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									                                                             Winter 2009

   SightConnection                 Products for Living with vision Loss

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Community Services for the Blind
and Partially Sighted
SightConnection , a service of community
services for the Blind and Partially sighted.
                                                       vision rehabilitation specialists
  contents                                             Community Services for the Blind and
  great gift ideas! .......................... 1       Partially Sighted (CSBPS), the parent
                                                       agency of SightConnection, was founded
  cLocks and watches .................. 2-3
                                                       in 1965 with the mission of enhancing
  caLendars and recordkeePing .... 4
                                                       independence despite vision loss. today,
  eyewear ........................................ 5   CSBPS remains the northwest’s leading
  games and cards.......................... 6          vision rehabilitation agency. We continue
  magnifiers ................................... 7     to offer a wide selection of quality products
  PersonaL and heaLthcare ............ 8               through SightConnection that help restore,
                                                       maintain and enhance the independence
  home and office ...................... 9-10
                                                       and well being of people with impaired
  Lighting ...................................... 11

all proceeds support csBPs programs and services.
• Counseling services**                • Free PriSM newsletter        • Volunteer assistance with
• Support groups                         with tips and resources in     mail, grocery shopping
• instruction in safe travel             accessible formats             and bill paying**
  and living skills**                  • Free large print and         •; vision
• Low vision assessment                  audio educational series       loss information, and
  and training                           materials                      links to other resources
• information and referral
**Home based services are offered at no cost to residents of King, Snohomish and Skagit
Counties in Washington State. For more information about vision rehabilitation services in
other areas, call us at (206) 525-5556 or toll free at (800) 458-4888.

contact us                                             convenient. accessible. secure.
9709 third Ave ne, #100                      
Seattle, WA 98115-2027                                   Free catalog in Braille, on audio tape or
phone (206) 525-5556 • (800) 458-4888                    on floppy disk. Toll free phone orders.
email                                 Walk in store in Seattle, WA.
                                                    great gift ideas! 1
sightconnection waLL                           Pendant magnifier in siLver
caLendar                                       and turquoise
Our bestselling calen-                         A useful magnifier that
dar—eVer! it unfolds to                        looks stylish and el-
22" x 17" and features                         egant. Round 2.5X glass
1" numbers in                                  magnifier with silver
2 ¼" x 3 ¼" squares.                           metal design and tur-
the calendar lists ma-                         quoise style bead grac-
jor holidays and has                           ing the top edge on both
room for writing in those important ap-        sides. includes black satin cord to wear
pointments. Makes a terrific gift.             around your neck.
PLu 437-09                          $12.00     PLu 607                              $12.75

