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1) Alticor Inc

2) Access Business Group LLC

3) Quixtar Inc

4) Alticor and the Environment

5) Environment Sponsorships, Awards and Recognitions

6) Amway Corporation

7) Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

8) Alticor Vision Center
Alticor Inc.
Alticor Inc. is a global corporation offering, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, products,
business opportunities and manufacturing and logistics services in more than 80 countries and
territories worldwide. Alticor is the parent company of:

         Amway Corp.– since 1959, one of the world’s leading direct selling brands;
         Quixtar Inc.– a leading e-business in North America; and
         Access Business Group LLC – a business services company specializing in the
          manufacture and distribution of quality products worldwide for both Alticor and non-Alticor

Alticor also creates new products, services and businesses through its Pyxis Innovations division.

Alticor has more than 13,000 employees worldwide. In addition, through its Amway and Quixtar
business opportunities, Alticor helps more than 3.6 million people own and operate their own
independent businesses.

Products and services
In addition to the business opportunity, Alticor companies focus on nutrition, wellness, beauty and
home products and manufacturing and logistics services. Vitamins, food supplements and
cosmetics are among the company's leading global brands.

Worldwide sales for the companies Alticor owns and manages were $6.2 billion for its fiscal year
ending August 31, 2004.

Governance and management
Alticor is privately held by the Van Andel and DeVos families. The Alticor management team is
headed by Steve Van Andel, Chairman, and Doug DeVos, President. The company is governed
by a Board of Directors led by the two families.

Alticor's world headquarters, which span an area of over 1 million sq. ft., are located at 7575
Fulton Street East, Ada, Michigan, 49355, USA. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, Alticor
owns or manages manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the world, including
manufacturing facilities in China and the United States, farms for growing food supplements in
Brazil, Mexico and the United States, and distribution facilities in North America, Europe and
the Far East.

Community service
Consistent with its global corporate vision of "helping people live better lives," Alticor is active in
supporting a wide variety of charitable and philanthropic causes around the world that focus on
health, education, environment, arts and culture.

Alticor companies are prominent members of key business and industry organizations. Doug
DeVos is a member of the U.S. Direct Selling Association Board of Directors. Former Alticor
President Dick DeVos is current chairman of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations
(WFDSA). Other affiliations are available upon request.
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Access Business Group LLC

Access Business Group has world-class talent and facilities to develop, make and distribute high-
quality products worldwide, not only for Amway and Quixtar, but for other companies as well.
Access Business Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alticor Inc.

Access Business Group is supported by more than 3,600 employees worldwide.

Products and services
Access Business Group serves the business-to-business market with a range of capabilities,
including product development and formulation, manufacturing, private labeling, logistics
services, packaging design, freight and warehousing.

Governance and management
Al Koop is Chief Operating Officer of Access Business Group, reporting to the chief executives of

Access Business Group is located at Alticor's world headquarters, 7575 Fulton Street East, Ada,
Michigan 49355, USA. Access Business Group and its affiliates operate state-of-the-art
manufacturing facilities in Ada, Mich., and Buena Park, Calif., and in Guangzhou, Guangdong
Province, the People's Republic of China. In the United States, Access Business Group operates
farms in Lakeview, Calif., and Trout Lake, Wash., as well as international farms in Mexico and
Brazil. Additionally, Access Business Group operates five distribution centers across North
America that total more than 1.5 million sq. ft. of warehousing space.

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Quixtar Inc.

Quixtar Inc. is a Web-based business that pioneered a combination of shopping, membership
benefits and business ownership. Launched September 1, 1999, at, Quixtar
currently does business in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Quixtar Inc. is a wholly
owned subsidiary of Alticor Inc.

Quixtar powers independent business owners (IBOs) in the United States, Canada and Puerto
Rico, who register new clients, members and IBOs with Quixtar and earn bonuses and incentives
based on the product sales resulting from their efforts. More than 500 employees support Quixtar
at the company's headquarters near Grand Rapids, Mich., and at its Canadian headquarters in
London, Ontario.

