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									Gluten-Free Snack and Candy list
Anything obviously made with Wheat Flour — Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies, Pretzels, Crackers — should not be given to
____________________. If you notify me, _____________________, at _______________ a day or two before, I can bring
a substitute treat. The following list of snacks and candies ARE ALLOWED in _________’s diet. If you could please suggest
these brands to parents on party sign-up sheets or for birthday party treat bags, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!

SNACKS                                   Good Humor Popsicles                       Tootsie Pops
Lays STAXX (All flavors)                 PhillySwirl frozen stix                    Extreme Pops
Ruffles Regular potato chips             Fla-Vor-Ice                                LifeSaver’s—all
Dorito Rollitos                                                                     Jolly Rancher hard candy & Lollipops
                                         ICE CREAM
Mission Tortilla chips                                                              Topps Ring Pops
                                         (Vanilla, Chocolate & Chocolate chip are
Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn                                                       Pez
                                         usually safe, avoid obvious ingred)
Act II popcorn (except extreme butter)                                              Smarties
                                         Baskin Robbins
Jiffy Pop Popcorn                                                                   Wonka: Bottlecapss, gobstoppers, mix ups, pixy stix,
                                         Edy’s Grand
Crunch ‘n Munch                                                                     shocktarts, tart 'N tiny, fun dip (lik-M-Aid), Laffy taffy,
                                         Edy’s Homemade
JellO Brand gelatin and                                                             Nerds, Runts, Tangy Taffy, Nips.
   pudding snacks                                                                   Haviland (Necco) Candy Stix
                                         Blue Bell
Del Monte Pudding cups
                                         Blue Bunny                                 SEASONAL CANDY
French’s Potato Sticks
                                         TCBY                                       Christmas
Torrengos white corn chips — all
                                         Cool Whip                                  Spangler candy canes
Frigo/Kraft/Sargento cheese sticks
                                         Dairy Queen                                Valentine
Oscar Mayer Beef Hot Dogs
                                         Dreyers                                    Spangler DumDum pops
Oreida French Fries
                                                                                    Spangler picture pops
Old Wisconsin Beef sticks                CHOCOLATE CANDY
                                                                                    Necco Conversation Hearts
Hormel Pepperoni                         Hershey’s Kisses & Hugs
                                                                                    Elmers Small Talk Conversation Hearts
((GLUTEN FREE versions of cookies,       Hershey’s milk chocolate bars
                                                                                    Luv Pops (Heart-shaped w/Mickey & Minne on wrapper)
pretzels, crackers, cupcakes)               (except crispie or cookie)
                                         Hershey’s Nuggets (except cookie)
FRUIT SNACKS                                                                        Spangler picture pops
                                         M&M’s (except crispie)
Kroger’s Fruit snacks                                                               JustBorn Marshmellow peeps
                                         Nestle Butterfinger BB’s
Nabisco Fruit snackså                                                               JustBorn Jelly Beans
                                         Nestle Chunky
General Mills Fruit snacks                                                          Halloween
Farley’s Brand gummy bears                                                          Farley’s candy corn
                                         Reese’s Peanut Butter cups
Favorite Brand gummy and fruit                                                      Spangler picture pops
                                         3 Musketteer’s
Fruit to Go (SunRype)                                                               Jellybelly candy corn
                                         Baby Ruth
Trolli Gummi Candies—all
Fruit by the foot                                                                   SCHOOL PRODUCTS
Sunkist Fruit Rolls                                                                 CRAYOLA (800-CRAYOLA)
                                         Clark Bars
Sun-Maid Raisons                                                                    ALL Crayola products are GF EXCEPT Crayola Dough.
Welches Fruit snacks                                                                This includes: Markers; Washable markers; 3D markers;
                                         York Peppermint Patties
                                                                                    Chalk; Oil pastels; Mess Free Color Wonder; Jumping
                                         CHEWY CANDY                                Colors; Model Magic; Crayons (regular, washable and
Mott’s — all
                                         Flavor Rolls—all                           metallic); Colored Pencils; Glue Paint; Silly Putty
Minute Maid — all
                                         Jellybelly jellybeans
Del Monte                                                                           ELMER
                                         Tootsie Rolls—all
Juicy Juice — all                                                                   ALL Elmer brand products are GF EXCEPT Finger
                                         Starburst Fruit Chews
Capri Sun                                                                           Paints which contain wheat. This includes: Tempera
                                         Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews
Hawaiian Punch                                                                      paints; Paint pens; All glue; Mucilage; All purpose Glue
                                         Double Bubble — all
KoolAid — all                                                                       Stick; Glitter; Glitter Shakers
                                         Wrigley’s chewing gum — all
Northland 100% Juice
                                         Trident gum — all                          PALMER PAINT (800-521-1383)
Welches juices — all
                                         Skittles                                   All Palmer Paints are gluten free.
Libby’s — all
                                         Milk Duds
                                                                                    ROSS PRODUCTS (888-435-6377)
DRINKS                                   Airheads
                                                                                    ALL Ross products are GF EXCEPT for the Finger
Coke, Sprite, Minute Maid                Big League Chewing Gum
                                                                                    Paints. This includes: Ross White Glue; Glue Sticks;
Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist         Bubble Yum — all
                                                                                    School Glue
7-Up, A&W Root Beer, Country Time        Chicklets
Big K brand soft drinks                  Dentyne Gum — all                          LAKESHORE Learning Materials
Snapple — all                            Haribo Gummies                             (800-428-4414) ink pads contain wheat protein.
Crystal Lite                             Sharie’s Candies Gummies
Swiss Miss                               Trolli Gummies                             CENTER ENTERPRISES
                                         Gold Medal Cotton Candy                    (800-542-2214) would not guarantee whether or not
ICE CREAM NOVELTIES                                                                 their ink pads contain wheat.
Flintstones pushups                      HARD CANDY & SUCKERS
Dole Fruit N Juice bars                  Charms—all                                 PRANG Washable Paint
Edy’s/Dreyers Fruit Bars                 Farley’s hard candies                      (800-824-9430) and NASCO Washable Tempera Paints
Koolaid Freezer pops                     SweeTarts                                  (800-558-9595) are both gluten free.
Nestle’s Popsicles                       Spree                                      MAGIC; Crayons (regular, washable and metallic);
Starburst fruit Juice bars               BitOHoney                                  Colored Pencils; Glue Paint; Silly Putty NOTE:
Minute Maid Fruit juice bar              Spangler DumDum Pops                       (vp=05/02) Washable Finger Paints contain Dextrins.
         My child, ___________ ______________
       has Gluten Intolerance (Celiac Disease)
         and can not eat the school food.
           Please serve snacks and lunch from
                 ____________’s backpack.
Thank you for your cooperation in creating a wheat/barley/rye-free environment for ________________.
There are informational flyers in his folder, or ask his parent if you have any additional questions.
•Please have _______________ wash hands before eating or use WetOnes wipes provided.
•Keep his eating area free from crumbs of unsafe foods to lessen chance of cross-contamination. Wipe table with WetOnes.
•When serving food, serve ______________ first with clean, washed hands and before touching other wheat-filled food
 to lessen chance of cross-contamination.
•Never give ________________ treats, snacks, food without first verifying his gluten free snack/candy list or with parents.
•Not all Brands of food are created equally, sometimes we only need to find a different Brand of food that’s safe to eat.
•Playdoh is NOT gluten free. Crayola Model Magic clay is a safe alternative.
•Papier Maché is NOT gluten free. Please ask parent for alternative recipes.
•________________ can NOT be around flour, especially in a room where flour may be floating in the air. (Kitchen/
 bakery/art project)
•When creating art with noodles, please ask parent to provide rice noodles from home.
•Ink pads, finger paints, lick stamps and lick envelopes contain gluten.
•For parties or birthdays, please alert parent ahead of time to bring in special treat so _________________ won’t be left out.
•Parent can provide a box of safe treats for teacher to store for surprise treat occasions.
•The wrong food will cause GI symptoms (_________________________________). Please let parent know when this happens.
•Call __________________ if you have any questions at all. Thank you!