Po-ke-no Board game                            scraBBLe
12 players from                                Standard size
6 years up can                                 white plastic letter
play. the letters,                             tiles are imprinted
symbols and num-                               with large (½"),
bers on the boards                             bold black letters
measure over ½" in                             and easy to see
height and are easy                            point values. Large print flat game board
to see as are the calling cards. includes      is made of hard plastic with a raised grid
12 game boards, 200 game chips,                to hold the tiles in place. Game board is
Po-Ke-No cards and game rules for the five     white only with no colored grids. Large
variations of play.                            print user guide included.
PLu 303                                $7.95   PLu 309      complete game           $55.00
                                               PLu 310      tiles only              $17.00
3X rectanguLar magnifier
this rectangular,                              suPer JumBo cards
illuminated magni-                             Bold 1" numbers
fier comes in 3X                               make it easy to see
strength. High-                                what you’ve got in
tech, super bright                             your hand!
LeD light. includes
protective pouch and 1 AAA battery. Mea-
                                               PLu 312                              $3.50
sures 1 ¾" x 3".
PLu 598                            $18.75
to order, shop online at or call (800) 458-4888
2 cLocks and watches
taLking atomic cLock and                      anaLog taLking triangLe
caLendar                                      cLock
Announces time and                            Clear female voice
date in a very clear fe-                      announces time
male voice. Optional                          at the push of the
alarm and hourly chime.                       large button on
Uses 2 AA batteries (not                      top. Optional hourly
included). Measures                           report and alarm.
4 ½" x 5 ¼" x 2 ¾".                           6" x 5 ½" x 3 ½" Uses 2 AA batteries (not
PLu 185                            $40.00     included).
                                              PLu 175                             $13.50
atomic cLock and
thermometer                                   Large size waLL cLock and
Makes time chang-                             caLendar
es automatically.                             easy to read wall
Main unit displays                            clock with auto-
time, date, or indoor/outdoor temperature     matic calendar.
on large LeD screen. Speaks information       Measures 9 ½" X 19" X 4". Numerals on
aloud in female voice. includes wireless      the date are white with black background
remote sensor. Main unit uses 2 AA batter-    measuring approximately 2 ½",
ies (not included) and the wireless remote    black numerals on the clock mea-
requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).      sure 1" in height.
Weight 1.24 oz. 8 ¼" x 5" x 2". remote        PLu 163                            $52.50
measures 3" x 2 ½".
PLu 184                              $48.00   taLking key chain
                                              Clear female voice
waLL cLock                                    announces time at
this 14" diameter wall clock                  the push of a button.
has large numbers and hands                   Features an optional
on a contrasting background.                  alarm and hourly
White on black or black on                    report. Black, silver
white. runs on 1 AA battery                   or Spanish speaking
(not included).                               (silver only).
                                              PLu 197        silver               $9.75
                                              PLu 194        silver spanish       $9.75
PLu 198     white on black         $22.50
                                              PLu 516        Black                $9.75
PLu 162     Black on white         $22.50

        For more products shop at
                                             cLocks and watches 3
taLking atomic watch                         round taLking watch
this atomic talk-                            round face with LCD
ing watch clearly                            display. Female voice
announces time,                              announces time at the
date and more in                             push of a button. Fea-
a friendly male                              tures optional alarm.
voice. Automatically                         Buckle band. Comes in
adjusts for time                             an english and Spanish
changes. easy to set alarm. Large face.      version.
PLu 252       sports band           $59.95   PLu 236     english                $10.50
PLu 253       chrome                $71.95   PLu 235     spanish                $10.50

one Button taLking watch                     ezc four Button taLking
Female voice
speaks the time.
                                             Clear female voice
Features a white
                                             speaks the time,
dial with big, black,
                                             day, date and year.
bold numbers in
                                             Features an hourly
variety of bands. Comes gift boxed. Case
                                             chime and alarm
dimension is 1 ¼".
                                             mode with a choice
PLu 164      Ladies’ gold           $35.00
                                             of 3 melodies. Select from a chrome or
PLu 165      Ladies’ leather/gold   $35.00
                                             gold case and flex band. Comes gift-boxed.
PLu 239      Ladies’ leather/chrome $35.00
                                             Case dimension is 1 ¼".
PLu 226      Ladies’ chrome         $35.00
                                             PLu 225     Ladies’ chrome         $45.00
PLu 166      men’s gold             $35.00
                                             PLu 167     Ladies’ gold           $45.00
PLu 227      men’s chrome           $35.00
                                             PLu 224     men’s chrome           $45.00
BraiLLe watch                                PLu 168     men’s gold             $45.00
Fine quality quartz
analog watch with 6                          Low vision Large diaL watch
o’clock opening and                          round white face is 1" wide
expanding chrome col-                        with bold black numbers and
or band. Simple raised                       hands. Chrome and gold rim,
dots mark the hours.                         with expanding gold band.
PLu 201      men’s gold            $70.00    PLu 212
PLu 202      men’s chrome          $70.00    $25.00
PLu 203      Ladies’ gold          $70.00
PLu 204      Ladies’ chrome        $70.00
to order, shop online at or call (800) 458-4888
4 caLendars and recordkeePing
Low vision Basics kit                         17 month day PLanner
Our most popu-                                September 2008
lar products!                                 through December
Perfect for                                   2009. At the front
someone learn-                                are monthly cal-
ing to live with                              endars. Labeled
vision loss. in-                              pages guide you to
cluded: jumbo                                 write in pertinent
wall calendar,                                contact information for your accountant,
bold lined paper, address book, key chain     bank, doctors, neighbors, etc. there are
alarm clock, durable signature guide,         perforated side paper panels on each
bump dots, 20/20 Pen.                         page on which you can write lists, notes,
PLu 113                              $39.95   poems, or whatever you want to separate
to purchase individual items from this kit,   from the calendar page.
call (800) 458-4888 or visit                  PLu 433                             $19.95
                                              2009 desk caLendar
Big Print address Book                        One calendar that
this address book                             does it all! Spiral-
has widely spaced                             bound calendar
lines that make it                            with ⅜" numbers
easy to read and                              in 2" squares. each
write in. room for                            month includes
500 entries in a                              a page for notes and appointments with
large print spiral-                           a three month view for planning all your
bound book with laminated cover. includes     meetings. Overall calendar dimensions are
bold, black 20/20 pen. each page mea-         9" x 11".
sures 7" x 9".                                PLu 434-09                           $10.00
PLu 427                            $14.50
                                              Low vision Pens
Big Print check register                      Bold pens make it
Spiral bound 5" x 9" reg-                     easier to see your
ister with room for 350                       handwriting!
entries features large                        PLu 810     20/20 pen                $1.35
and bold boxes with bold                      PLu 813     expresso pen             $2.25
column headings.                              PLu 812     Low vision contrast      $0.75
PLu 779                              $6.75

