Eco-tourism eco-tourism development in Shaanxi Yangxian by fdjerue7eeu


									Eco-tourism eco-tourism development in Shaanxi Yangxian

 Yang County eco-tourism development
 Abstract: Ecotourism Development in Shaanxi Yangxian the advantages and
constraints, in this basis, propose Yang County eco-tourism to promote the
development of countermeasures to the west for other eco-tourism development in
poor areas have certain reference.
 Keywords: Shaanxi Yangxian; eco-tourism; Strategies

 1 Yangxian the advantages of eco-tourism development conditions

 Yang County areas rich in tourism resources, species diversity, natural eco-tourism
resources and cultural resources and eco-tourism has distinctive features. To rare birds
and crested ibis, Cai Lun Paper Culture, Huayang Town, on behalf of Evergreen
ecology, development and utilization of resources, 35, Cai Lun tomb, intellectual fruit
Temple, major scenic spots of the Castle Peak View (point) 13, National Nature
Reserve 2, with the advantages of eco-tourism development.

 1.1 unique natural eco-tourism resources
 Changqing National Nature Reserve, is to protect the giant panda based forest and
wildlife nature reserves, located in southern Qinling Mountains Slope, elevation
above sea level disparity in the region. Crescent of both shows, there Jiuzhai beauty of
the area forests, glaciers sites, alpine meadows and other natural landscape is very
unique. Elevation above sea level in the region and the poor, the main peak
prosperous living level ridge 3071 meters above sea level, the highest peak in
southern Shaanxi, the forest coverage rate of 90% or more, known as "the best the
Earth with eco-latitude regions." The area's unique geographical location and
ecological environment of the forest, gave birth to the types of unique and diverse
"biological resources", there are 2,039 kinds of seed plants. Of which 31 species of
national key protected plants; 330 species of vertebrates, including 40 national key
protected animals, especially in the Qinling Mountains "four treasures" - giant panda,
golden monkey, takin, Zhu falcon and other rare wild animals and the world-famous,
with a very high scientific value and potential for the development of ecotourism.
 particularly ibis Nature Reserve, since 1981, Ibis has been rediscovered since the rise
to the Chinese government's attention and concerns of relevant countries, in 1986,
countries in Yang County established the Shaanxi Crested Ibis ambulance breeding
center, in 1987 crested ibis was countries be included in a rare animal protection, in
December 1992 strategy of "Zhu Peng rescue project", in November 1994 the World
Conservation Union, will include ibis "extremely endangered animals", level higher
than the giant panda and the tiger, Zhu Peng level of protection in people's minds by
gradually deepened, people interested in ibis gradually strong, crested ibis in Yang
County is the home, is currently the world's only wild population and the last habitat.

 1.2 unique cultural and ecological tourism resources
  Huayang town is located in one of China's "Central Park" Qinling mountains of the
southern foot of a small basin, the total area of about 561km2 town , north of Yang
County town 76km, back Qinling Mountains Taibai County and County, in the west,
Liuba County, east Foping County, is the hinterland of the south slope, the center of
town. Huayang town a long history and deeply rooted in the years since the Qin and
Han dynasties communication central and southern Shaanxi in recent McNair Jeeves -
unexpectedly Luo Road to the city, one regional exchange of goods distribution center,
town building with the central axis of space layout layout way, local officials and
temples in the North, assisted the town of the city; Commerce Street, and living in the
South, to enhance trade operations; castle barracks in the east of the river on a high
platform, easy security, and the ancient plank door Street as the commercial axis, the
south Business district, for administrative and cultural areas, layout of production
areas, the north is very strict, is a classic of ancient towns. In addition, because they
are located in the southern slope of Qinling Mountain, both the Yellow River culture
elements, like the Yangtze River because of climate property while Chu Shu cultural
components, custom hybrid while north and south of Chu and Qin Opera with "while
nearly Qin Feng Chu Custom "The traditional culture. Since ancient times, Huayang
away from the important economic and political center, although the Sichuan Road
transport node, but the physical possession of the mountain with the outside
inconvenience, the villagers develop a simple and sincere, warmhearted, peaceful and
contented, industrious and persistent, peace and harmony in meteorology, Qin,
revealed both a distinctive tone there bayan "Xanadu" humanistic atmosphere.
  Command also red 25 sites, ranked seventh in the world famous "four great
inventions" of the paper making funeral Cai Lun Feng Department of Pepper
well-preserved tomb of Cai Lun Temple, and for new tourists to view the original
paper making process of the paper involved in the Heritage Museum, as domestic and
foreign tourists pay respects to fathers, historical and cultural experience, the best
place to live, while rare Tangkai Ming Temple pagoda in southern Shaanxi,
Yuan-Liang Ma Kok Temple Wong Hall and the only castle in Southern Ming
Dynasty Royal Temple - Temple of Chile has preserved fruit.

