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									Finding Inexpensive Airfares during Peak Seasons
Although people love to travel cheap and want to avail those opportunities that offer cheap airfares and special airfare deals, but unfortunately most of
these packages and offers are available for off-peak seasons only. This is because airlines try to sell out their tickets when the seats are not fully taken
and they want to schedule a flight. During peak seasons there is no need to do so since people from all around the country are flying here and there to
make the most of their holidays and other special occasions. You might think there is absolutely no way of avoiding extremely expensive airfares
during peak seasons. I say extremely expensive because airlines tend to increase their rates during holidays and special occasions like Christmas. In
this article we will explore how to find cheap airfares during peak seasons.

The first option is to book in advance. When the time gets near ticket rates go sky-high because of the number of people wanting to travel at the same
exact days. No matter how you plan your trip you end up being excessively charged to spend a holiday season out of your city or country. But the
problem with this option of flying cheaper is that sometimes you just cant manage to plan your trip way in advance. Either you are not sure whether
you would be flying on those days or not, or you are called at the last day to attend a wedding or to meet relatives at a suddenly-planned reunion.
What would you do then?

One way to avoid peak-time airfares is to book a one-year open seat on the flight to your intended destination. This works not only with national
airlines but with international airlines as well. What you do is buy a one-year open return ticket and upon arriving at your destination location you throw
this ticket away and buy another one-year open ticket with a return day somewhere in the next few months to come. This does cost you more than
regular fares but it saves you a lot when you have to fly during peak seasons and there is no other option available.

Yet another way is to search the Internet for air travel consolidators in your area who will help you find an inexpensive flight in high season. You can
also try to locate airlines that have special deals listed on their packages for high seasons. These airlines might not be available at your location, so
the trick is to fly at the location from where they have a cheap flight scheduled to your destination location or somewhere closer. Once you are on a
website that lets you search for inexpensive flights you will find out a lot of indirect routes to your destination. Traveling this way is sometimes cheaper
than traveling direct, especially in high season.

Consolidator packages sometimes include air-hotel offers in which you have to pay not only for the ticket but for hotel accommodations as well (which
you may not be willing to avail). However, you can search for air-only packages during peak seasons. Many companies are offering air-only as well as
air-hotel cheap packages to their customers to let them travel affordably.

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