        For more products shop at
                                                                       eyewear 5
aduLt uLtrasuede eye Patches                     cocoons
Very high quality eye                            These fit overs
patch. Adjustable Velcro                         have it all:
band allows for comfort.                         style, comfort,
Hand washable. Size                              and advanced
diameter is 3 ¼" x 2 ⅛".                         UV protection.
Specify color (not return-                       engineered to
able if opened).                                 be worn over prescription eye wear or as
                                                 regular sunglasses, Cocoons completely
PLu 399a     Black                    $23.00     isolate the eyes from the elements. each
                                                 pair comes with a weather resistant neo-
PLu 399B     navy                     $23.00
                                                 prene storage case and a Cocoons Dura-
PLu 399c     Brown                    $23.00
                                                 cloth™ to keep the lenses clean and clear.
PLu 399d     cream                    $23.00
                                                 All Cocoons™ come with a limited lifetime
crystaL Light readers                            call for color selection or visit
Lightweight                                         $39.95
reading glasses
in clear acrylic
with chrome
color metal temples. Case not included.
+4 or +3.5 diopters.
                                                 new gen-
PLu 751      +3.5                   $9.00
                                                 eration fit
PLu 754      +4.0                   $9.00
                                                 over sun-
fit overs                                        have
100% UVA, B                                      advanced
and C protec-                                    UV protection, a wider viewing parameter,
tion. Also relieve                               and an elegant design that looks more like
sensitivity to                                   a conventional sunglass. They fit comfort-
indoor lighting. recommended for those           ably over your eyeglasses and the high
sensitive to blue light (blue blocker protec-    tech polarized lenses offer total protection
tion), and for relief from eye fatigue (infra-   from UVA and UVB rays and glare. Come
red protection).                                 with a protective faux leather case and
PLu 541       Light amber              $16.50    cleaning cloth.
PLu 544       amber                    $16.50    call for color selection or visit
PLu 547       dark gray                $16.50               $49.95

