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					Post 2010 Biodiversity Targets – a global
business organization perspective
        GREEN WEEK, Biodiversity – our lifeline, June 3, 2010
                                              James Griffiths
   Agenda – two issues

1.Business and Ecosystems – the
  case for corporate action!
2.Biodiversity target setting –
  what does this mean for

A CEO-led coalition of some 200 companies with a shared
commitment to Sustainable Development via the three pillars
of economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.

                       WBCSD Regional Network

                                                           NHO (Norway) n
                                                                                                n Vernadsky Foundation (Russia)
                                                          Danish CSBD n
                                                         BCSD UK n          n Responsible Business Forum (Poland)
                                                                        n econsense (Germany)
                                             Business Europe (Belgium) n
  The EXCEL Partnership (Canada) n                          BCSD Austria n n BCSD Hungary        n Kazakhstan BCSD
                                                       EpE (France) n                                              n BCSD Mongolia
                                                                            n BCSD Croatia
      CGLI (USA/Canada) n                         FE BCSD Spain n
                                                       FFA (Spain) n            n BCSD Turkey
                                                                              n SEV-BCSD Greece                               n BCSD Korea
                                                BCSD Portugal n
                                                                                                            China BCSD n            n Nippon
             US BCSD n
                                                   APEQUE (Algeria) n                                                              Keidanren (Japan)
                                                                    AEEC (Egypt) n BCSD Pakistan n
                                                                                                   CII India n                n BCSD Taiwan
                                                                                  BCSD UAE n
                       BCSD El Salvador                                                                                   n BEC (Hong Kong)
     BCSD Mexico n                                                                         TERI BCSD India n
CentraRSE (Guatemala) n n BCSD Honduras
                       n                                                                             BCSD Thailand n
      uniRSE (Nicaragua) n
                                n BCSD Curaçao                                                                                  n PBE (Philippines)
        AED (Costa Rica) n n
                                                                                           BCSD Sri Lanka n
        IntegraRSE (Panama) n BCSD Colombia                                                           BCSD Malaysia n
            BCSD Ecuador n

                 PERU 2021 n
                                           n BCSD Brazil
                     BCSD Bolivia n
                                                                 BCSD Zimbabwe n
                      BCSD Paraguay n                           FEMA (Mozambique) n

                                                            NBI (South Africa) n                                     BCA Australia n
                                         n BCSD Uruguay
              Accion RSE (Chile) n
                                      n BCSD Argentina                                                                          BCSD New Zealand n

        WBCSD Mission and Objectives

 Business platform for sustainable development
 Support the business license to operate, innovate
  and grow in a world increasingly shaped by
  sustainable development issues
   Business Leadership - making the business case
    and providing the business voice
   Policy Development – advocating for frameworks
    that maximize business contribution
   Best Practice – demonstrating and sharing
   Global Outreach – contributing to developing nations
    and nations in transition
1. Business and
  Ecosystems – the case
  for corporate action!

1. WBCSD working on biodiversity
and ecosystems for 10+ years

Case for corporate action on biodiversity
and ecosystems is clear and compelling

    Businesses impact on ecosystems
         and ecosystem services

     Ecosystem change creates
        business risks and

     Businesses rely and depend on
   ecosystems and ecosystem services    8
          What can business do about
          ecosystems …right now?
1. Measure, manage and mitigate risks and impacts; proactively
   address risks and explore opportunities
2. Undertake corporate ecosystem valuation to quantify business
   risks and opportunities
3. Innovate and lead the development of:
   Markets for ecosystem services
   Eco-efficient goods, services & technologies
4. Support “smart” ecosystem regulation that reverses
   degradation and “levels the playing field” for all
5. Encourage suppliers & purchasers to adopt best practices
6. Enter into creative partnerships with municipalities and
   governments, NGOs, scientific community, sectors associations
   etc to address on-the-ground issues
Helping companies address their
ecosystem risks and opportunities

                      Road testers
            Steps of the Corporate Ecosystem
            Services Review
                        Identify         Analyze         Identify
Step      Select the     priority       trends in     business risks      Develop
           scope       ecosystem         priority          and           strategies
                        services        services      opportunities

