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									Crazy crazy 1.2 billion smuggled cigarettes tax evasion tax evasion

  crazy evasion of cigarette smuggling
  collusion between Guangdong, Fujian and the two group of people, first in Hong
Kong after the re-acquisition of cigarettes smuggled into the Philippines and then
engage in smuggling
  cigarette tax evasion 12 亿
  smuggling of funds raised 70 million, with the boats at sea, on land there are trucks,
personnel division of labor, Shishi in Fujian and Guangdong benefits to the two
partners in collusion with smuggling of cigarettes, cigarette smuggling from abroad
and big entry, the amount of tax evasion two years, 1.2 billion yuan RMB. Yesterday,
Lu Cheng-products, Lin Jinzhou other 20 defendants were arrested for smuggling
ordinary goods in Shenzhen City Intermediate People's Court for trial.
  smuggling funds have been raised from the villagers
  prosecutor accused in early 2004, Lu Cheng-products, Lin Jinzhou planned to
offshore waters of cigarette smuggling in Fujian Shishi entry, and then sold for profit.
The two sides agreed that Lin Jinzhou purchase cigarettes in Hong Kong and is
responsible for re-export to the Philippines, Lu Cheng-products is responsible for
foreign cigarettes smuggling in Fujian Shishi sea entry, the two sides invested 35
million yuan as the smuggling of funds.
  commitment items after the convening of Lucheng Sheng Lu and Lu Chengdian, Lu
Cheng-post, Lu Cheng-status discussions, funded four million yuan each, the
remaining funds in Shishi City, a village in the Town of Port funds. Using this method,
total funds raised to smuggling 35 million yuan. Meanwhile, Lin Jinzhou and Cai
Xiang Meng 35 million yuan investment partnership, which invested 14 million yuan
Lin Jinzhou, Xiang Cai Meng invested 21 million yuan.
  clear division of labor in smuggling
  to implement the smuggling activities, Lu Cheng, who has rented goods, purchased
the boat two transport ships cigarettes, two fishing boats, employment, purchasing
small iron vessels and small trucks. While Lu Cheng-products has gathered Qiu
Ming-chih, Shang-Chun Tsai altar, and others involved in smuggling, and the
personnel division of labor: Lu Cheng-products responsible for directing all
smuggling activities; Shang-Chun Tsai forum for contact, direct from the Philippines
to transport cigarettes vessels; Lu Tien-set, Yow Kam responsible for tobacco sales ;
Lu Cheng-state is responsible for organizing personnel driving a small iron boat to
transport the cigarettes from the sea, on land, then shipped to the buyer with a small
truck to a nearby village, or possession of the home; Lin Jinzhou for purchase
cigarettes in Hong Kong, and tobacco re-exported to the Philippines.
  2005 year, as local law enforcement departments in Fujian Shishi greater efforts to
combat cigarette smuggling, cigarette smuggling in the sea lions is difficult to succeed.
Proposed by Lin Jinzhou, Lu Cheng-Wei Yang, Guangdong goods and others to come
with Jiangsu, Chen and Chin, who ties together the deliberations to continue the
smuggling of cigarettes in Huiyang sea entry, later sold for profit. The staff
co-financing and distribution agreements in accordance with the investment
proportion of smuggling profits.
  cigarette tax evasion by the amount of smuggling 1.2 billion
  prosecutor accused, since the beginning of 2004 to October 2005, the Lu
Cheng-products, Lin Jinzhou and others according to their division of labor, big
foreign cigarettes will be smuggled in without the relevant entry. Approved by the
customs department, tax evasion amounts to 920 million yuan.
  from November 2005 to January 2006, the above-mentioned officers in the
smuggling of cigarettes Huiyang sea voyage entry 19, 33 947 cartons of cigarettes,
approved by the customs department, a total amount of 260 million yuan tax evasion.
  Lu Cheng-Lin Jinzhou in collusion with the defendant and others products of
cigarette smuggling in the lions the same time, together with Chen and Chin and
others in the area of Guangdong Province in the same way Huiyang smuggled
cigarettes entering the country. The prosecution alleged all of the above suspects the
total amount of tax evasion of cigarette smuggling 12 billion.
  principal claim to only the 20 million yuan of funds
  court, faced allegations of the prosecution, pleaded guilty Lu Cheng-goods, but he
says he's not the organizers, was his brother have the final say. He was recognized by
friends, Lin Jinzhou, the forest that have sources of supply of cigarettes, so that Lu
Cheng-product to help him get "shore." Later, Lu Cheng-products through the links,
his brother and forest agreement. Lu Cheng-goods said they Shishi in Fujian, where
the customs is the family boss have the final say, so what he heard big brother. In
smuggling, he just assume the task of contact, such as Lin Jinzhou and he linked that
to the goods, he brought this situation to tell his older brother, and then act according
to the arrangements for Big Brother. Lu Cheng-products also argues that he failed to
convince villagers to raise funds, 36 million fund he smuggled out of 400 million, of
which only 20 million was his own. Smuggling is not his assembled staff, the
personnel division of labor is not his arrangement. The case is still further
investigation. / Center>

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