to order, shop online at or call (800) 458-4888
6 games and cards
tic tac toe                                  crossword PuzzLe Books
A hand crafted                               Approved by the na-
wooden game set                              tional Association
that is great for all                        for Visually Handi-
ages and makes                               capped. each vol-
a terrific gift. Set                         ume has over 120
measures 9" x 9",                            crossword puzzles.
individual pieces measure 2 ½".              PLu 824       vol. one              $17.50
PLu 285                            $23.50    PLu 825       vol. two              $17.50
                                             PLu 826       vol. three            $17.50
Bingo Party game                             PLu 827       vol. four             $17.50
includes all the                             PLu 828       vol. five             $17.50
pieces needed to                             PLu 829       vol. six              $17.50
play bingo. num-
bered balls, small                           card shuffLer
rotary cage with an automatic random ball    Shuffles one or two
selector, master board. 18 reusable low      decks of cards. Per-
vision bingo cards and token markers.        fect for poker sized
PLu 275                            $24.75    cards. Shuffles
                                             cards without risk
BicycLe Low vision cards                     of bending or tear-
Large, bold num-                             ing. requires two C batteries (not includ-
bers and designs                             ed). Dimensions are 8.5" x 4.73" x 3.7".
with a different                             PLu 319                              $11.75
color for each suit.
Cards have ½"                                cryPtograms
number on one side, 1 ⅝" on the other.       Decode quips and
PLu 313                            $3.50     comments by favorite
                                             celebrities and his-
BicycLe card hoLder                          torical figures. By un-
Holds up to a full                           tangling these mixed
deck. Pull one card,                         up messages, you’ll
the others stay in                           uncover the wonder-
place. Contains                              ful things said by
four washable hold-                          Albert einstein, Johnny Carson and Marilyn
ers in various colors. Measures 2.33".       Monroe—and more!
PLu 314                              $7.50   PLu 834                            $17.50

       For more products shop at
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                                                                                                                                  Wtr 08
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          (can’t ship to PO boxes)                                         (can’t ship to PO boxes)

          Apt/ste #                                                        Apt/ste #
 City                                                             City
 state                                   Zip                      state                                   Zip
 email                                                            email
 daytime phone (                     )                            daytime phone (                     )
                                      required                                                            required

                                                                                             □�eSt □�Cnt □�Mtn □�PAC
 *if paying by credit card, billing address must match address
 registered with card.                                            recipient’s time Zone

  quANtity                 plu #                       item desCriptiON                                   COst per        tOtAl

 methOd OF pAymeNt                                                                                  suBtOtAl
 □ CheCk (make out to CSBPS)                                                                 Shipping/handling
                                                                                                            (see below)

 Credit CArd □ Visa        □ Mastercard                                                               WA Sales tax
                                                                                        (WA residents, add sales tax on
          Card #                                                                                products and shipping)

    exp Date                                                                                Donation (optional)
  Signature                                                                                                     tOtAl
                                         shippiNg ANd hANdliNg ChArges
 Less than $15.00                         $4.95                   For shipping to Alaska, hawaii or Canada, or
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 $50.00 to $99.99                         $9.95                   4888 for rates.
 $100.00 to $199.99                       $12.95                  note: all rates are for UPS Ground.
 $200.00+                                 $17.95

                               (800) 458-4888 ●
                            CsBps, 9709 third Ave Ne #100 • seattle, wA 98115-2027
                               All prices and rates subject to change without notice.
                                returN pOliCy

stANdArd returNs Purchases will be refunded within 30 days of purchase if the
product does not appear worn or used, is in resalable condition and is accompanied by
original packaging, warranties, instructions, and sales receipt. Please pack items carefully
to protect them during shipping.
   • Before returning any item, call (800) 458-4888 to obtain a return Authorization (rA)
   • NO refunds or exchanges withOut a sales receipt.
   • returns without our original packaging and instructions will only be refunded at 80%
       of purchase price.
   • no refunds on shipping charges.
   • no refunds on special order, demos or clearance items.
   • A $20 restocking fee is applied to all special order returns including CCtVs and all ac-
   • Personal and hygienic items are not returnable as noted in product descriptions/
   • return shipping is free on exchanges or defective merchandise only. Please call
       (800) 458-4888 to obtain return shipping instructions.
dAmAged/deFeCtive merChANdise if an order arrives damaged, SightCon-
nection must be notified within 24 hours. the product and all packaging material must be
retained until the matter is resolved. Damaged/defective merchandise may be returned for
an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase. Same restrictions apply as noted above.
wArrANties Some manufacturers provide warranties on items (please check at the
time of purchase and keep all warranties and owner’s manuals). if an item becomes de-
fective after 30 days of purchase, refer to warranty information for proper procedures.
SightConnection is not responsible for items 30 days after the purchase. the only exception
to this policy is for items with receipt that indicate warranty is administered through Sight-