 1.3 good opportunity
 development of its western, the first requirement is to the west direction of the
development of eco-building first, infrastructure second place, industrial restructuring
on third, development of the west should first attach great importance to the
ecological environment construction and protection. This is eco-tourism development
provides a good policy environment.
 Shaanxi Provincial governments at all levels attach great importance to the
development of tourism. Yang County in Shaanxi Province is the key counties in 44
tourism development is one of Hanzhong implementation of "146" project focused on
the development of regional tourism. Yang County will also be targeting tourism as
the pillar industry of the county economy. Shaanxi Province, the "Eleventh Five Plan"
proposed general idea of building "Evergreen eco-tourism zone", Huayang tourist
areas and red 25 Command site was listed as the provincial government "Eleventh
Five-Year" Top Ten Travel key construction projects, "Yang County Tourism
Development Master Plan" proposed in the planning of nature, "Yang County tourism
is the natural landscape as the main eco-tourism area, the main function is to create
natural sightseeing, mountain recreation and other leisure and tourism products so that
people close to nature, with nature. " Yang County's eco-tourism should seize this
series of rare historical opportunity to achieve sustained and rapid development.

 2 Yangxian the problems of eco-tourism

 2.1 travel planning, complementary policies need to be improved
 Yang County has now established an overall plan for tourism development
throughout the county, Huayang scenic Evergreen Master Plan, Huayang Town,
Evergreen Regulatory Plan of eco-tourism, the Huayang town site plan, ibis opera -
the overall planning monomer Niutoushan scenic attractions of tourism planning, but
scenic area of market development, marketing planning and other specific special
plans, detailed building line attractions and supporting facilities planning, the scenic
area has a lack of security planning.
 complementary policy measures, preferential policies for tourism industry
development in Yang County in the "Yangxian investment incentives" in the
somewhat involved, but the lack of preferential policies on investment in scenic
construction, lack of tourism human resources development, environmental protection,
scenic policy measures.
 2.2 of the infrastructure remains weak
 Yang Hua as roads, highways and Huatai Gong Lu Han a full line of open, Yang
County and surrounding areas will be more convenient tourist traffic, but the county
road travel level is generally low, most of the roads do not have the function of
tourism, road indicating system is not perfect, far from tourist traffic "comfortable,
fast and smooth" requirements. Supporting tourism reception capacity is low, more
than 2,000 beds in the county for lack of tourist reception of 1000, some small hotels,
small restaurants with low grades, uneven quality of services, service level is not high,
poor sanitary conditions. Existing entertainment content monotonous, poor facilities,
dispersed sites, scale is not high grade, lack of large-scale entertainment facilities,
electricity, communications, medical care and other facilities are also inadequate to
meet the high-level visitors, comprehensive needs, we can not meet tourism
development, influenced the industry's healthy and rapid development.

  2.3 lack of targeted marketing tools
  propaganda of the tourist areas, lack the necessary market awareness and targeted
marketing strategies. Although the crested ibis in Yang County and Cai Lun two
resource cards in foreign countries have a certain impact and visibility, but the lack of
large-scale scenic connotation and generous package, tourism, external image is not
clear, the slogan has been in exploration, not the formation of the brand. These
seriously hampered the growth of the number of visitors.
 2.4 Eco-tourism professionals
 lack of current knowledge, thinker and ecology and tourism, while correctly grasp
the meaning of eco-tourism professionals and serious lack of management talent,
Yang County There are currently more than 40 scenic guided tours personnel, lack of
tourism, ecology, environment and economics and other disciplines of knowledge
structure background, it is difficult geological features of the formation of the Qinling
Mountains, the distribution of plants and animals and ecosystems, and the meaning of
the Qinling natural knowledge to explain to tourists, the tourists fail to understand
nature, environmental awareness purposes.

