Cultural Cultural Cultural Tourism Development Strategies of Quanzhou

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					Cultural Cultural Cultural Tourism Development Strategies of Quanzhou

 Quanzhou Cultural Tourism Development
 brilliant Abstract Quanzhou history, culture, rich in tourism resources, with the
development of cultural tourism advantages. Articles by Quanzhou cultural tourism
resources and tourism development on the analysis, combining the characteristics of
cultural tourism and cultural tourism development in the reality of Quanzhou
condition for the proposed Development of Cultural Tourism Strategy of Quanzhou.
 Key words cultural tourism; tourism resources; Quanzhou; Strategies

  is located in Quanzhou, east longitude 117 025 '~ 119 005', north latitude 24030 '~
25056' of the Fujian coast, east Taiwan Strait, west rolling mountains, through coastal
areas for the hilly area north of the city because Quanshan (also known as Qingyan
Mountain) its name. As in Fujian and Zhejiang hills, and warm and humid all year
round, so elegantly called "Wen Ling"; because of the Five Dynasties period coral tree
planted around the city, it is also called coral city.
  "basically completed Cultural Tourism City" is the Quanzhou "Eleventh Five"
economic and social development during the five goals. 2006 is the "Eleventh
Five-Year Plan" first year, the city's nearly 14,484,000 passengers and foreign tourists,
tourism revenue 14.58 billion yuan, respectively, compared with 2005 increased by
21.0% and 20.8%. Both the number of visitors or revenue, are reaching record highs.
From the statistical analysis of economic indicators to see, tourism is becoming an
important part of Quanzhou economy: the city's total tourism revenue in the
proportion of GDP, from 6.15% in 2005 increased to 7.79% in 2006 from tourism by
2010 revenues accounted for 10% of the city's GDP goal of a major step forward.
  one glorious past and take-off today,
  Quanzhou, known as the "culture of Fujian half," said, that with "the largest port in
the East," the glorious history are inseparable.
  Southern Dynasties, Quanzhou maritime exchanges with foreign countries has been
  Tang Dynasty, Quanzhou foreign trade and cultural exchanges have a great
development, foreign businessmen, travelers, and religious believers gather in
Quanzhou. Tang Dynasty poet has used the "ship to the City Tim aliens" and
"Marketplace 10 Africans," the poem depicts the then flourishing, Islam and
Manichaeism is then passed Quanzhou.
  Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties, Quanzhou, Buddhism developed very quickly,
known as the "Spring Southern Buddhist country", Buddhist Chinese and foreign
exchanges through the Silk Road of conduct. Quanzhou City in scope times, coral
trees planted around the city, it is also called coral city of Quanzhou.
  Northern Song Dynasty, the imperial court set up in Fujian city of Quanzhou
Maritime Affairs, responsible for the management of ships from overseas, trade and
commerce, taxation and the reception of foreign businessmen and other matters. It
marked the Quanzhou was the court established as the most important trading ports.
  Northern Song Dynasty to Song Dynasty, Quanzhou port in the world with three
leaps, the first in the North Song Dynasty, it caught up and surpassed Minnesota (now
Ningbo), second only to Guangzhou; the second time in the Southern Song dynasty, It
caught up with Guangzhou, and its neck and neck; the third time in the Southern Song
Dynasty, it is more than Guangzhou, to become the largest trading port. Northern
Song Dynasty poet has used "official video in 3 Cang Chau Road, up the sound of the
nations sea-Commerce" to praise the prosperity of Quanzhou. Song Shaoxing south of
Quanzhou Maritime Affairs in the three years of annual income, for example, the
Urban Maritime Affairs cord income 800 000, representing the Southern Song court
in one-fiftieth of revenue shows that Hong Kong has become an important Quanzhou
Orient port.
  Yuan Dynasty, Quanzhou port into the peak period, both the total throughput of
China's foreign trade port and the East-West sea transport hub, has become a par with
Alexandria in Egypt the world's largest port. Italian traveler Marco Polo in his
"Travels," said: "Hong Kong is the world's largest coral ports. A large number of
businessmen gathered here, the goods piling up, really hard to imagine"; Morocco,
Ibn Battuta in his "Travels," also said: "Hong Kong is the world's largest port of coral,
and even the biggest port." Zeng Yi Yuan dynasty in China Quanzhou Overseas
transport calculation as the starting point of the voyage. Also during this period some
foreign religion imported by Quanzhou Maritime Silk Road, such as Hindus, as
business travel to Quanzhou, and the construction of a Hindu temple glorious scale -
Fan Buddhist temple; Nestorianism (the ancient Christian) in the early Yuan Dynasty
Incoming Quanzhou. Quanzhou ancestors engaged in overseas trade and the
migration process of a foreign country, but also the home of Confucianism, Taoism,
folk religion (such as the Mazu belief and so on), and opera music taken abroad, the
dissemination of traditional Chinese culture.