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  we’re open monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. pst.
    phone: (800) 458-4888 toll free, (206) 525-5556 local
    Address: 9709 3rd Ave ne #100
             Seattle, WA 98115-2027
All prices and rates subject to change without notice.
                                                                 magnifiers 7
3X Powermag stand magnifier                    LadyBug Pendant magnifier
This 3X illuminated                            This lovely 3X ladybug magni-
stand magnifier is                             fier comes with a 28" silver tone
great for many uses.                           chain. the acrylic lens measures
Has LeD lights for                             1 ¼" in diameter.
brightness and comes                           PLu 604                              $16.50
with a closed lens
mount. Uses 3 AAA batteries, not included.     oPtivisor
Dimension is 2 ¾" diameter.                    Optical glass binocu-
PLu 794                            $59.25      lar magnification in
                                               a headset made of
Powermag hand heLd                             lightweight material.
magnifier                                      Headband is easily
Hand held magnifier has a                      adjustable to fit any size. Can be tilted up
bright LeD bulb that never                     when not needed. Wear with or without
needs replacing. Battery                       glasses.
life is up to 50 hours—uses                    PLu 729      3 diopters                $40.75
3 AAA batteries which are                      PLu 730      5 diopters                $40.75
included. 3X is round, 2X is                   PLu 731      7 diopters                $42.25
rectangular. Limited lifetime                  PLu 732      10 diopters               $42.25
PLu 713        3X round             $46.50     seLsi JuPiter standaLouPe
PLu 712        2X rectangular       $50.75     This 4X hollow dome magni-
                                               fier lies directly on the page.
maX tv teLescoPic gLasses                      PLu 593
Easy to fit binocular                          $8.25
distance system.
Hands free glasses                             reizen 3X dome magnifier
provide 2.1X mag-                              Acrylic 3X lens magnifying
nification. Each                               dome provides distortion
eye can be focused                             free magnification, has a
separately. Focuses on objects from a dis-     calculated light guidance
tance of 5 feet up. Perfect for watching tV,   that directs illumination onto
bird watching, etc. Made of a high quality,    the page. to use, simply place onto the
lightweight optical acrylic. includes a zip-   reading material. ideal for a low vision aid.
pered case.                                    Measures 3 ⅛" diameter.
PLu 757                              $110.00   PLu 760                               $32.00
to order, shop online at or call (800) 458-4888
8 PersonaL and heaLthcare
taLking wrist BLood Pressure                  thermo keychain
monitor                                       tells the temperature
easy to read LCD dis-                         with the push of a but-
play or friendly voice                        ton. Use as a key chain
announcement. re-                             or a zipper pull. Female
quires 2 AAA batteries                        voice announces tem-
(included).                                   perature range of 15F to
PLu 401                            $49.50     125F. Lightweight and
                                              compact. 1" x 3".
                                              PLu 479                            $5.25
Dispense medication
                                              taLking thermometer
seven days a week,
up to four times per                          Dual display shows indoor/
day; 28 compartments                          outdoor temperatures in
highlighted with raised                       Fahrenheit or Centigrade.
letters and Braille markings.                 time display. Push button for
PLu 383                              $7.75    temperature announcement
                                              or set hourly notice. Uses
                                              2 AAA batteries (not included).
ez eyedroP disPenser                          PLu 477                           $19.00
Delivers dose without
contamination. Curved
                                              Big eyes standing mirror
guide helps deliver
medication right into                         5X magnifying mirror on a flex-
the corner of your eye. ideal for people      ible neck. Mirror has 4" diam-
who have shaky hands or continually blink     eter. Stand or wall mount.
when using eye drops.                         PLu 491
PLu 368                              $11.95   $20.75