SAFE FOODS                                Cheese provided from home                 Vlassic Pickles
Anything provided from home               Coke and Pepsi products                   eggs
(gluten-free baked goods/cookies/         Butter                                    Potato chips – Lays/Ruffles plain
cakes/bread/pizza/pastas)                 Corn oil or Soybean oil                   Doritos Rollitos
milk                                      Apple cider vinegar                       Lays StaX chips
juice (see list provided)                 Duncan Hines white frosting in can        Annie’s Natural Salad Dressings
Fresh fruit                               jams and jellies                          Nestle IceScreamer Popsicles
Fresh vegies                              peanut butter                             CANDY (see list provided)
Corn flour/Cornstarch                     meat                                      ICE CREAM (see list provided)
Rice flour                                potatoes
Potato flour                              Oreida French Fries                       McDonald’s Cheeseburger Happy
popcorn (see list provided)               Cascadien Farms Spud Puppies              Meal (burger, cheese and pickles
Jello                                     rice or potato pasta & noodles            must be put in box using plastic
Jello Pudding                             Oscar Mayer Beef Hot Dogs                 gloves, NO bun, cannot even touch
GF Cereal provided from home              Heinz Catchup                             bun! French fries and ketchup is ok.)

gluten                   crackers                  Chocolate with            margarine                 pickles (verify)
wheat                    cereal                      Crispies or Cookies     malt vinegar              Suntan lotion (verify)
barley                   doughnuts                 Twizzlers                 vegetable oil (verify)    hand lotion (verify)
rye                      poptarts                  candy not on safe list    spices (verify)           Soaps with Wheat
enriched white flour     pretzels                  ice cream (verify)        flavorings                  Germ oil
all purpose flour        pancakes                  cheese sauces             food coloring (verify)    Toothpaste (verify)
cookies                  waffles                   processed cheese          MSG                       Papier Maché
bread                    pie                       hot dogs (fillers)        salad dressings           PlayDoh
buns                     pasta noodles             gravy                     mayonnaise                FingerPaint
cake/cupcakes            spaghetti                 soup                      Oreida Tator Tots         Straw

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