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					Course of Modern "Modern Communication Principle" Teaching Reform

 modern communication theory courses
 Abstract: The "Modern Communication Principles" course reform, in this based on
the "Principles of Modern Communications "Curriculum for the following reforms:
the reform of teaching content, to establish a scientific assessment methods, use of
multimedia teaching methods. Achieved through practice, better results.

 Keywords: modern communication theory; teaching; reform

 "Modern Communication Principles" course for the communications engineering,
information engineering backbone of the professional basic courses required,
Communication category of many schools of compulsory courses Postgraduate
Entrance Examination is one. "Modern communication theory" courses is to introduce
the communication system of basic theory, basic analysis methods and the
performance indicators. "Modern Communication Principle" of the pre-courses,
"Signals and Systems", "probability theory", "High Frequency Circuit," "Information
Theory and Coding"; follow-up courses on "communication system", "computer
communication networks", "Mobile communication "," satellite communications ","
Software Radio "," Spread Spectrum "and other professional courses. So the course is
a bridging course, also the communications professional is one of the most important
programs. The teaching quality is good or bad for communication engineering,
information engineering students have a major impact.
 In order to improve the "modern communication theory," the teaching quality,
improve teaching effectiveness, improve students analyze issues and solve problems,
to adapt to modern science and technology development on the demand for high
quality talent, I am, "Modern Communication Principle" course syllabus, teaching
methods, teaching methods, practice teaching, etc. all-round reforms.
 "Modern Communication Principle" Course Teaching Reform
 I have school from 20 (0 formally enrolled in communications engineering student,
so other than running a long time professional, we also need to work on curriculum
development as soon as possible to improve the level of curriculum construction.
 for the "principle of modern communication" courses, and our reform of the basic
idea is:
 .1 to have an innovative curriculum
 syllabus we ask for not chapters of a pile, but the teaching of this course guidance
documents; not only taught the outline, but also to guide students to self-study outline.
syllabus in addition to the basic content of the course explicit requirements, but also
under the subject development to be updated, proposed measures to develop students
ability to clarify the course and the links between the course, fully reflect the
optimization of both curricular and extracurricular strengthen, inspire students to learn
the spirit of initiative and to propose appropriate measures and methods.
 .2 to a set of new teaching methods
  we simply change the traditional classroom teaching methods to impart knowledge,
and heuristic and discuss the implementation of the teaching style. teachers in the
classroom, the main play clarifying ideas, highlight focus and guide the pioneering
role. underscores the need to appropriately address the ability to impart knowledge
and cultivate relationships. We also asked study teaching method, whether
arrangements for self-learning, important and difficult to explain, or organization or in
the teaching of classroom discussion interspersed discussion, should pay attention to
mobilizing the enthusiasm of the students, the original "chalk and talk" process to the
teachers under the guidance of teachers and students to explore the process. and in the
teaching process, the focus should be taught about knowledge itself shifted from
simply teaching the same time access to knowledge, methods and ways of thinking.
  .3 to a set of advanced materials
  publication regardless of quality materials with internal and external or foreign
material, must build a number of teaching and learning aids. on behalf of, for example,
the preparation of or introduce some reference books, laboratory instruction, foreign
language books, etc.. In addition, special emphasis should guide the students to
inspect the documents, read a lot of teaching content and related reference materials to
train students to acquire subject knowledge and the latest developments and to
develop the ability to In addition to the quantity to be just right, but also reflects the
high quality requirements,
  .4 be a set of scientific assessment methods
  test of the students play an important role in guiding the examination is not only the
evaluation of students knowledge and ability. but also to promote student learning to
the best direction, but also feedback on the effectiveness of teaching, can contribute to
the improvement of teaching. examination of the key, in addition to the "three basic"
elements, we asked focus on testing analyze problems, hole decision problems.
examination of the ways is closed book, open-book, interview, test or write an essay,
inspired by the whole student learning assessment initiative and enthusiasm. a
comprehensive assessment of students abilities and qualities.
. 5 to have a modern teaching methods
  program to as much as possible the application of modern teaching equipment, in
addition to extensive use of slide projectors, film, video and other electronic teaching
tools, the particular, to encourage teachers to make full use of network technology to
develop computer assisted instruction, computer multimedia teaching tools to enhance
learning efficiency of London, and enhance visual teaching and improve teaching
  "Modern Communication Principle" Teaching Reform
  .1 of teaching methods appropriate to the
  "Modern Communication Principles" course is a theoretical and practical courses are
very strong, on behalf of and theory difficult to understand. For this feature, when the
emphasis in teaching the concept of understanding to enable students to understand
their physical meaning. in Teaching theory with practice, enhance students
understanding of theoretical knowledge. and introduced in the teaching of advanced
computer simulation system, in the classroom communication system using the
System View simulation software, simulation in the classroom on-site the various
communications systems, comparison of advantages and disadvantages of
communication systems, and can be directly observed from the results, students
deepened understanding of the various parts of communications systems,
communications systems have a comprehensive understanding.
  we have the results in time to introduce reform to the teaching. through education
reform issues, and establish EDA lab, "Modern Communication Theory" provided the
experimental conditions, we then bought Zhejiang University, Department of
Experimental production of CDFD-BAS system experiment, the experimental
methods and means of reform (with EDA technology; using hardware and software
simulation test combined approach; by the above method, the experimental design
from the verification experiment turned to experiment),
  reform in teaching methods, emphasizing inspiration and guide to learning initiative
to the students so that they have more room for self-study and research, emphasis on
teaching students good at learning, students have the independent ability to acquire