5X/10X stand or mount                         royaL taLking scaLe
                                              talking bathroom
                                              scale with a clear
5X and 10X mirror attached                    female voice. Step on
by flexible gooseneck Mounts                  to hear weight. Mea-
in suction cup bracket on any                 sures in lbs. or kg.
smooth surface, or stands on                  Also includes Spanish
your vanity. 6" diameter.                     option. Batteries included.
PLu 487                            $24.75     PLu 373                           $82.00
        For more products shop at
                                                      home and office 9
kitchen Basics kit                             LaP desk
this kit contains                              Comfortable surface. Adjusts
everything you                                 from 0˚ to 20˚. Plastic sur-
need to make                                   face cleans easily. 15 ½" x
cooking easy.                                  13 ¼". 20 oz. Assorted colors.
talking timer                                  PLu 814                                 $27.75
lets you set up
to 23:59:59.                                   taLking caLcuLator
Uses 2 AAA                                     talking calculator with easy
batteries (not included). Extra long flame     to see buttons. Female
retardant oven mitt. Liquid level, heat        voice. 5.25" x 5.62". Uses
resistant glass pot watcher, set of black      2 AAA batteries (included).
measuring cups and spoons with large           PLu 431                                 $10.95
markings, sturdy reusable CSBPS shop-
ping bag with comfortable handles.             Big Button PLus Phone
PLu 114                               $49.95   Oversized buttons with
to purchase individual items from this kit,    raised black numerals and
call (800) 458-4888 or visit                   Braille. Memory, emergency                        buttons, speakerphone, vi-
                                               sual ring indicator, flash, hold, redial. Ivory.
10 key Big timer                               PLu 537                                $23.00
Set the time by pressing
numbers directly. Set up to                    uniden cordLess Phone
99 min., 59 sec. Collapsible                   ideal for people with impaired
stand and magnet. 2" x 4 ½" x                  vision. Large backlit keys for
½". requires 2 button cell bat-                easy dialing and audible caller
teries (included).                             iD. Dialing memory. Visual
PLu 192                             $12.75     ringer and message LeD; emer-
                                               gency key.
thermo switch PLate                            PLu 538                                 $51.75
Announces temperature. Fe-
male voice. Has battery life of                digitaL answering machine
up to 1 year. Batteries included.              30 minute record time. Date
temperature range is 32F to                    stamp, call screening, elec-
109F. 5 ¾" x 3 ¼".                             tronic volume control, auto
PLu 478                               $7.25    disconnect. english or Spanish.
                                               PLu 535                                 $18.50

to order, shop online at or call (800) 458-4888
10 home and office
sony tv and caBLe remote                    victor reader stream
Simple tV remote. Large white               Download your favorite books and
buttons with bold black num-                MP3s. this versatile DAiSY player
bers. Compatible with most                  makes it easy to navigate novels
tVs. Uses 2 AA batteries (not               and complex books. Use built in
included). 5 ½" x 1".                       text to speech function to read books in
PLu 355                            $17.50   text format. includes an integrated micro-
                                            phone for recording memos, plus more!
Large Print keyBoard                        PLu 336                            $329.00
Specifically designed
for the visually im-                        sony waLkman
paired. USB connector                       Lightweight design. Plays 2 and
with PS2 adapter included. not Mac com-     4 track tapes. records 2 track
patible. 19" x 7".                          only. 2 speed playback and
PLu 847      white on black       $36.00    record. Adjustable headphones.
PLu 848      Black on yellow      $36.00    Uses 2 AA batteries or Sony 3 Volt AC
PLu 849      Black on ivory       $36.00    Adapter (neither included).
                                            PLu 334                            $108.00
Large Print keyBoard
stickers                                    zoomteXt
Durable, high quality                       Zoomtext enlarges everything on
large print computer                        your computer screen, making all
keyboard stickers.                          of your applications easy to use.
three color options.                        reader includes text reading func-
includes key cleansing pads.                tion. USB drive allows portable
PLu 843      white on black        $12.00   use.
PLu 844      Black on white        $12.00   PLu 969      magnifier only        $395.00
PLu 845      Black on yellow       $12.00   PLu 968      reader/magnifier      $595.00
                                            PLu 970      usB drive             $695.00
BraiLLe LaBeLer
                                            sLicker cLicker
Brailles almost any-
thing. Heavy duty plas-                     New, simplified TV remote. It
tic labeler uses ⅜" or                      has only one button and two
½" labeling tape. One                       knobs! One knob changes
free tape included.                         the channel; the other one
PLu 35       Labeler               $38.25   changes the volume.
PLu 70       3 rolls dymo labels    $8.65   PLu 356                            $59.95

