Of the 7th TiSSA Plenum PreConference of the Phd-Network August 23 by svz21045


            Of the 7th TiSSA Plenum & PreConference of the Phd-Network
                      August 23 to 28, 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania

                     new Culture of Welfare:
the clash between managerial ideology, public image and professional

 sunday, 23       monday, 24          tuesday, 25                       Wednesday, 26 thursday, 27       friday, 28

                                                        subject area:

                                    User Perspectives                                                  New culture of
                                    and Research on                                                     Welfare and
  Opening        on Social Policy                                                        Plenum
                                     Special Client                                                     Professional
  Session          and Social                                                          National Day
                                         groups                                                           Identity
  Children,      Social Welfare                          09 – 13.30        Session
                                                                                                       Ideology and
Families and       and Social       Working groups
                                                                                                       the Future of
 Well-Being          Justice
                                                                                        Field Visits    Social Work

                                                        13.30 – 14.30

 Professional                                                       Social Work and
                    Working         User Perspectives
Identities and                                                       Political Trans-               Parallel Sessions
                    groups           and Research on
Competencies                                                           formation
                                      Special Client
  Working            Parallel                         14.30 – 18.00
                                          Groups                    Parallel Sessions Leisure time: Final Lectures
  groups            Sessions
                                    Informal Meeting                                     Vilnius
 Preliminary                          and Welcome     Evening Pro-
                                                                                                     Farewell Party
 Celebration                          of the Plenum      grams      Evening Session

Preconference 2009
of tissA Phd-network
                                       sundAy, August 23

                                Vilnius Pedagogical University
                                  (Studentu str. 39, Vilnius)

                                 9.30.-11.00 oPEning sEssion

Opening of the Pre-Conference 2009 of the inter-university PhD-Network of TiSSA
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans- Uwe Otto, TiSSA Executive Board, Chair of the international Steering

Prof. Dr. Algirdas Gaižutis,
Rector of Vilnius Pedagogical University

Prof. Dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė,
Director of Social Communication Institute, Chair of the local organizing Committee

opening lecture
Prof Dr. Rimantas Želvys, Vice Rector of Vilnius Pedagogical University
New Challenges for PhD Studies in Lithuania

introduction of the supervisors:
Associate prof. Vilmantė Aleksienė (Vilnius Pedagogical University, LT)
Prof. Dr. Susanne Elsen (University of Applied Sciences, Munich, DE)
Prof. Dr. Mel Gray (University of Newcastle, AU)
Prof. Dr. Walter Lorenz (Free University of Bolzano, IT)
Prof. Dr. Nadia Kutscher (Catholic University of Applied Sciences NRW, DE)
Prof. Dr. Heinz Sünker ( Wuppertal University, DE)
Prof. Dr. Irena Zaleskienė (Vilnius Pedagogical University, LT)

10.45–11.15 coffEE BrEAk

                      11.15–13.00 sociAl WElfArE And sociAl JusticE
Inga Hornei, DE               Evidence-based Social Justice? About a political concept of socialisa-

Ksenia Kuzmina, RU            Criteria of family policy effectiveness in Russia and the EU-countries

Antje Brock, DE               Nature as a medium of the manifestation and increase of unequal op-
                              portunities for a good life?

13.00–14.30 lunch

              14.30-16.00 ProfEssionAl idEntitiEs And comPEtEnciEs

Eglė Kvieskaitė, LT           Educational innovation in social pedagogues and workers curriculum

Christian Kjeldsen, DK        Values, rationales and logics within the educational subfield for adoles-
                              cents with learning disabilities – a reconstruction of the field´s under-
                              standing of the “good life” and well-being

Miroslavas Krasnovskis, LT    Development of professional competences of social workers in con-
                              tinuing studies

Justinas Sadauskas, LT        The development of competence of social workers to operate in the
                              community in Lithuanian Universities

16.00–16.30 coffEE BrEAk

            16.30–18.00 Working grouPs: A nEW culturE of WElfArE?

20.00 PrEliminAry cElEBrAtion in WinE-BAr ,,frAnki” (Vilnius str. 37)

                                   mondAy, August 24

           9.00–10.45 PErsPEctiVEs on sociAl Policy And sociAl Work

Eugenijus Dunajevas, LT      The reflections of welfare reform trajectories in Lithuania personal
                             service system

Alessandro Miceli, IT        Social Work and private practice in Italy

Kate Davies, AU              Consumer perspectives on evidence: A tool for shaping human serv-

Renata Katinaitė, LT         Resocialization of the convict’s in Lithuania: problems and strategies

10.45–11.15 coffEE BrEAk

                     11.15–13.00 childrEn, fAmiliEs And WEll-BEing

Bettina Ritter, DE           The phenomenon of young motherhood

Violeta Suboč, LT
Valdonė Indrašienė, LT       The factors affecting students learning motivation

Grace Chng, SG               An empirical Study on the effects of parenting and socio-economic sta-
                             tus on argumentative competence and epistemological understanding

13.00–14.30 lunch

            14.30–15.45 Working grouPs: A nEW culturE of WElfArE?

