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 total quality management to customer quality and

 In order to be able to in the most economic level and taking into account fully meet
customer requirements under the conditions of market research, design,
manufacturing and after-sales service, the development of various departments within
the enterprise quality, to maintain quality and improve the quality of the activities
constitute an effective system integration.
 * to improve product quality
 * to improve product design,
 * to speed up production processes
 * encouraging staff morale and enhance the quality consciousness
 * to improve products service
 * to improve market acceptance
 * lower operating cost of quality
 * to reduce operating losses
 * reduced site maintenance costs,
 * to reduce accidents
 basic principle of total quality management concepts and other basic difference is
that it emphasizes in order to achieve real economic benefits, management must begin
with identifying the customer quality requirements, and finally the products customers
are satisfied with his hands. Total quality management is to guide people to achieve
this goal, machines, information coordination activities.
 The main scope of activities you can use the following schematic description:
TQM basis:
 * Systems Engineering and Management (Engineering)
 * improved technical methods (Control Engineering)
 * Effective interpersonal relationships (behavior Engineering)
TQM evolution:
TQM the evolution
TQM content of the work:
 * new design of control
 * into the plant material Control
 * product control
 special study of total quality management principles outlined:
 1. in the "quality control" (QualityControl) this phrase, the word "quality" does not
have the absolute sense of the "best" of general meaning. Quality is "best suited to the
requirements of certain customers." The requirements are: a. the actual use of the
product; b. the price of products.
  2. In the "quality control" in this phrase, the "control" a management tool that
includes four steps: a. the development of quality standards; b. the implementation of
evaluation criteria; c. standard deviation corrective measures taken; d. arrangements
to improve the standard plan.
  3. Factors affecting the quality of products can be divided into two categories: a. the
technical aspects, namely, machines, materials and processes; b. human side, that is,
operators, team leaders and the company's other officers. In these two factors, the
human factor is far more important.
  4. Total Quality Management is to provide quality products are always needed good
product design, processing methods and serious activities such as product
maintenance services an important means.
  5. The basic principles of quality management apply to any manufacturing process,
due to corporate sector, the size of the different methods use slightly different, but the
basic principle remains the same. Methodological differences can be summarized as
follows: In mass production, the quality management focused on products in single
and small batch production, the focus in the control process.
  6. Quality management in the industrial production process through all stages. The
first is to send products and installation and field maintenance services.
  7. To effectively control the factors that affect product quality, production or services
must be in all the major stages of the process control. The control is called quality
management (Jobofqualitycontrol), by their nature can be divided into four categories:
a. control of the new design; b. into the plant material control; c. Product Control; d.
topical studies.
  8. The establishment of quality system is to manage the quality of work of one of the
most effective ways and means.
  9. Quality cost measurement and optimization of total quality management activities
as a means.
  10. In terms of organization, total quality management is a top management tool,
used to designate the terms of product quality and responsibilities to achieve not only
remove the upper management of trivia, but also to retain the top management to
ensure quality The purpose of the means of the results satisfactory.
  11. In principle, the general manager of corporate quality management should be the
"chief architect" at the same time, he and other key company functions should also
promote the company's efficiency, modernization, and quality control aspects of play.
  12. From the perspective of human relations, quality management organization
consists of two aspects: a. is the product of all personnel and departments to provide
quality information and communication channels; b. for the employees and
departments involved in the to provide means for quality management.
  13. Quality management must have the full support of upper management. Upper
management support if not enthusiasm, then, to the company other people can not get
more publicity was the real result.
  14. In total quality management work, no matter where and when will use
mathematical statistics, however, mathematical statistics is a total quality management
in the content, it is not equal to total quality management.
  15. Should be carefully and gradually in the company carried out within the
framework of total quality management activities. Be wise to choose one or two
issues to be addressed quality and success, then this way step by step implementation
of the quality management plan.
  16. Total quality management is an important feature of the work, from its roots in
quality control. For example, by measuring their performance by the operator to
promote and establish his sense of responsibility and concern for product quality, total
quality management is a positive outcome.

  Total Quality Management - TQM
  the name of total quality management, the first of 60 early 20th century, leading
experts from the Philippines and the United States out of the root Bao Muti. It is
based on the traditional quality management, with the development of science and
technology and management needs of the developed modern quality management, has
become a systematic strong science.
  in China, the party's fifth session of the Fourth Plenary Session "decided" that it will
"improve the quality of the whole process all personnel management." "Full the whole
process of quality