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					                               Lesson Plan Template
                                Biology - Human Body

                      Stage 1 : Desired Results
Established Goals / Learning Objectives :
The student will be able to:

1. Represent the many internal organs of a human body and clearly show the
   relationship between the different organs in a Mindmap using Fun With
2. Learn and understand the workings of a human body’s internal organs and the
   function of each organ.

Keywords & Essential Questions :
   1. How to clearly present a Mindmap of human internal organs that is easy to
      understand using different resources such as cliparts or hyperlinks.

                               Stage 2 : Learning Plan
Learning Activities :
   1. Group students and get each group to brainstorm on a chosen human
      internal organ.
   2. Using information gathered from the Internet and external learning
      resources, each group is to find out the function, importance and
      relationship of the chosen organ and the other organs.
   3. After the group brainstorming, each group is to present to the class their
      findings. The class is free to ask questions on each group’s findings.
   4. After all the presentations, get all students to open Fun With Mindbook
      and get each student to draw their own creative yet informative Mindmap
      son the Human Body’s Internal Organs based on their own findings and
      notes taken from group presentations.
   5. To guide the students, the Teacher can advise the students to make use
      of the available clipart library in the Mindmap. Students can also make use
      of external resources such as weblinks to smarten their Mindmaps.
   6. Select a student’s Mindmap and get the student to present it to the class
   7. Get the class to comment on the student’s Mindmap.
   8. Present Teacher’s sample of Human Body Mindmap and compare
      Student’s Mindmap with Teacher’s Mindmap.
   9. Comment and provide feedback on Student’s Mindmap.
                       Stage 3 : Assessment
Test of Understanding & Summary of Lesson :

  1. Using Teacher’s sample Human Body Mindmap, explain and reinforce
     concepts and theories.
  2. Ask students questions and get students to find out the answer from
     Teacher’s Mindmaps as well as the Mindmaps They created themselves.
  3. Test students’ understanding further by giving students another Mindmap
     assignment on animal organs.