, 2 to explore the reform of teaching content in
  teaching content of the teaching reform, teaching theory with practice, closely
integrated with the current trend of communication systems. introduce more new
knowledge. such as digital communications have now replaced a lot of analog
communication systems, the reduction in analog communication in teaching system
and add the contents of digital communications. in teaching, it is also to teach students
the concept of the system. In teaching, teaching financial knowledge,
capacity-building, quality education in one, the reform of teaching content to students
"of Modern Communication Principles "course has been great interest in learning
highly motivated to learn a good effect, the reform effect is obvious.
  .3 to establish a scientific assessment methods
" Principles of Modern Communications "course of examination by discussion, the
respondent and other forms of oral and written form, so weakened the conclusion of
the student achievement test, examination and training process to closely integrate the
promotion of teachers and students to participate in teaching activities. in the written
test, the item difficulty to distinguish between the right degree of arrangements
consistent with the outline requirements, questions focus on the learning ability of
students to study, paper rating process is rigorous, standardized, quality and
performance analysis of pertinent papers, carry out a test summary of the work.
  "modern communication theory," Experimental Course appraisal inspection by the
experiment, normal attendance, usually the attitude of students to experiment,
experimental report assessment results, and the final results of the assessment of
  in the "Principles of Modern Communications" course design, require students to use
System View simulation system for communication system simulation. we made on
methods of assessment reform, not only with the usual assessment report on
curriculum design approach. our assessment approach is to require students to pay the
course design report, to students before the teacher simulation system on the spot by
Sys.tem View lap circuit, and the simulation, gives the simulation results. so
effectively in the curriculum design to avoid the phenomenon of copying each other
and promote the students seriously curriculum design.
 .4 "Modern Communication Principle" Course of Experimental Teaching
 practice teaching ability is an important knowledge into the process, the ability of the
students play an important role. We attach great importance to the reform of
experimental teaching. in 2004, a new Communication Theory Laboratory, lab area of
200m, while in the experiment with a multi-media teaching facilities, teaching in
experimental multimedia teaching.
 thesis from [worry document] collection and sorting, for the
original author! used in the experimental teaching of Guilin University of Electronic
Production "modern communication theory, integration, system test case." and in
2004 purchased a new Zhejiang University, Department of Production (CDVD-BAS
experimental system "." Modern communication theory, integration, system test case
"is the use of small and medium-scale integrated circuit experiment, the experiment
requires students to take the line of the experimental circuit, experimental results can
be observed through the oscilloscope and other equipment out of the experiment, can
enhance the abilities of students, improve their ability to use the equipment. In the
experiment will encounter various problems to be solved. So the experiment, but also
can improve the students to analyze and solve problems. through the experiment so
that students practice is increased. However, the experimental system has a flaw, is
that in the experimental box is fixed, so the design of experiments can not improve
their innovation capability.
 ((CDVD-BAS experimental system "is a complex Programmable logic devices CPLJ)
experiment. In the experiment the contents of the experimental students, using VHDL
programming language, then downloaded to the CDFD-BAS experimental system, the
results can be output through the experimental system, using an oscilloscope that can
also computer display. In the experiment, students according to their knowledge,
using a different circuit, different way to wear to achieve. can be designed,
comprehensive experiment. The experiment, students can improve test quality and
scientific research capabilities to foster a new spirit of students planing. cultivate
innovative talents.
 experiment using two experimental methods, you can combine these two
characteristics of experimental equipment to complement each other, you can develop
students ability to analyze issues, solve problems and design capabilities, so that
students can develop a comprehensive.
 .5 multimedia teaching methods
 "Modern Communication Principles" course is a strong curriculum theory, formulas,
and derived more. In addition, the "modern Communication Principle "Teaching of
certain knowledge is difficult to use traditional teaching methods and oral clear, visual
image interpretation difficult, as shown in the time domain signal waveform and
spectrum maps. Therefore, using multimedia technology, the use of multimedia
Technology has produced courseware, can be achieved directly, saving time, the
purpose of efficiency.
  in the production of multimedia courseware, we do not just select out the contents of
the textbooks produced courseware, and combined the teaching content, use of
internationally recognized excellent communication system simulation software
System View simulation. using System View simulation software simulation, can be
targeted with a communications system that uses a different design parameters of the
system, through the simulation. on the simulation results are analyzed and compared
with theoretical results. This You can "Modern Communication Principle" is more
difficult to grasp and understand the course content shows up vividly, so that students
learned more thorough understanding of knowledge.
  "Modern Communication Principles" course syllabus, lesson plans, experimental
guidance, exercises, reference directories, etc. are now produced, had Internet access.
Courseware open in Internet and online in the Internet answering.
  communication course is the cost of the professional development program the basic
subjects unit, which is based on teaching activities, is to determine the training mode,
reflects the basic elements of the quality of personnel training is the primary means of
achieving educational goals. but also to teach students knowledge, developing
capacity to improve the quality of the main ways to improve the key to enhancing the
quality of education programs, and promote teaching contents and curriculum system
reform, improving the school as the level of importance this paper from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original
author! / center>