  Ming and Qing dynasties, the rulers harsh "no sea", "border" policy, resulting in
Quanzhou port in the world has changed fundamentally, is to limit contact with
Okinawa, which lost its status of international port . Ming Chenghua eight years,
Quanzhou Maritime Affairs be relocated to Fuzhou, marking the largest port in the
East by the glorious decline. Court's "no sea", and "border" detention policy of
extremely poor people into the dilemma faced by the people of Quanzhou, a coastal
area does not avoid Jianwei, breaking blockade, batch after batch of Quanzhou to
Southeast Asia and other places across the seas to make a living, and become famous
overseas Chinese hometown of Quanzhou.
  20 Century 50's to 70's, face as Quanzhou Kinmen, Taiwan, is considered likely to
ignite flames of war at any time "battlefield", the state does not invest in the project,
and no decent factories and enterprises, where slow economic growth, people living in
poverty, with almost be said that the destruction of the extreme "left" line of havoc,
leaving only "thank coral coral flower city", "Shortage lonely fight back wave" scene.
  reform and opening up, Quanzhou people grasp the opportunity, historic changes
have taken place in urban and rural areas, comprehensive economic strength has
increased markedly, to become the fastest growing in Fujian Province and even China,
one of the most dynamic regions. Reform and opening up previously, Fujian Province,
Quanzhou economic output ranks second to last place in 1978, Quanzhou's economic
output was only 779 million yuan, while achieving the city's 2006 GDP of 190.076
billion yuan, total economy for years to keep the province First, among the forefront
of the national-level city.
  2, Quanzhou development of cultural tourism advantages
  (1) rich and valuable cultural tourism resources,
  Quanzhou, the State Council released the first batch of 24 Chinese historical and
cultural cities, cultural treasures dotted only state-level cultural relics protection units
to as many as 20; Quanzhou is the "Museum of World Religions" and it still retains
more than 20 kinds of Chinese and foreign religious relics; Quanzhou is a famous
hometown of overseas Chinese and compatriots in Taiwan, the main native Han
Chinese, the national China Fujian edge museum set up in Quanzhou; the State
Department May 20, 2006 to the National Development [2006] 18, the first national
paper published non-material cultural heritage, the Quanzhou City selected a 11 Nan
Yin, etc. item; UNESCO to the world's first "multi-cultural exhibition center in the
world," addressing Quanzhou.
  (b) regional economic development
  material basis of economy is tourism. On one hand, the level of economic
development determines the level of people's income, on people's travel behavior has
a decisive influence; on the other hand, it determines the level of economic
development, the capacity of tourism development, tourism to sustainable
development, must be strong economic backing. World Tourism Organization (WTO)
study shows that when per capita GDP reached 800 to 1000 dollars, travel spending
will show a mass, generalized the situation; when per capita GDP more than 3000 U.S.
dollars, vacations gradually. According to the municipal Bureau of Statistics, in 2006,
Quanzhou complete the GDP (GDP) 1900.76 billion yuan, accounting for a quarter of
the province; per capita GDP reached 24,847 yuan, according to 3116 U.S. dollars
exchange rate, the first time 3000 U.S. dollars mark. According to World Bank criteria
for the classification, on the regional economic strength, Quanzhou has crossed the
middle-income countries the threshold.
  (c) of the more affluent members of the public life
  tourism income is the primary factor incubation. According to international common
Engel coefficient (the food expenditure share of total consumer spending) to divide
rich and poor conditions, the Engel coefficient of 30% to 40% off. In recent years, the
Engel coefficient declined Quanzhou. Quanzhou Investigation Team, National Bureau
of Statistics data show that Quanzhou in 2006 per capita disposable income of urban
residents 15,971.53 yuan, up 12.40 percent over the previous year; urban residents per
capita household consumption expenditures 10,812.27 yuan, up 8.10% over the
previous year; urban residents per capita food expenditure 4192.52 yuan, an increase
of 6.46% over 2005, the Engel coefficient of 39.37% from fall 2005 to 38.78% [9].
Quanzhou first half of 2007 per capita disposable income of urban residents near
million, strong growth. The Engel coefficient of Quanzhou has reached a large
number of people traveling in the economic conditions.