 3 Yangxian Ecotourism Development Suggestions

 Yang County eco-tourism resource-rich but fragile ecological environment,
development of eco-tourism, should adhere to protection, development supplemented
by the principle of moderation in the protection and rational development, and
coordinate eco-tourism stakeholders: government, developers, tourism enterprises, the
local residents and tourists from all aspects of this paper [No worry
about the document] to collect and collate, thank the original author. Interests, seeking
harmonious development of eco-tourism.

 3.1 adhere to government-led eco-tourism development model
 role of the government in the development of eco-tourism orientation, policy
guidance, environment construction and mechanism innovation, according to the
positive role of regulation, establish and perfect the management system of
eco-tourism development and the legal system, establish and improve the eco-tourism
development, organizational structure and regulations, management of the formation
of integrated decision-making and coordination mechanism, Zai current development
management process in which culture, nationality, forestry, tourism, Keji pool of the
pipe and other departments, has not formed a coherent management system, these
aspects should be organically integrated in the protection of the premise, the
eco-tourism advantages into economic advantages, while the establishment of
government regulation of the monitoring mechanism, The Government's
comprehensive performance evaluation system, ecological environment protection
and improvement of performance evaluation index as one of the government to avoid
the government's short-term, by the name of eco-tourism to the environment, affected
the sustainable development of tourism.

 3.2 science to improve the ecological tourism planning, for the rational distribution
 scientific plan is the premise of eco-tourism development, planning and construction
of tourism should be full of ecosystem structure of tight and ecological functions of
enthusiasm, to prevent "just take no further", "only do not care," the predatory
development, identify development objectives, scale, position and spatial patterns
determine the zone to determine the layout of the region features plot to determine
infrastructure and tourist routes, determine the passenger capacity and around the time,
manner, improve the market development, marketing, human resources and other
support planning.

 3.3 Integration of resources, to create tourist products
 to highlight the integration of resources, ecological resources, industry and regional
resources and integration. Integration of ecological resources is through the
implementation of natural resources and cultural integration of ecological resources,
create high-quality travel experience of tourists get the space industry integration is
through food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other links,
scenic area construction, project development, line planning, product packaging and
integration of all aspects of the implementation of industry resources to enhance the
tourism product quality, enhance tourism competitiveness, regional integration is to
break the blockade of administrative regions, in accordance with the regional
interaction, complementarity and the principle of resource sharing, and the
surrounding counties and cities to speed up the development of tourism cooperation,
focusing on the development Foping - Yang County - Chenggu - Hanzhong -
Nanzheng - Mian County of ecological tourism and the historical and cultural tours;
Hanzhong - Crested Ibis Protection Station - long Green Conservation Area -
protected area Foping Wild Animals tour, big tour strong combination to achieve
win-win situation.

 3.4 increase the technology content of eco-tourism
 eco-tourism was developed in science and technology support. The survey shows
that tourism in protected areas have been carried out, only 16% of the protected areas
of environmental monitoring on a regular basis, and some protected areas, or even a
necessary measuring instruments, the tourism environment will impact a not know,
the number of tourists based on scientific monitoring of protected areas to control
only 20% of the long-term overdraft of environmental resources used to make
environmental damage must be repaired to rely on environmental technology.
Strengthen the research and application of environmental technologies, increase
capital investment, tourism planning departments at all levels should receive attention.

 3.5 great importance to ecological and moral education, ecological landscape
-site throughout the entire process of eco-tourism promoting ecological education, to
cherish the natural landscape and cultural landscape, the protection of wild animals
and plants , understanding and love of nature to become the common desire of tourists
to ecological and Evil, ecological conscience, ecological justice, ecological obligation
to be conscious tourist behavior and ethics. This can be effectively controlled in the
destruction of eco-tourism consumption behavior management for all tourism and
eco-tourism guides to go through the system of ecological education and ecological
moral education so that they can take the initiative to promote environmental
knowledge. On the development of eco-tourism zone has to be strict on-site
management. Enhance eco-tourism management staff training, to improve the quality
of site management staff, and mobilize and encourage local residents to actively
participate in resource protection, to enhance eco-tourism attraction in this paper from [worry document] collection with the order, thank the original author.
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