Products and services
Quixtar features a wide variety of products and services. The Quixtar Exclusives store features
top brands like ARTISTRY® skin care and cosmetics, NUTRILITE® nutrition and wellness
products, SA8® laundry care products, MAGNA BLOC® therapeutic magnets and more. In
Quixtar's Store for More, hundreds of top brands in apparel, electronics, appliances and other
categories offer shoppers great values. In addition, there are links to dozens of Partner Stores,
each providing benefits to Quixtar-affiliated IBOs and Members.

Governance and management
Ken McDonald serves as Quixtar's Managing Director.

Quixtar is an Internet-based business with offices at 5101 Spaulding Plaza, Ada, Mich., 49355,

Web site

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Alticor and the Environment

Mission Statement
We believe that the proper use and management of the world's resources are the responsibilities
of industry and individuals. We recognize our responsibility and role in fostering and promoting
sound environmental stewardship

Long-Term Commitment to Environmental Innovation

       Beginning in 1959, we offered one of the first biodegradable products ever, L.O.C. ™
        (Liquid Organic Cleaner) Multipurpose Cleaner.
       We were an early innovator in using biodegradable surfactants in SA8™ laundry
        detergent and other cleaning products.
       We offer unique phosphate-free laundry products.
       We removed CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons, which may cause ozone damage) from our
        products before it was required by law.
       Our products are formulated to meet the most stringent VOC (volatile organic compound)
        requirements for preventing smog.

Organic Farms

       We organically grow many of the plants used in our concentrates on our own certified
        organic farms.
       We use no synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers on our organic acreage.

Reducing Waste

       Most of our household products are concentrated, which means they last longer and
        result in less packaging waste.
       We recycle, reuse and recover plastic, paper and other waste materials.
       Most bottles we manufacture use a level of post-consumer recycled HDPE resin that
        exceeds industry standards. (HDPE is High Density Polyethylene, the same plastic used
        to make milk jugs and detergent bottles.)
       We recycle up to 95 percent of recyclable materials from waste produced at Alticor's
        World Headquarters.
       We actively participate in government-sponsored, voluntary programs to reduce waste
        from manufacturing and operations, such as the Michigan Department of Environmental
        Quality's "Great Printers Project" for printing operations and its "Michigan Pollution
        Prevention Partnership" and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Lights
        Program for energy efficient lighting.

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Environmental Sponsorships, Awards and Recognitions

The Alticor families of companies have received the following awards:

       Green Globe Award, Rain Forest Alliance, 1997
       Vice President's Hammer Award for performance in EPA's 33/50 Program for voluntary
        pollution reduction, 1997
       Gold Medalist, EPA's Green Lights Summer Games competition, 1996
       United Earth Certificate of Commendation, 1993
       Honor Roll for National Environmental Development Association, 1992
       Recycler of the Year, Michigan Recycling Coalition, 1992
       TRANSPOLAR Medal, U.N. Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1992
       Conservation Achievement Award, National Wildlife Federation, 1991
       Achievement Award, U.N. Environment Programme, 1989


       Sponsorships in Asia, Australia, Europe, and in North, Central and South America
        support environmental education and preservation. Those projects include Japan's
        Amway Nature Center, reforestation in Brazil, the "Clean up the World" project in
        Australia, Argentina and Taiwan, and the protection of elephants and preservation of
        forests in Thailand.
       One of the first sponsors and participants in the American Forestry Association Global
        ReLeaf project, which planted 100 trees to help curb global warming.
       Masters of the Arctic* — Art in the Service of the Earth*, 1989-2001. This exhibition of
        circumpolar artworks premiered at the United Nations and traveled to embassies and
        museums in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Japan.
       Genoa Expo '92, 1992 as the major sponsor of the U.S. Pavilion at the World's fair in
        Italy. The pavilion focused on the importance of waterways in the development of the U.
        S. and on the need to protect these valuable resources.
       Ice walk: The International North Pole Expedition, 1989, a 500-mile trek to the North Pole
        with explorers from seven countries. Beyond the goal of becoming the first team to walk
        to the North Pole, Ice walk’s mission was to focus attention on protecting the
        environment. Amway also sponsored an Ice walk Expedition with 22 students from 15
        countries, and advertising campaigns to support environmental awareness and
       In the U.S., the "Class Act" Environmental Competition and "Earth Teachers" contest.
       In the U.S., with $150,000 in donations to the United Negro College Fund, we sponsored
        the Amway/Ebony Environmental Scholarship Fund from 1992 to 1994.