  (d) of the advantages of Hong Kong, Macao prominent
  Quanzhou is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and compatriots in Taiwan,
Han one of the main ancestral home, located in 129 countries and regions in the
world's 720 million people of Quanzhou Overseas Chinese and Chinese nationals,
residing in In this thesis, the Hong Kong compatriots, from [worry
document] collection and sorting, for the original author! 70 million people, 6 million
people living in Macao, the three accounted for more than 60% of the province.
44.8% Han Chinese compatriots in Taiwan, about 900 million native of Quanzhou, the
city's existing units are nearly 16 million people. The Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
compatriots back often to visit relatives in Quanzhou Tourism, roots Yezu, is an
important source of cultural tourism in Quanzhou.
 3, Quanzhou City Cultural Tourism Development Strategies

  (a) deal with the contradiction between heritage conservation and urban
  With the accelerated pace of urban construction, urban renewal and in particular
Conservation conflicts more and more prominent, mainly: some local governments
one-sided emphasis on economic development, neglect the protection of cultural
relics; some local governments to meet the developers interests unilaterally, ignoring
the laws and regulations; some local governments one-sided emphasis on the
development of heritage, ignore protect the surrounding environment. Quanzhou
Temple, built around his style as very uncoordinated high-rise buildings, the
Millennium monument for the "modern civilization" by the annihilation. Cause for
concern is that failure to abide by strict law enforcement, some have not followed the
phenomenon to occur are still very "impose a fine on behalf of the law" and remained
the case, cited a few examples: key national heritage Dan Wei Bao Hu Dehua kiln
range, is a ceramic Limited excavation damage, the parties have not been investigated
for criminal responsibility according to law, only penalty trouble; Qingyan Mountain,
on the 9th Hill, Lingshan Holy Sepulchre Conservation Area, some people in blasting
rocks, random repair graves. Legal consciousness, it is deep-seated cultural causes
serious damage. Really want to do conservation work, to eliminate the phenomenon
of concealed condone vandalism, increase enforcement of heritage conservation; the
same time, increase punishment, which should be investigated for administrative
responsibility held executive responsibility, the accountability of criminal punishment
should be to the Penal Code The height of the corresponding responsible punished
accordingly. Some local government leaders and lacked understanding of the heritage
conservation is not in place, do not think that C & D, but to put in
maintenance funds, not worth the protection of historical and cultural city as a burden
and bondage. Over the years, heritage preservation and economic development in the
choice issue, there is always an anomaly - benefits that individuals may, consequences
of sharing. Enterprises in order to benefit, Terra Tragedy of natural resources, day and
night sewage waste-water treatment, reduce the cost, for personal interests. As the
local city managers, they see more of the actual performance, enterprise more, tax
more, GDP coming up, environmental problems can be an eye, one eye closed. To
resolve this contradiction, we must raise awareness of the owners of honor, change the
traditional concept of political achievements. In this regard, the Government conducts
urban construction, the developer of the responsibility to preserving the heritage and
an explicit agreement, we must strengthen supervision, not for partial interests or
personal interests and connivance laissez-faire. In fact, the construction and protection
are not irreconcilable contradiction between the two also complement each other in
some places, such as Xi'an, the state has invested heavily in development and
protection of Qin Mausoleum, this historical monuments turn to the local economy
into the vigor and vitality.
  (b) play the role of local government macro-control, establish an effective incentive
  tourism industry depends not only on market mechanisms, but also on government
planning regulation in order to avoid travel caused by the market mechanism
distortions in resource allocation. First, the Government should the participation of
experts and scholars from various quarters to complete scientific and feasible
long-term planning of local tourism, making tourism more easier to enter the market
factor. Quanzhou government efforts to control the tourism market is strengthening,
such as "Quanzhou, Fujian Province Tourism Development Master Plan (revision)"
three-step strategy for tourism development proposed by Quanzhou ideas, the first
step: from 2005 to 2010, Fujian Quanzhou become provincial major cities; the second
step: 2011 to 2015, so Quanzhou become a popular tourist destination; the third step:
2016 to 2020, so Quanzhou become internationally renowned tourist destination.
