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									                                                                 Nature Sounds Society
                                                                            2006 Membership Form
                                                                        Complete and return with your payment to:
                                                                                 Nature Sounds Society
                                                                          c/o The Oakland Museum of California
                                                                          1000 Oak Street, Oakland CA 94607
                                                                           (510) 238-7482

                                                               Thank you for your Membership support!



City                                                                State                     Zip               Country
Home                                            Work                                                      Fax
Phone (        )                                Phone (             )                                     Phone (   )


Please write a few lines about yourself for the directory

   Please don’t include me in the directory.                     I would like to be contacted by other, similar organizations.
                                     Note: The Nature Sounds Society does not sell, lease or rent its membership list.

Type of membership _____ Individual ($25)                   ______ Organization ($40)                     ______ Lifetime ($250)

Would you like to make an additional donation?

         $ _____________ General Fund                                                          $ ___________ Workshop Scholarship

For your premium this year, choose between a free single CD or dual tape pack recording of Gordon Hempton’s “Quiet Places,” or
Earth Ear’s new compilation, “Dreams of Gaia.”

CD choice      _____ Australia       _____ Asia             ______ North America               ______ Africa             _____ Forests ____ Gaia
                                                                  - OR -
Tape choice #1 _____ Australia       _____ Asia             ______ North America               ______ Africa

Tape choice #2 _____ Australia       _____ Asia             ______ North America               ______ Africa

If you are interested in helping us as a volunteer, let us know by checking below:
   Events      Bulletin     Recording Club          Membership             Fundraising/Grants              Natural Quiet        Publicity

Rec’d: _____
Treas: _____                     Please make checks payable to “The Nature Sounds Society”
Memb:_____          NSS is an IRC 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
Prem: _____

                                                                                                                                               Rev. 4/2005

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