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					Computer calligraphy calligraphy, significance?

 significant learning calligraphy computer

  learning calligraphy, significance?
  Takamasa primary Xieyou Yun Mei army
  constant with the socio-economic development of the computer in the popularity of
people's lives. We tasted in computer technology to give people the opportunities
offered by convenience, some wonder: the categories of children to learn too much,
there is need for them to spend so much time to do hard calligraphy ? The future is
much more social with the computer, the computer played a beautiful words to how
beautiful ... ... I can not agree on the idea.
  First of all, calligraphy is excellent up and down five thousand years of cultural
tradition, table with Chinese culture, and national spirit into one, with deep cultural
connotation of forest in the world the wonderful work of art, which to characters as
the carrier, involved in language, literature, history, aesthetics and so on, but also with
music, art connected. We Chinese have a responsibility as a successor to this tradition,
fully mastering Chinese calligraphy. When the guide, such as from interest,
knowledge of angles to give guidance to enable students to grow a lot of knowledge
to achieve the knowledge and skills together to improve the effectiveness. In addition,
key to select some works by ancient masters to the students to direct appreciation of
the guide, students can feel the ancient culture from the artistic charm to stimulate
students to inherit and carry forward traditional national determination and confidence,
and inspire patriotism.
  second, calligraphy to cultivate people's moral quality, physical quality, intelligent
and good quality of life and study habits, personality and aesthetic ability to have a
shape and its important role. As we all know, calligraphy is a unique traditional art,
for thousands of years has been for people to appreciate and love. Why do people like
her? It is precisely because she can show people to the United States, triggering
people's feeling and association, which is a combination of aesthetic and practical.
Han Yang Xiong once said: "as the pictures of the heart", that calligraphy is the
performance of one's inner world. Beautiful calligraphy and abstract image of the line
through to admire those who get to enjoy beauty, and the cultivation of personality
and temperament. Actually practice calligraphy copybooks with the eye to perceive,
use exercise to explore the United States, carefully grasp the United States, by hand to
create the aesthetics. Mr. Lu said: "The art of Chinese calligraphy is the Pearl of the
Orient gems, it is not poetic there is the beauty of poetry, it is not there painting the
beauty of art, it is not a dance there dance rhythms, it is not there song's melody song .
"said:" There are three US-Chinese text, meaning the United States to a sense of heart,
a sense of sound to ear the United States, the United States to form a sense of purpose.
"So, learn calligraphy is an effective means of aesthetic education. As the saying goes,
"beauty of the heart in everyone." Face is the inherent beauty and ugliness, but the
words are written to the United States but can be obtained by the day after tomorrow,
the word is another man's instrument. Moreover, with social development,
improvement of living standards, more people to pursue quality of life, many people
like to hang a painting at home in order to increase the point of scholarly works, this
is not only a decoration also reflected personal taste, is also the a kind of beauty to
enjoy. For the kids who brought them to the artistic conception of Chinese calligraphy
to the United States so that they are what the well nurtured, it will certainly be a new
discovery, over time, also have flash self. Those in the computer, how can it show?
  again, now, more than for the one-child family in China, some of them self-care
ability, withdrawn and. Practice calligraphy is the psychological adjustment, a good
way to regulate behavior, so that students can enter the relatively quiescent state. Now
the students are not not smart, but too sloppy, not seriously, do not concentrate. The
calligraphy must devote all our energies must calm the mind, gas and, correct posture,
sustained, rigorous over time can develop a good habit. Meanwhile, most students
lack the tenacity and endurance, also happens to be a painting by a writing exercise to
get the correct hastily, sloppy, sloppy defects, which develop perseverance, energy,
focus, patience and meticulous, not afraid of hard good habits. Proved to accept
calligraphy education students can get a kind of strong coordination and self-control,
for learning other subjects to develop other skills and lay a good foundation.
  present, China's basic education by the "exam-oriented education" to "quality
education" changes, the study of our ancient cultural heritage is an integral part of
quality education. Can be seen practicing calligraphy on the child is good but no harm
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