count --
including cheesecake orders, café purchases, music, movies, magazines, games and (of
course) books!

Proceeds will be used to fill needs within our library, including adding early-reader and
young adult books and more books to support the specials and middle school

Teacher Wish Lists: Parents may also purchase books from the teacher wish list table
and donate them to their child’s classroom!

Cheesecake Sales: In conjunction with the fair, we are collecting orders for whole
cheesecakes made by The Cheesecake Factory and sold through the Barnes and Noble
café. Place your order and pay by Weds., April 21 at the school office and those sales will
also benefit WCA. Order now for Mother’s Day or another special occasion and pick up
your cheesecake at Barnes and Noble a day or two before! You choose the pick-up day
and time. Cash and checks are accepted. Make checks payable to WCA.

Class Competition: Students should stop by the WCA information table and sign their
names for each day they visit to earn classroom points toward a free recess. If every class
in the school reaches its goal, Mrs. Stanford will dress up as a gangster for the day!
Bookfair Schedule

4-4:15 Mrs. Ammirati’s 1st-grade students recite a poem
4:15-4:30 Caps for Sale music program from 1st grade
4:45-5:15 WCA’s National Junior Honor Society students read aloud
5:00-7:00 Student Council store scavenger hunt with prizes for every participant, and a
drawing for larger awards every 15 minutes!
6:00-7:00 Middle School band, choir and musical performances
7:00-8:00 Middle School history presentations

4:30-5:15 Principal Mrs. Stanford read aloud
5:15-5:30 Kids are Authors student-authored book presentation
5:30-6:30 Cheesecake and Coffee Tasting in the café.
5:45-6:30 Elementary band and recorder concert
6:30-7:00 M.S. movie-making presentation
6:30-8:00 5th-grade presentations of student choice

4:00-5:00 Retired WCA Teacher Mrs. O’Shea will make a special guest appearance and
5:00-6:00 Poetry recital Ms. Meyer’s 3rd grade

Student art displayed by Ms. Bailey
Cereal Box Explorers displayed by Mr. Arnoff
Student technology projects displayed by Mrs. Koperski
State book by Ms. Wade
M.S. history displays by Mrs. Easton
Careers and Aspirations kindergarten display by Ms. Hammel and Mrs. Randazzo

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