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									                       Principles for Interpretation
          (from Understanding Dreams and Visions by John Paul Jackson)

1. Where am I in the dream?
     - Are you the only one, or main character in the dream = the
     message is for you or about you.

      - are you in the dream with other people – does the dream make
      sense if you were not in the dream = the message is for someone
      else, or a larger group of people, including you.

      - Are you observing a situation, or people in the dream? Are they
      unaware that you are watching? Does it seem you are invisible to
      them = the dream is for someone else. This means you are having
      revelation for or about something or someone.

2. Context of dream will give understanding what the dream is about:
whether good or bad, attack/warfare or blessings, negative or positive,

3. If a specific person is in the dream – look at their name – what does it
mean? ( Ex. - Anne giving you flowers= grace is being given, and you
will experience the fragrance/presence of the Lord…)

4. Foundational elements – usually have two meanings [not always]
Color: the context of the dream will tell if it is a positive or negative
Red = power, redemption, anointing, or anger, war, destruction.
Brown = compassion, pastoral color or humanism, man made
Blue = revelation or emotional lows [feeling blue]
Gold/Amber = hallowed/holy or greed
Purple = Authority [JPJ has no flip side for this color]
Orange = perseverance or stubbornness
Yellow = mind or fear

5. Other elements
Gender – male or female; makes a difference in interpretation.
Leader - authority figure, or spiritual leader, etc.?
For example – if a pastor delivers a message to you in a dream, the
message is that the Lord is talking about a pastoral issue…being
If you have a dream about a prophet talking to you – it is a prophetic
issue, the Lord is emphasizing this is a prophetic word.

Often, people do not represent themselves in the dream – they usually
represent their job, profession, ministry office, gifting, father figure,
mother figure, brother, sister, friend, (this is positive or negative
depending on whether that person is/has been good to you or not good
to you – whether you had a good relationship or bad relationship) etc.

Is the person familiar or a stranger?
If they seem familiar in the dream, like you know them, then it is from
the Lord.
If the person is not known to you or if you feel uncomfortable in the
dream – don’t pay attention to what they are saying, it is not the Lord’s
desire, message to you.
Is the person aggressive or friendly? What kind of emotions do they
provoke in you? What kind of emotions do you provoke in them?

                              Dream Symbols

A faceless man is almost always the Holy Spirit.
Angels often have their faces out of range, although sometimes you do
see them face to face.

R - rated dreams = are not necessarily negative or from the enemy. God
may be trying to communicate something positive: birth of ministries,
issues of intimacy, – could be cleansing, deliverance or inner healing
dreams, or may represent an “old love” [a flesh desire] meaning
something is trying to take the place of the Lord.

For example, if you hear a voice in your dream, (or see a person) telling
you to do something immoral with someone [not your spouse] – pay
attention to the person’s status in life: ministry, business, gifts, calling,
profession, etc.

      The message may be that you are being motivated by the enemy
      through the lust of the flesh towards whatever that person
      represents - ministry, business, etc. You have your mind set on the
      things of the flesh, not of the spirit, and you need to stop as fast as
      you can – stop pursuing what your flesh wants! God may be
      saying you have an illegitimate desire for something

Being naked in a dream = not necessarily negative = you are vulnerable
and you are transparent, or God’s going to make you transparent
before people. Or, you are going to be spiritually reproductive.

5. Transportation - size of the vehicle = the smaller the vehicle the more
it has to do with you personally.
Bicycle – level of gifting, personal ministry, work you are doing “today”
– right now.
Car – very similar to bicycle; could be ministry or job [the main thing
you do].
Bus – churches or larger areas of authority and people you will have
impact on.
Plane – small = similar interpretation to bicycle, car. Large = large
church or ministry moving in the things of the spirit. Or coul.d be a
large company or corporation
Boat – rowboat, sailboat [freedom, sails = wind, Holy Spirit], ship =
movement, denomination, very large church. What you are doing on the
ship will let you know what the message is.
Train – large church, denomination, corporation etc.

