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Dishes lyrics lyrics to deploy the language of the condiment dishes


									Lyrics lyrics dishes, Chinese dishes of condiments deployment

 lyrics language meal ingredients
 man of many emotions and feelings were adopted to express the song, good lyrics
the poem itself is very attractive , middle school, another is obsessed with young
students full of energy songs, poems of the season, if properly introduced to the
classroom, both active atmosphere, entertaining, stimulating more interest in more
with less. With lyrics for the seasoning, adjust languages dishes, will be pleasing to
the eye delicious, different Fu pleasant.
 lot of Chinese teaching materials come from famous masterpieces, as senior Chinese
fourth, 52 in the "Forest Temple coach Wind Snow", "Lin Jin Jia," "The meet is told
that Jiang Gan in total," "Cricket", etc. . The classics are more or screen to screen, and
some form of local opera active in the stage above, such as Cantonese opera "Dream
of Red Mansions." Many of these songs in film and television literature already active
in the mass verbal, not bad rumors. Such as the "Three Kingdoms" in that soul-stirring
Opening theme "rolling in the Yangtze River East PASSING ... ..." and that sense of
heart Kuangyuan accessible ear Pianwei Qu "dim the use of swords, and gone Gujiao
contend ... ..." And "Water Margin" heated in that sonorous, "Hao Hange," familiar,
almost everyone can sing. Explain the associated text, if necessary, or the whole
argument, or half lead, or to lecture quoted, cited or income class, or even plug the
middle, as long as the appropriate manner and that can add color to the classroom

 "Lin Jin Jia," the latter part of the lesson, there's wonderful description of piece -
"The First Meeting of Bao Dai", Shaoxing opera, there are several names that
paragraph is also the hero and heroine empathy, character consistency, feelings reflect
the natural characteristics of melting just too vivid: "the sky fell a forest sister" gem
extra surprises, in the eyes of jade, forest sister, "according to the water Showy face,
action is like the wind Fu Liu." The eye inside Daiyu yu also extraordinary
outstanding, "he said abdominal wilderness were frivolous, I think he skeletal fresh
non-custom flow ... ..." part of the lyrics of this drama pick, students are willing to
 such as "Cricket" article, the authors created a bright and its happy ending: all kinds
of contradictions are resolved, from the emperor to the bureaucracy to become famous
happy, but this is not a real happy ending, it does not dilute the tragic story, this is a
strong dark political satire, a bug, make people bankrupt, ruin and death; they can also
be promoted wealth, towards each other to heaven. This is how absurd! As the TV
series "Ghost Story" theme song sung by, "the laughter and tears also, music is also a
sadness." "Sort of solemn, somewhat humorous, sort of a joke, sort of feeling, there is
a world taste, who can get open solution?
 In addition to drama, the pop music is also available in teaching. Such as
explaining," To 60 a class brothers "article, the" of Love "into the classroom, not also
a good overview of this occurred in the 60's and moving examples of it?" ... ... As
long as everyone contributes a little love, the world will become beautiful world!
"about such a healthy beautiful lyrics, only to impart knowledge, but also mold
character, the students listen to the" spring breeze as sitting ", this empty talk about
effects than sternly much better.
  It is worth noting , language lessons, after all, not a music class, sauce is not the
main meal, quote lyrics, avoid far-fetched and overwhelming and only the
inappropriate reference to an appropriate reference is successful, can lead to lead, "the
Fangjiu Fang", "should not quoted on the stop reluctantly. "This article from [the
website of Education] collection and sorting, for the original author.
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