        For more products shop at
                                                                    Lighting 11
ott-Lite comPact task LamPs                   easy reading desk LamP
this compact lamp                             Built in, up to 2X adjust-
with its slim footprint                       able magnifier to see
provides the perfect                          details and small print
illumination for com-                         close up. Magnifier
puter desks and side                          stows away when not
tables. Folds away                            in use. Adjustable arm
when not in use. Use                          moves up and down
parallel to the desktop                       to direct the natural Ott-Lite illumination
or straight up to illu-                       over small or large reading areas. Features
minate larger areas.                          pencil holder. includes a genuine 13 Watt
includes a genuine                            Ott-Lite tube that lasts up to 10,000 hr.
13 Watt Ott-Lite tube                         Base 6", height 14.13"; weight 5.3 lbs.
that lasts up to 10,000 hours. Base 3.5",     PLu 609                               $49.50
height 19.13". Battery powered lamp has
carrying handle, uses included recharge-      gooseneck desk LamP
able battery.                                 neat, well designed and in-
PLu 608       chrome plug in        $47.25    expensive desk lamp with a
PLu 613       white battery        $75.00     12" gooseneck and a sturdy
                                              weighted base. it has an
ott-Lite marietta LamPs                       easy grip on/off switch and
Marietta Lamps are crafted in                 is 60 watt rated. Lightbulb
steel with an antiqued bronze                 not included.
finish and off white fabric                   PLu 186                              $17.00
shade. Beautiful vintage de-
sign features turn keys at shaft              crank fLashLight and radio
and shade to adjust height.                   no batteries required;
Graceful curved arm extends,                  crank the handle for
delivering low heat and glare.                power supply. 3 LeDs
natural illumination. includes                provide 10,000 hr. of
a genuine 20 Watt Ott-Lite                    light. Clear radio recep-
bulb that lasts up to 10,000                  tion. Great for emergen-
hours. Desk lamp: base 7",                    cies. Crank the handle
height 25"; weight 5 lbs. Floor lamp: base    for 2 min. to supply power for 15 min.
10", height 60 ½"; weight 12.3 lbs.           Comfortable hand grip. telescoping anten-
PLu 610      desk                    $70.50   na. 3 ½" x 7" x 3 ½".
PLu 611      floor                 $101.25    PLu 267                             $18.75

to order, shop online at or call (800) 458-4888
  traveL aids
  JitterBug Phone                                Led fLeX Book Light
  A cell phone created to pro-                   Delivers a power-
  vide a simpler option, with                    ful light source with
  easy to use features and                       even coverage. Folds
  simple calling plans.                          for easy storage. Clip
                                                 to secure your light
  PLu 525     Pearl dial             $147.00     any where you need
  PLu 526     graphite dial          $147.00     it. Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  PLu 527     Pearl one touch        $147.00     PLu 596                               $8.00

  Luggage Locator                                taLking traveL aLarm cLock
  Locate your lug-
                                                 this little (3 ¼" x 2
  gage from 60 ft.
                                                 ¼") travel and desk
  away with beeps
                                                 clock has a slide-off
  and flashes set
                                                 plastic cover that
  off by a remote.
                                                 protects the setting buttons but leaves the
  Durable and water
                                                 “talk” button uncovered so you can press
  resistant, comes with batteries. One year
                                                 it to hear the time in a clear male voice.
  limited warranty. remote measures 1.6" x
                                                 PLu 183                               $11.95
  2.4"; receiver is 1.7" x 2.9" x 0.7".
  PLu 270      orange                   $17.95
  PLu 271      green                    $17.95
  PLu 269      ice silver               $17.95
  PLu 268      Black                    $17.95

  9709 ne third ave #100
  seattLe, wa 98115-2027
winter 2009

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