15.45–16.15 coffEE BrEAk

                      16.15–18.00 innoVAtiVE concEPts in sociAl Work
                 1. Parallel Session I: Research on Professional Practice

Julija Eidukevičiūtė, LT       The construction of Family in the context of the Helping process

Teresa Bertotti, IT            Criteria and parameters used by social workers facing dilemmas and
                               critical events in family and Children services

Nina Thieme, DE                Categorizing Work: The construction of clients by social work profes-
                               sionals in child and youth welfare sevices

                      2. Paralell Session II: Research on Intervention Modes

Antoanetta Potsi, GR           Quality in Greek pre-primary education from the perspective of the
                               capability approach

Ruggero Capra, IT              Probation in Italy

Džiuginta Valeckienė, LT       Insight of problems and possibilities of bullying Prevention Programs
                               at school

Johanna Maria Gold, DE         Entrance requirements to the experimental College “Oberstufen-Kol-
                               leg” A chance to overcome social injustice in education?

                                     tuEsdAy, August 25
                              Vilnius Pedagogical University
                                (Studentu str. 39, Vilnius)

     9.00–10.45 usEr PErsPEctiVEs And rEsEArch on sPEciAl cliEnt grouPs i

Vilma Razanauskaite, LT           Subjective theory in the research on adolescents with diabetes

Urban Nothdurfter, IT             The local understanding of policy paradigms in the field of social
                                  and occupational integration of disadvantaged youth

Kamila Zdanowicz-Kurcharzyk, PL The situation of street children in Poland

Dima Zito, DE                     Former child soldiers as refugees in Germany

10.45–11.15 coffEE BrEAk

            11.15–13.00 Working grouPs: A nEW culturE of WElfArE?

13.00–14.30 lunch

 14.30–16.00 usEr PErsPEctiVEs And rEsEArch on sPEciAl cliEnt grouPs ii

Sittipan Yotyodying, TH       The role of familiar socialization in facilitating self-determination of
                              learning and well-being in school-age Children

Heli Niemi, FI                Belonging and staying out – social locations by the young immigrants
                              in Finnish context

Jurate Sucylaite, LT          Transformative education of schizophrenic patients through dialoguing
                              and empathic writing of facilitator

Magdalena Zmyslowska, PL      The professional Identity of a guardian-tutor at a socializing institution
16.30–18.00 finAl discussion:
A nEW culturE of WElfArE?: rEsults of thE Working grouPs

20.00 informAl mEEting And WElcomE of thE PlEnum PArticiPAnts

tissA Plenum 2009
7th annual meeting

   New Culture of Welfare: the clash between managerial ideology,
              public image and professional identity
                                  WEdnEsdAy, August 26

                    Seimas of The Republic of Lithuania, 3rd Palace
                             (Gedimino ave. 53, Vilnius)

              9.00–13.00 oPEning sEssion of thE 7th tissA PlEnum

Prof. Dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė,
Chair of the local organizing committee, Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuania

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Hans- Uwe Otto,
Chair of the international Steering committee, Bielefeld University, Germany

Gintaras Steponavičius, Minister of Education, Lithuania
Representative of Ministry of Social Security and Labour, Lithuania
Jonas Liesys, Parliament Member, Lithuania
Prof. Dr. Mel Gray, TiSSA/AP, University of Newcastle, Australia

Introduction of tiSSA Plenium 2009
New Culture of welfare: the clash between managerial ideology, public image and professional
identity. The 7th anniversary of The international Social Work & Society Academy
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Hans- Uwe Otto

10.45 - 11.15 coffEE BrEAk

                          11.15–13.00 oPEning lEcturEs
Giedrė Kvieskienė, LT     Paradoxes of Social Policy: between Reform and Crisis

Jane Aronson, CA          Managing In and Against the New Culture of Welfare:
                          Challenges for Identity and Critical Practice

Holger Ziegler, DE        Challenging the managerialist agenda in Social Work: A Case for evi-
                          dence-based professionalism

                                PlEnAry discussion

13.00–14.00 lunch

             14.00–16.00 sociAl Work And PoliticAl trAnsformAtion

Ewa Kantowicz, PL         Between Welfare culture and professional identity

Thomas Maeseele,          Social work between charity and the right to social welfare
Rudi Roose,
Maria Bouverne-
De Bie, BE

Catrin Heite, DE          Professionalism in the Post-Welfare State

Gedas Malinauskas, LT     Understanding identity of social Work: comparing Lithuania and
                          Finnland in academic context

16.00–16.30 coffE BrEAk

          16.30–18.00 Promising PrActicE And consumEr PErsPEctiVEs
                                   Parallel Session I
Teresa Bertotti, IT       Self Evaluation for Professional Social Work: building an instrument
                          with Italian field social workers.

Nijolė Večkienė, LT and   Suportive Collaboration in Social Work Organizations: from Ideal to
Indrė Dirgėlienė, LT      Practice?

