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Interactive Art that students can make online


Audio K-12 K-12 K-12 Record and send voice mail messages Grab or rip a musical track or portion of the track from a CD. Create a voicethread online to share

English K-12, choose grade level--Writing K-12 Math K-6 Math Elementary—Middle School Math K-12 Math Concepts K-12 ReadWriteThink Lessons by Grade Create a graph online Virtual math museum, interactive pictures, math activities, Maths Magnet area, Explorer area Online Interactive Flash Cards, Games and worksheets, puzzle creator Online use of virtual manipulatives Activities, Lessons, and Links for


Math Concepts

math resources

Math Drills Interactive Exercises

Free Math Worksheets Mathematical Puzzles and OnLine Games Activities, Lessons, Standards, Links for school mathematics


Interactive Clock program

Analog/Digital Clock—practice in telling time
Science units by grade— Environmental issues Science units by grade— Environmental issues Information About Variety of Animals Super Duper Music Looper— Create loops online Can only save if you buy program—approx. $15 for educators

K-8 Science K-8 Science All Grades Science K-12 All Subjects


Technology K-12 TEKS for Technology Applications

K-9 All Subjects K-8 All Subjects

Keyboarding Online Technology Loop for Integrating Technology Created for Georgia Teachers Good Excel Source

K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects

Lesson Plans Integrating Technology Technology Integration Ideas— Missouri school district Instructional Website for Video Production Online Tutorial for Movie Maker 2 which is on your computer under accessories if you have Windows XP Site for Free Sounds to use

K-12 All Subjects K-12, Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Arts, Health, PE, Technology

Intel—Learning with Technology—Teacher Stories Choose link on left Learning with Technology—Go to An

Innovation Odyssey Strategies for Teachers (Scroll down to see
options by theme)

K-12 All Subjects

Activities and Websites for Integrating Technology

K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects

Technology Integration Lessons Lessons Using Technology Interactive Lessons Online Extensive resources on technology integration—also includes help in learning of software, file formats, etc. Technology Lessons, Templates, Projects Technology Integration Activities and resources Teacher Resource—Reading About Technology

K-5 All Subjects K-6 All Subjects All Grades All Subjects

All Grades All Subjects

All Grades All Subjects All Grades All Subjects K-12

Lessons for Integrating Technology Best Practices—Michigan Teachers Classroom Resources— Technology Info. Technology Integration Websites Animal Kingdom—Web Pages


Free software—web browser, presentation, document and

spreadsheet software K-12 K-12 K-12 K-12 K-12 K-12 Lesson Plans/Learning Guides to 280 movies for teachers to use 3d wallpapers Free slogan generator Free slogan generator Easy-to-use and affordable avatar creation software Create a character, Make it talk, Take it Anywhere

Online Sharing

Create, Comment, Share
Capture images, Record video, Share online

Web 2.0 Tools K-12 K-12 K-12 K-12 Online podcasting studio Record audio The Edublogger—site to help educators blog Free education blogs


Google Products



Free blog website-create account Free blog website Free websites and web tools
Websites for use in your classroom—various subjects Game Boards for Classroom Use Created in Word Interactive Online Site Good short intros for various subject Interactive Online Site Hands on Activities, Puzzles, Games, Many levels for various students, Great resource

All Grades All Subjects K-6 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-9 Geography, Social Studies, Science, Math, History, Health

Bookmarks K-12 Diigo-- K-12 Social

Social bookmarking Social bookmarking, groups, tools

Bookmarking Workshop-- K-12 Wikis

Pbwiki-- K-12 Wikispaces-- K-12 TiddlyWiki-- K-12 Gizmoz-- K-12

Easy-to-use web page-free wiki Simple web pages-groups can edit together Personal web notebook Animate and customize yourself


Online Learning Community My eCoach-- K-12 Offers collaboration, communication, curriculum, etc.

PDF Free .pdf maker

Personalization Pageflakes-- K-12 Customize your homepage-Free

Check out Sites

Snopes-- K-12

Check, verify websites.

Digital Storytelling

Every Picture Tells a Story-- K-12
K-12 All Subjects K-12

Digital Photography
Digital Storytelling Digital Storytelling—Photoshop Elements

Surveys SurveyMonkey-- K12

Create surveys for free

URL Help TinyURL-- K-12 Shorten length of URL

TAKS Help Verbinator-- K-12 Analyze Key Words-TAKS objectives

Free Images

Online Learning Games Gamequarium-- K12

FunBrain-- K-12

1500 interactive learning games Games indexed by subject, topic, theme Kids fun center-Math and Language
Introductory information about Claymation Claymation Resource Claymation Resource Claymation Resource Claymation Resource Claymation Using PowerPoint Basic Claymation Examples Claymation Resources from Irving ISD

Clay Animation K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects K-12 All Subjects


Tool Factory-- K12

Podcasting Kit

Cedar Valley Podcasters-- K-12 Podcasting for Art Teachers-- K-12 Podcasting Workshop-- K-12 Region 6 Podcasting-- K-12 Fowler Podcasting- K-12 Teacher’s Domain- K-12 Google Earth-- K12


Open Resources Hotchalk-- K-12 K-12 community for lesson plans, management system, online forum for communication Multimedia Resources

All Things Google-K-12

Powerpoint K-8 Social Studies K-8 Using PowerPoint in an Integrated Technology Social Studies Lesson Using PowerPoint in an

Math K-8 Writing

Integrated Technology Math Lesson Using PowerPoint in an Integrated Technology Writing Lesson

Free Tutorials Atomic Learning Free Tutorials for software

Movie Licensing Movie Licensing USA Provides Public Performance Site Licensing to K-12 schools and public libraries on behalf of the motion pictures studios.

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