Around the world, our people, products and businesses are earning recognition, including:

       Nutrilite — Protein Powder and other supplements listed among the "Outstanding Brand
        Names of Health Food" by the Chinese Health Food Association in 2002.
      Amway China — Number one on list of "Top 100 Health Food Companies" from the
       Chinese Health Food Association; Named one of the 10 best employers in China in a
       Hewitt Assoc. study; and the Beijing office won a 2001 Environmental Protection Model
      Quixtar — ranked as the top online retailer in the health-and-beauty category for 2001 by
       analysts quoted in Forbes and Business 2.0.
      Amway Thailand — Earned ISO 9001 accreditation in 2001.
      Our Water Treatment System — Earned Water Quality Association's Gold Seal in 2000.

Research and Development

We're proud to have some of the best and brightest minds in research and development as our
teammates. From research through design, our team of more than 400 meets and exceeds new
challenges every day. We earn respect among our peers within the company and the industry.
We have been recognized with several national and international awards for innovative product
design and process, environmental friendliness, and advances in technology. We hold more than
450 patents worldwide with over 250 patent applications pending.

But beyond gaining knowledge, we share it, because we know that's one of the best ways to stay
on the cutting edge. By having our research published in more than 200 publications and
fostering strong relationships with more than 75 universities, we know we're encouraging even
more innovation. And as active members of over 85 trade associations, we're helping create and
set higher industry standards.

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Amway Corporation

Amway Corp. is one of the world's largest direct selling companies. Originally founded by Jay Van
Andel and Rich DeVos, Amway operates in more than 80 countries and territories in Asia, Africa,
Australia, Europe and the Americas. Amway products and services are marketed through
independent business owners worldwide. Amway is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alticor Inc.

Amway has more than 6,000 employees worldwide. In addition, Amway independent business
owners (IBOs) are part of a sales force of more than 3.6 million independent business owners
(IBOs) around the world. In China, Amway products are sold by Amway sales representatives.

Products and services
Over 450 unique, high-quality products carry the Amway name in the areas of nutrition, wellness,
beauty and home, as well as commercial products and a variety of services. In addition, Amway
independent business owners in selected markets sell additional brand-name goods through local
merchandise catalogues, plus a variety of services and educational products. All products are
backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Governance and management
Doug DeVos is the president of Amway.

Amway operates out of Alticor's world headquarters located at 7575 Fulton Street East, Ada,
Mich., 49355, USA.

Community service
Amway, its independent business owners and employees are involved in improving the
communities in which they do business. Specific and current information is available upon

Amway is a prominent and active member of the regional and national direct selling associations
worldwide. Doug DeVos is a member of the U.S. Direct Selling Association Board of Directors.
Former Alticor president Dick DeVos is current chairman of the World Federation of Direct Selling
Associations (WFDSA). Globally, direct selling is an $83+ billion industry with more than 30
million salespeople.

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Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Opened in 1981, the stately four-diamond Amway Grand Plaza Hotel towers over the Grand River
in the heart of Grand Rapids, Mich., USA. Amway Corp. invested $64 million to restore the
grandeur of the 1913 Pantlind Hotel and to build an adjoining 29-floor glass tower in 1983.

The resulting 682-room hotel, fine dining and retail complex inspired two decades of development
that revitalized the city's historic downtown. The 1913 Room restaurant in the hotel is also the first
and only AAA Five-Diamond restaurant in the state.

An integral part of the region's growing reputation as a host for regional, national and international
conferences, the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel is a welcoming, easily recognizable feature of the
Grand Rapids skyline.

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Vision Center
The Alticor Visitor Center in our Ada, Mich., headquarters lets you experience the Alticor family of
companies, including Amway, Access Business Group and Quixtar.

The Visitor Center gives you an overview of our growing global enterprise, which includes direct
selling, e-commerce and business-to-business services. The center offers information and
interactive tools for a fun and educational experience.

Its open weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (schedule may vary around holidays).
Call (616) 787-6701 for more information. Groups of 10 or more require advance booking.

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