Secondly, the Government should establish an effective incentive mechanism to
develop appropriate policies to encourage foreign investment and private funds
involved in tourism development, formation of the grade and size of the various
business forms of tourism enterprises or groups, so that the three major cities of
Fujian docking position. Quanzhou Travel emphasis on the current tour travel, Meet
the group pay less attention to local tours, which led to foreign tourists to the lack of
local travel. Tourism enterprises conduct the development of tourism in our city is
also essential that the Government should give appropriate guidance to support
tourism enterprises, the focus shifted to Jietuan respect from the tour. Tourism
enterprises in self-promotion when the promote the brand more emphasis on tourism,
and not be focused on Zishen ranks so the publicity, so as to play overseas tourists to
promote tourism brand of Quanzhou, Quanzhou to expand the visibility of tourism.
Again, under the guidance of the government, the tourism industry, coordination
mechanisms, such as the establishment of a Tourism Industry Association, to
strengthen the construction of credibility, organizational self-discipline, standardize
the behavior of the industry, providing industry information, to avoid investment
  (c) continue to increase investment, to speed up tourism projects
  2006 in Quanzhou city tourism industry has been able so "big step" development,
tourism, construction of key projects of the credit is not small: China Fujian Province
The success of platform margin museum opened in the Taiwan Strait had a great
response in order to attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists; Nam Ishii,
Taiwan travel terminals built to break the two-way travel to Taiwan "zero" record, in
June our city tour to participate in spring gold route flight, successfully erected spring
a new platform for interaction between Taiwan tourism; Fujian Province Travel
Channel commodity city under construction, will create the first cross-strait tourism
commodity distribution base, and become a tourist from Taiwan to spring a major
tourism product area.
  (4) enhance and improve the tourism infrastructure construction
  hard stop, bus lines developed, the hotel facilities can not meet passenger demand,
the lack of scenic roads or obvious signs such as, Quanzhou cultural tourism
development and the solution to the problem is also closely related. Quanzhou
tourism should continue to increase investment in infrastructure construction, built to
facilitate and standardize the tourism infrastructure, for groups, FIT and self drive
services and other kinds of tourists, to facilitate their travel. For example, in the full
demonstration basis, with the bus companies, travel lanes open line of cars, to many
urban and suburban culture, tourist attractions (and other types of tourist attractions)
link; regulate a variety of tourist signs in the set, for the self-driving tour guided tours,
communications, parking, refueling and other comprehensive services. The
development of tourism from the current tour, group tours to leisure, self-help tourism
development, so should not only strive star luxury hotel standards, "the tourists afford
to live, stay, economy hotel business is a good choice" . FIT Rise of the urgent need
for comprehensive information service system, such as the construction of the Tour
and Transport WebGIS, to provide users with a map for the interface, geo-spatial
information and combination of various types of multimedia information of online
travel, traffic information browsing and query environment.
  (5) step up publicity to increase the impact
  cultural travel promotion during Quanzhou to do (turn 48 next page) (the then 45
pages) generous and targeted. First of all, to be generous, the high standard of conduct
and cultural tourism promotion. High in the ratings to a national television advertising,
such as the May 5, 2006, CCTV broadcast the exhibition of fine traditional culture in
Quanzhou; to invite the world's writers and artists to the cultural tourist spots in
Quanzhou life experience to inspire them creative inspiration, through their literature,
photography, art, film and television works to expand the impact of cultural tourism
resources in Quanzhou, preferably 12 to selected primary and secondary school
language textbooks to the country's children have been raised to Quanzhou, primary
and secondary school textbooks in the "Guilin is Best" and "Winter in Jinan" How
many people from an early age to make these two places are very fascinating. Second,
in-depth study tourist market and the corresponding relationship between tourism
products, to carry out targeted promotional marketing tourism market. According to
Quanzhou Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and the Matsu culture in Southeast Asia, Japan
and the impact of the Arab region and relations to Southeast Asia as a major source of
foreign markets, the Arab region, Japan, as a supplementary source of foreign markets,
a variety of form of multiple channels to carry out propaganda and promotion
activities, such as in 2002, Quanzhou to "Maritime Silk Road heritage in Quanzhou"
as the subject participating organizations, the National Tourism Administration to
Japan's tourism promotion activities. According to Ningbo, Yangzhou and Guangzhou
is the brink of extinction, a famous port, it retains the precious historical and cultural
heritage in Marine Silk Road, Quanzhou city together with the joint design of the
launch of the famous port in ancient China Maritime Silk Road travel is the theme of
the project , big QUICKER Maritime Silk Road Tour this article. The neighboring
Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces as a special tourism Seacell important
source of domestic markets. According to Islamic heritage status and influence in
Quanzhou particularly prominent, but our country back, Uygur, Kazak, and other
minorities, most people believe in Islam, some 20 million Muslims, it should also be
emphasis on national minorities Muslim tourist market publicity promotion work.

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