6. Buildings – pay attention to what kind of building and size.
High rise – Status, level of calling, where you are at or where you are
going – depends on context of dream.
Office building – administration, work, “office” [like “office” of apostle,
prophet, pastor, etc.] – new anointing.
      Fixing up your office – refreshing, renovated, being changed,
House – family, church
Basement – below the surface, foundations [cracked? Etc], person doing
something which is hidden, behind the scenes, hidden agendas, hidden
motives. Or it could be good – killing snakes in the basement, etc
Attic – past, old memories, things you may need later.
Dust - inactivity
Stairways – transition [up = higher levels; down = lower levels]
Elevators – going up faster. What floor you stop on reveals information
[meaning of numbers, 7, 5, etc.]

7. Objects, Tools, Items, etc.
Guns – bullets = powder = “power” [dunamis] if you have it, it’s good.
       Cap gun – no power; having a form of godliness. Looks like the
       real thing, but it’s not.
Knives – severing, cutting off, attack of the enemy
       If you have the knife – Word of God. Small knife = little
       knowledge; bigger knife = more knowledge.
Swords – same as knife; word of God
Darts – attacks; fiery darts
Heavy arms – machine guns, bazooka, rocket launchers etc. – major
spiritual attacks: call the intercessors.
Water – Holy Spirit; masses of humanity
Clouds – what color is the cloud? Dark – attack; light = cleansing
Tornadoes/hurricanes – what color? Attacks or purging/cleansing;
River – move of God
Swimming pool – refreshing; Is the water clear? being immersed in the
Holy Spirit.

Clothing – different kinds of clothing = mantles, calling, what you’re
going to be doing.
      Coat = protection, insulating you from something
      Cultural clothing = may refer to a nation, or part of a nation.
      Tells you what country.

Losing teeth – used for biting, chewing = losing ability to think through
     Eye tooth = losing ability to understand prophetic things
     Wisdom teeth =
     Incisors – losing ability to be incisive

Running with a limb that does not work =
Leg won’t straighten out [or arm] won’t work right, have to drag your
leg, trying to run somewhere but you can’t get there because leg won’t
work right; Running in slow motion.
Something in your spirit that is not fully operating yet; You may have a
few things working for you, but there is something that you may have
not given over to the Lord – “I can’t do that, I won’t do that.”

It could mean a church that does not believe in one of the five fold
ministries – prophet, apostle, etc. so they are limping along.

8. Creatures
Snake = a long tale. Depending on the size of the snake, somebody is
telling a tale about you. Gossip. Criticism. Attacks with Words.
Ants – unwanted guests, demonic attacks, or wisdom.
Spiders – occult. People in the occult attacking you. You kill spiders by
stepping on them. Word says – the way to end evil is to respond with

Mice and rats = larger demons. More authoritative demonic attacks
that feed off the garbage in your life, and you gave them permission to
be there. Something was left unattended and they come because
something was there to get.

Bees, hornets = swarming, like ants, speaks of demonic attacks.

Bears = sudden unexpected, fierce attacks; Something that appears to
be docile but becomes volatile. Or you are going to be unexpectedly
volatile over something.

Friendly dogs = you have a friend who will take care of you, help you,
befriend you.

Birds = for example a blue bird means revelation is coming your way.

Horses = great power. Context reveals whether in the dream it is good
or bad.

Chariot = if no one is in the chariot, it is a place of God that you will be
seeing – a divine destiny.

Riding in a Chariot = God has a divine destiny. Chariots mean
something you [or whoever is in the chariot] are going to accomplish.
Black panther = cunning sneaky predator coming after somebody.

Scorpion = black magic; if white scorpion = white magic.

Cockroaches = like rats, and mice, but on a smaller scale – demonic
attacks that go after things that are unattended.

Alligators/Hippos = someone is talking about you [big mouth].

Elephants = wisdom and strength.

Monkeys = harassers and mockers.

Witches = self explanatory. It is what it means.

White monsters = things that appear righteous, holy but are destructive
and deadly; there is a way that appears right but the end is death.

