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The Space Cowboy is a truly unique and exciting performer from
Byron Bay Australia. He started exhibiting his unusual skills at his
local markets at the age of eight, a natural born performer. Now at
30 years of age he has amazed audiences in over 30 countries
around the world to audiences ranging from 100 to 20,000
delighted onlookers at a time in packed theatres, circus big tops
and stadiums. He has shown his diversity and skill by performing
at the Edinburgh festival 13 years in a row, he won 'The Street
Performance World Championship' in 2006 and 2007, exhibited
four different sell out shows in the Sydney Opera house, toured
with famous rock bands, freaked out motorcycle dare-devils in
massive arena stunt shows, and displayed his extravagant abilities
in front of the royal throne of Italy. He has also stared on countless
TV shows including ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not TV’, ‘Guinness
World Record TV’, ‘Rove Live’, ‘The Sideshow’, ‘Don’t Try This
At Home’, ‘The Footy Show’ and many more.
All of his acts are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all
who witness this incredible phenomena.

“The Space Cowboy delivered an awe-inspiring delight.
Definitely the best act of the festival.”
The New Zealand Herald

Countries The Space Cowboy has performed:
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea,
Africa, Germany, France, Holland, Norway,
Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland, Finland,
Ireland, America, Canada, Croatia, Italy,
Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Iceland,
Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Korea, Hong Kong,
China, and Japan... and more.

-Four times 'Guinness World Record' Sword
Swallowing Champion
-Street performance World Champion (Dublin,
Ireland. 2006 & 2007)
-Street performer of the year 1998-2006
('Three Weeks' Edinburgh Festival Magazine).
Winner of the 'Markus Markoni Public Award'
(Voted most original act of the festival)-
Rotterdam Straatfestival 1999