Key      Choose      Systematically   Research        Identify and     Outline
activity boundary    evaluate the     and evaluate    evaluate         strategies for
        within which degree of a      conditions      business risks   minimizing risks
        to conduct   company’s        and trends in   and              and maximizing
        ESR          dependence       the priority    opportunities    opportunities
                     and impact on    ecosystem       that might       through:
                     20+ ecosystem    services, and   arise due to
                                                                       • Internal
                     services         drivers of      the trends in
                                      these trends    these priority
                                                                       • Sector or
                                                                       • Policy-maker
Ecosystem Valuation Initiative (EVI)

       development        12
EVI road testers

        Objectives of the corporate
        ecosystem valuation Guide

 Provide a framework and step by step approach
  to ecosystem valuation which is relevant to
  business, by:
  – Linking ecosystem service risks and opportunities
    more directly to the bottom line
  – Providing clarity, consistency and guidance in
    approaches and techniques used
  – Facilitating more objective decision-making to better
    align financial and societal benefits

Other WBCSD tools to help companies measure,
manage, value and mitigate ecosystem impacts
           Plans for CBD COP 10 –
           Nagoya 2010
 Convening a Dialogue on Business and Ecosystems jointly
  with Nippon Keidanren and IUCN on Tuesday 26 Oct
  2010 “embedded” within the COP 10 timetable
 Launch of new publications:
   Guide to Corporate Ecosystems Valuation
   Issues Brief - business recommendations on public policy options for
    ecosystems and biodiversity management
   Special issue of Sustain
   Case study compilation of best business ecosystem practice
 Press conference on Issues brief
 Side events
 Share Keidanren Pavilion
         Key messages for ecosystem policy-
         makers and regulators
 New frameworks and regulations should:
  –   Establish a level playing field
  –   Create appropriate incentives for sustainable use
  –   Leverage the power of markets and reward good behavior
      not just punish bad
  –   Recognize business as part of the solution not just “the”
  –   Set realistic targets
  –   Be predictive, be consistent, changes are timetabled
  –   When appropriate for some provisioning ecosystem
      services - send clear price signals and secure property
      and tenure rights (public or private or community or
      shared)                                                17
2. Biodiversity target
  setting – what does this
  mean for business?

    Target setting common business
    strategy & decision-making tool
 Ambitious but achievable…”stretch goals”
 Within a defined context or framework,
  clear scope and boundaries
 Include short, medium and long term
  cumulative targets
 Sets accountabilities and responsibilities
  to implement and deliver
 Mobilizes resources need to support
  action and implementation
       Target setting common business
       strategy and decision-making tool
 Establishes performance measures based
  on a mix of “headline” metrics (market share,
  value sales, share price)
 Clear assumptions, pre identify
 Timetabled milestones
 Regular review and flexibility to adjust (up or
 Rewards and incentivizes delivery and
  achievement, especially over achievement!!
    Post 2010 targets for biodiversity
 So what is the context for biodiversity
  target setting? e.g. in relation to
  – Climate change e.g. UNFCCC
  – Development e.g. MDG
  – Economic growth, international trade (WTO)
  – Water security
 What is the end game or goal or priority?
  – Conservation?
  – Sustainable use?
  – Equitable benefits sharing?
  – Sustainable development?                     21
     Post 2010 targets for biodiversity
 What resources will be mobilized to
  support implementation?
 Who is responsible and accountable for
  – CBD, UNFCCC, UNFF, Desertification,
    Ramsar, CITES, GEF, FAO, World Bank,
    ODA agencies, regional and national
    government……industry and
    business…consumers and citizens
 What are the baseline and performance
  metrics for biodiversity or natural capital?
      Target setting example
                   Vision 2050

Vision 2050:
 A platform for dialogue
 about the role of business in
 a natural resource & carbon
 constrained world

                                                    Example - have a vision and end
                                                                Vision 2050
                                                     “In 2050,some 9 billion people live well,
Ecological Footprint (Global Hectares per Person)

                                                        and within the limits of the planet.”

                                                                                                                       Source: GFN / UNDP
                                                                                  Human Development Index (HDI)

     VTargeting setting example
Example - a “joined up” strategy
       ision 2050: 9 Elements
      The pathway to Vision 2050

  So new targets around biodiversity
 Acknowledge business as a proactive
  player and solution provider for
  sustainable ecosystem and biodiversity
 Framed within a sustainable
  development framework
 Provide clear incentive structures –
  both for reducing and mitigating
  negative impacts as well as encourage
  ecosystem stewardship/management
    So new targets around biodiversity
 The targets themselves must be:
   – Relevant to business stakeholders
   – Realistic
   – Timetable
   – Measurable
 Be supported by implementation resources and
 Companies can be respond by setting corporate
  targets shaped by the global framework,
  applicable to their operations and value chains
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