Moth = destroy valuable things by sneaking in and being unnoticed.

Turtles and sharks = turtles mean peace; sharks mean the opposite.

Eagles = represent the prophetic.

Flamingos/storks = something that comes to carry out the purposes of

Turkeys = wisdom or foolishness.

Rabbits = multiplication;

Worms in the earth = humility

9. Symbols from people’s dreams
Air balloons = depending on context, peaceful rising in the spirit.

Wood raft = something you’ve made that brings safety in a storm, but
somebody left gaps that need to be filled.
Covered Wagon = tradition; power in tradition; powerful tradition.
Context reveals whether good or bad.

Flying/ soaring = high spiritual activity that God is taking you to.

Flying with an angel = even more of a spiritual issue.

Flowers and rainbows
     Flowers – depends on colors; and fragrance = fragrance of the
     Rainbows = same as flowers, depends on the color.

Underwater dreams = deep things of the Spirit.

Flying while on fire = the fire, the power of the Lord is on you, and you
will be purging people you come in contact with, and it is a spiritual

Ribbon = white ribbon tied around a heart shaped plate. Ribbons are
usually reminders. Reminder to love someone

Lots of relatives = depending on context, generational blessings or
generational curses; Inheritances.

Schools = training, learning, education process.

Platters = large serving dish; a lot of spiritual food coming.

In a school and can’t unlock your locker = something is trying to stop
you from getting the necessary tools to complete what God has called
you to do.

Two parallel gold ribbons = gold is holiness; two things God wants to
accomplish in something.

Dreams of cities = usually have to do with circumstances in your life.

Babies = birthing of ministries; something being birthed in your life;
New ideas; or it could be about children.
Bare feet = vulnerability; humility; peace; depending on context may
also be a time of vulnerability to pain.

Black crows = mockers; harassers

Sitting at your desk in school and don’t have any pants on = you’re
going to school and God is teaching you something that will make you
spiritually reproductive.

Roller coaster = instability in life and in the spirit.

Beating somebody trying to get them to listen to you = you’re forcing
somebody to listen to you; forcing somebody to do something. Lead
don’t push.

You’re in danger, only a whisper comes out when you try to scream = if
black/white dream, you’re in spiritual warfare and the enemy is trying
to keep you from growing in the things of the spirit.

The inability to scream speaks of being hindered in your prayer life or
not praying enough. Something’s choking off your passion for prayer.

Mirrors = God’s showing what you or someone else is looking like;
giving you a reflection. Going to show you what’s going on in you. It’s
usually about or for the person in the mirror.

Dropped your purse in the dream and everything spilled out = issues of
life; out of control and afraid everyone is going to see what you are like
or what’s in your life.

If you dream that you dream = it’s very important! It’s like a double

It speaks of destiny, life calls or things God does not want you to miss.
It’s like an exclamation point.

House burned out on the inside and the only thing left is a picture of
your father = because of the picture, the house has to do with your
family; burned out means the enemy has ravaged the family and the
father has survived it or going to survive.
If you’re also in the dream, the Lord is saying you can change this –
pray, intercession, with revelation from Him. God can cause a change.
He is showing you the enemy’s plans before they happen so they can be
destroyed and the tragedy averted.

You got up, got dressed and went to work, but realize you didn’t get up
at all = has to do with being afraid of something; afraid of missing
something, not fulfilling something; anxiety.

Bald tires = cars have to do with what you’re doing right now. Tires
provide traction and are filled with air (pneuma) so it has to do with the
Holy Spirit; gripping the surface; so having bald tires has to do with the
inability to grasp, see or understand what God has called you to do.

Somebody standing off in the dream, and you know they should not be =
spiritual apathy; they are not doing what they should be doing.

Pigs = demonic activity; unclean; messy situation; leading to

Hamster = running in circles, going nowhere, caged in.

Dreaming that someone dies suddenly = death in dreams does not mean
death; it means life – from death to life; A sudden encounter that will be
life changing.

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