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									Comparison of German and English German Comparison

 Comparison of German English Grammar

  comparison of German and English
  (a) of the two languages compare
  broad study than English students, beginners should be the original English
(Introduction), the memories of the difficulties, from the letters, words reinforce
memorizing, reciting to the IPA and the memory of all the pronunciation rules, to a
variety of syntax of a learning, until the Department of graduating from high school to
learn grammar entirely, to the university and then forced a class lesson in memory of a
thousand words, a final effort to deal with 46 Bo. Introduction to the general feeling
when the hardest, after it is a matter of time. In contrast, German entry should be
more difficult, and memory capacity should be greater. Mainly attributed to the
so-called difficult than English, German is more complex grammatical structures,
derived from the German tradition of the ancient language to retain more of
succession, the English grammatical structure is relatively more simple, more modern.
In fact, on this point, the grammar of modern Chinese system should be the most
modern and most concise. Therefore, when many foreigners to learn Chinese is often
heard on easy to use, because modern Chinese grammar is too simple, while for
foreigners, the real difficulties lie in Chinese box style hieroglyphic writing and
  difficulty in terms of the syntax is: German than French, French than English, in
English than Chinese. The English were able to become the world's most common
language, while English-speaking countries do with economic status, on the other
hand as a communication tool terms, English is indeed grammatically is relatively
simple, and its easy to write Chinese way is not easy catching up. For these two
reasons is the most widely accepted in English only.
  German and English compared to the difficulties mainly in the following aspects:
First, the German pronunciation than English is difficult, some people find it very
strange that we phoneme, such as small retroflex r, fricative ch, made up are more
difficult. Secondly, the German grammar more than the English to retain the twists
and turns of ancient languages, nouns, adjectives sex, number of cell changes. Verb
sometimes, state, style, called the changes in the entry stage is often not used a word,
each word must change the way, confusion, and often wrong. We can recall when
their school to learn English through a few basic and important verbs: be, do and have.
In particular, be a verb, the person changes, so that when the state changes are most
beginners feel exhausted, in order to remember these changes, probably spent a lot of
time. The German word almost every should these changes, so also must involve not
only the yin and yang of change, such calculations, the beginning of German memory
capacity is probably needed several times in English. To ease the deal will not do if
these changes do not work hard.
  in addition to that, German spoken and written language differences much larger
than the English, it is like some ancient Chinese written language and spoken
language differences, often learned a long time, newspapers, magazines, or do not
know much to see .
, but above all these difficulties can be overcome. First of all, as long as willing to
work harder, make life difficult for pronunciation is not related, each nation has its
own pronunciation blind spots, on different parts of China, this phenomenon also
exists in some areas such as people, not on L and N points, S and SH, regardless, but
after exercise can always be overcome. So as long as willing to savoring the same,
these people will always break through the German pronunciation of that very
  further, although the German grammar is difficult, but stronger than the English law,
attention summarized, often from the multiplier effect. As for the written language
difficult problem that we can gradually adapt. Even if you go to Germany, and daily
life are also contact with oral, really read the classics, feeling the difficulty of German
written language, it is a matter of a few years.
  (b) the learning of English learning German help
  First of all, learn some English students have to grasp the West has mastered a
language advantage, based on similar language in the West German school good. I do
not advocate the so-called forgotten English study German in. Germans almost all
heard that you have learned after many years of English learning German, the say:
Ach, dannmachteseimemsehrleichter. Meaning, it is much easier. Comparability
between the two particularly strong grammar and vocabulary. For example, an
important German word zu, everyone can look to find it and more like the English
language, similar to its role in particular. As a preposition, that to ... ... go, quaint
preposition usage, said in the ... ... place; as adverbs, leads to infinitive; In addition, as
an adverb, that too ... ... like the (English inside too, and to homologous more in order
to distinguish a o). Also, how German present perfect form, ah, is that "owns" the
meaning of the verb haben (in English have) plus the past participle verb form. How
much like ah! Do not underestimate this point, I've seen some of our service personnel,
never learned English, but also a result of these grammar rules to memorize the article.
Other words, the two repeat, there are many similar, you can contact memory.
  Finally, I give you three tips to learn German: First, the German law particularly
strong, we should note that summarized, not rote! Second, with interest in learning.
Did you certainly interested in Germany where, for example Bundesliga ah, then the
seat of all the teams and some say the back German football terminology down;
another example of German history, if you master that philosophy, science master
interested put them and their work back down, later to Germany, beating quickly find
the Concert. Third, the study must use the German dictionary, recommended by
Shanghai Translation Publishing House here prepared, "German-Chinese Dictionary",
you go to Germany, they found that many professional vocabulary large and small to
life vulgar language, it has included, but little out of date. Of course, it is not a dual
solution dictionary, so beginners, sometimes feel that interpretation is not in place,
particularly the distinction between synonyms above. So it can buy a kind of yellow,
and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and the German Langenscheidt
Publishing Company's "double solution Lang's German-Chinese Dictionary." After
Germany, and gradually practice using mainly German dictionary, some words to see
that we have not fixed the Chinese translation, just look above that of the Shanghai
version of "German-Chinese Dictionary" button.
 short, Nothing is difficult, can certainly be done. I believe you will be able to learn
German. / Center>

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