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									Building "Dam" Dam by

 dam wood drifting through the

 building "dam"

  building "dam"
  Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Wuhan, China and validate 6 1 class Jianghao Wei
  lot of the world's major rivers, dams have been built, while my "dam" is at home in
front of small water across the ditch.

 Friday afternoon after school, me and Guo Qian came to the door of the ditch side,
took a few small chips, playing drift. Upstream water depth is also more suitable for
rafting, wood chips can barely passed, but there are a number of downstream water is
shallow reefs, "boat" time will be stuck through, not the past.

  Guo Qian disappointing to say: "We have lost a rafting river, go, find a local drift." I
saw a small ditch, and Guo Qian said: "I think There are hopes that the gullies on the
construction of a 'dam'. "Guo Qian looked at me puzzled:" Revised 'dam' what use is
it? "I was surprised and said:" You do not even know it . you want, build 'dam' after
the upstream water piled up, small chips can be easily adopted, as small chips faster
than the 'Dam', open the lock, the upstream water will flood the lower reaches of
shallow, Small chips can pass the shallows. "excited Guo Qian said:" Well! went
ahead and start now. "

  I first brought a number of mud, laying in the middle of the ditch, as Foundation.
Guo Qian they hold to a rock and sand fell to the mud, the mud and then I brought
down in the sand on the stone, so do three of this repeatedly. "Dam" in the bottom of
the structure of the basic completion. We pick up to many dry branches piled on the
sand, the last to small pebbles and poured black mud mixed on it, this "dam" in the
basic completion of the whole. But then I consider that water will wash away silt sand,
on the "dam" in front of and behind the stone heap, so we spent a total of an hour,
finally the "dam," building better. At this time, "dam" on both sides of the water level
drop to a two decimeter. Finished watching the "dam" Also I felt that something
missing on the right Guo Qian said: "I feel forgotten to do something." Guo Qian said:
"I also have this feeling." Then I saw a leaf from the upstream floated, but can not
"dam" suddenly thought, alarm call and said: "We forgot to do lock." finish on the
"dam" to open the middle of a waterway, watercourse middle insert a stone. Our
"dam" finally all finished.

 brought me a piece of wood, thrown into the upstream, downstream drift wood
slowly to, approaching, "dam" that I opened the gate, carrying small pieces of wood
fast water influx downstream waterways and along the water reach the end. Guo Qian,
and I looked at our "boat" happy pranced successfully reach the end.
 this time, the grandmother told me to go home, I also looked back side of the stairs
watching me, "dams", I thought: now the dam will not only facilitate the boat ride,
you can also generate electricity, bring happiness to millions of households. I "dam" is
drifting to play, brought me joy.
 Instructor: Lin Hua

 Submission :2003-8-2912: 36:46
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