Klaus Schneider, LU       Coping with unemployment – BIP-Lux Capabilities assessment

Rūta Svarinskaitė, LT       The (re)integration into society and labour market of groups at risk us-
                            ing complex approaches in providing individualized assistance: Mitiga-
                            tion of the consequences of homelessness; Multigenerational homes as
                            a model for self help

                                     Parallel session II
Renaldas Gudauskas, LT      Strategic Communication & Knowledge Management of Social Work

Kim Teska, USA              The use of SPIN to devalue people and the environment
Jolanta Pivorienė, LT       From medical to social model of disability – changes of notion “disabil-
                            ity” in official documents

18.00 – 18.30 coffE BrEAk

                          18.30 EVEning sEssion:
       rEsPonsiBlE BusinEss Joins for sociAl chAngE And WEll BEing

Lyra Jakulevičienė, LT      Corporate Social Responsibility – does it matter in the context of eco-
                            nomic downturn?

Michael Klassen, AT         Genuine Wealth Assessment in Tyrol / Austria

Kim Madsen, DK              Challenge yourself towards the Change

                                   thursdAy, August 27
                              Vilnius Pedagogical University
                                (Studentu str. 39, Vilnius)

                            9.00–11.00 PlEnum nAtionAl dAy

Jonas Ruškus, LT              Defining sensitive research
The representative of      Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) Response to the Economic
United Nations Development Crisis: Lithuanian Study
Programme Lithuania
Irena Pranskevičiūte, LT      The new Generation of G: generosity and grace

11.00–11.30 coffEE BrEAk

                                  12.00–14.30 fiEld Visits

lukiskes remand Prison – closed Prison, Lukiškių bstr. 6, LT-01108 Vilnius
Children’s home “Atsigręžk į vaikus”, Lenkų str. 1/17,
All saints family support centre, Visų Šventųjų g. 5, Vilnius
Special Educational Needs Nursery ”Čiauškutis”

                                         fridAy, August 28
                                 Vilnius Pedagogical University
                                   (Studentu str. 39, Vilnius)

        9.00–11.00 nEW culturE of WElfArE And ProfEssionAl idEntity
Mel Gray, AU                    Mapping the Human Services – Australian Social Work
Milena Heinsch, AU              Welfare and professional identity in Australian Social Work
Dalia Marija Stančienė, LT      Face to Face: Solitude, Other, Responsibility
Niels Rosendal Jensen, DK       Disability and human rights

11.00–11.30 coffEE BrEAk

      11.30–13.00 mAnAgEriAl idEology And thE futurE of sociAl Work
Urban Nothdurfter, IT           Social work between local welfare governance, managerial way of
                                thinking and academization in South Tirol, Italy
Carmela Davi, IT                Perspectives on social Welfare
O. I. Borodkina, RU             New approaches to social protection of the persons with the limited
                                possibilities in Russia: problems and perspectives
Torben Bo Hansen, DK            The silent clash – an up-grading of social work !

13.00–14.30 lunch

                                14.30–16.00 PArAllEl sEssions

                                    1. Social Work and School
Jörg Fischer, DE                Self images of professionals in the co-operation between youth welfare
                                services and school
Irena Leliūgienė,               Professional image of a social pedagogue at school
Edita Stuopytė, LT
Vilma Staskevičienė, LT,         Formation of professional identity of social pedagogy students as fu-
                                 ture specialists in college (the case of Kaunas College)
Alina Petrauskienė, LT           Prevention of harmful habits at school: the role of executives
Jorunė Vyšniauskytė Rimkienė, LT Different family parenting styles correlates with school children‘s empathy
Aida Gaižauskienė, LT

                        2. Family, Gerontology and Social Work
Kim-Patrick Sabla, DE        The Family Concept Approach: Perspectives for Family Research and
                             Social Work

Anne Hollows, UK             The ecology of judgement and decision making in child and family
                             social work

Rasa Naujanienė, LT          Control of resources vs. clients`s needs within gerontological social
                             work practice

                             3. Sustainability and Social Work
Vita Roga, LV                Ecological competency in Social Work and Social pedagogy

Irena Zaleskenė, LT          Community Development: The Culture of Sustainability

Susanne Elsen, DE            Approaches in ecosocial economy as part of sustainable local develop-
                             ment and a new culture of welfare

Oliver Fehren, DE            Activating civic engagement in deprived communities – a capability

16.00 – 16.30 coffEE BrEAk

                               16.30-18.00 finAl lEcturEs
                                    Main Hall (3rd Froor)
Nadia Kutscher, DE           Risk Assessment and Professionalism in Preventive Social Work – Con-

Rudi Roose, BE               Social work and the managerial debate: victim or offender?

WalterLorenz, IT             Social Work in Europe

                                  Final Discussion:
                         Results of the PhD-Working Groups
                                 Plenary Discussion
                                   Closing remarks
19.30 fArEWEll PArty

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