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									Comparative study "Hamlet" and "flies" Comparison of

 comparative study of flies hero
 Summary: "Hamlet" and "The Fly" came, in time, separated by 300 years, but the
two the performance of the Department of the protagonists are amazingly similar in
many ways: First, both the living circumstances, self-selection, similar to Revenge
mode; the second, both of both thinkers, the Savior, the ideological characteristics of
the Lonely; third, The mission of the two line, the same outcome.

 Key words: life choices; ideological characteristics; Superman

  601 years, Shakespeare's tragedy "Hamlet" (hereinafter referred to as "Ha")
published in 1943, Sartre's tragedy "The Fly" (hereinafter referred to as "fly") released.
While the tragedy of the themes of two different situations, but the two hero's life
choices and the revenge mode, has a striking similarity: both the hero character,
beliefs, ideas are the same characteristics; two writers belong to different cultural
context But their understanding of people's living conditions and the social evil the
same as proposed Liaojiu program.
  against the feudal separatism, support centralization, it is humanist political ideals. In
Shakespeare's view, could maintain the order on behalf of the "rule" tyrant on behalf
of impermanence that "chaos", Regicide usurper Claudius means reversing the normal
order and chaos. To cut off Jian Xiong, from the "chaos" and "rule", which is
Shakespeare's firm political ideals, but also "Ha" play one of the themes. Theme of
the two, is the author's moral ideals. Claudius is not only a political Jian Xiong, is the
scum of human relations, and his brother married to kill Sister is also ethical
Tsunatsune of the chaotic, so Hamlet (the tube that Kazakhstan) the struggle against
Claudius had a double Meaning: on behalf of the progressive forces of humanism and
the reactionary feudal regime contest; to represent the forces of good and evil forces
of the moral struggle. Kazakhstan's tragedy, is a political and moral tragedy of
  "fly" come out than the "Ha" for nearly three and a half centuries later, when France
is in Germany and France under the cruel devastation, calamity, is nothing and die, or
to resist the French people facing tough choices . In order to arouse the people, Sartre
chose writing "fly" this was the only feasible form of intervention against the enemy
of life. He borrowed the story of the ancient prince of ancient metaphor for the
modern, called on people to defend the country and the war.
  "Ha" and "fly" Theme creative background and is completely different, but two
heroes of the living condition and the self-selection are remarkably similar. First of all,
Kazakhstan and Orestes (hereinafter referred to as Russia) are the king's only son,
there is a great father, beautiful mother and a happy carefree childhood; Secondly,
there has been usurped the throne, his father was murdered , his mother remarried the
experiences of the perpetrators, and thus face Taiyimieqin, the parent task of revenge.
Third, the two princes revenge the same pattern. Kazakhstan to accept ghost
exhortations, the hesitation ups, with a total inability to take the initiative and
repeatedly turned the enemy Because, until forced to stabbing Claudius before dying.
Kazakhstan's his father's hatred, shame Right funeral took place yesterday, so have a
personal interest that Russia is very far away from this evil. Fifteen years ago, he was
too young to have witnessed the incident is neither the development process, there is
no right to feel the death of his father the sad funeral, coupled with conditions of
abundant adoptive families, so the start of his funeral rights of Killing Father do
behave more cold . Electra is the hatred of revenge kindled the fire of his heart made
him take up the task of revenge, killing enemies in one fell swoop. Due to differences
in personality and living environment of revenge plot between Russia and Kazakhstan
have subtle differences, but in general, similar to their living circumstances, their
power and evil to choose the same life of revenge.
  Kazakhstan and Russia are living in two completely different countries, different
times, different cultural backgrounds among the people, both in religion and therefore
there was a great personality differences. Renaissance, science can not deny the
existence of spirits, therefore, growth in the feudal emperors of Kazakhstan believe in
the existence of heaven and hell, and dressed in the costume of Russian were born in
the forties of this century, creating his Sartre is a complete atheist, so even in the face
of God, gods, Russia dare openly declared: "Jupiter, you are a rock, the king of the
stars, you are the king of Great Haibo Tao, but you're not the king of world [1]"
religious differences, personality differences led to two of the Prince one of the
reasons. Because of the fetters of religious ideas, Kazakhstan is always indecisive
about the outcome, but Russia holds-barred, so he determined and resolute, a
determination will resolutely and thoroughly clean and done in one breath, two
enemies on the pack.
, however, these two aspects of personality and beliefs so different from the prince is
very much in the ideological characteristics of identity:
  first feature thinkers. Kazakhstan and Russia are well educated, have a strong
ideological capacity. Harbaugh learn more years, longer than thought, Russia "careful
consideration", "superior intelligence" and regard the thinking focused on it "person."
Kazakhstan is the pursuit of humanist ideals is linked to human dignity, value, power.
He believed that man is an "extraordinary masterpiece" person who has noble reason,
infinite wisdom and become "the essence of the universe, of all things spiritual chief";
Russia believe in the existence of Marxist philosophy, emphasizing the human nature
freedom, he said: "I am a free man," "I am my freedom." "I wish my own fate in
addition to other, free from any legal constraints" [2]. A character asks from them, we
feel like a passionate poet and Kazakhstan, while Russia is just like a horse swept past
the Pegasus, but they think the characteristics are the same, think the result is the
same, this is the right Humanism recognition. Humanism and Existentialism is a kind
of interpersonal Road, at the core of humanistic philosophy. Although they are in the
secular life and religious theocracy of relations, on the living conditions and political,
legal, moral and other social norms of the relationship between comprehension there
are many differences, but they were an affirmation of the living conditions of people's
concern is are the same. Humanism emphasized that the return of human nature and
human liberation from under the yoke of religion, thus emerging from the nightmare
of the Middle Ages the Renaissance, Kazakhstan is one of hymn singing, calling the
people's intelligence, dignity, and there in the humanism of Marxism, based on deeper
thinking about the existence of human body, and discuss the main problem is how can
people get free body as well as for the future people should choose the best way of
life and values, so As the spokesman of the Russian existentialist, his achievements
for human freedom and the flag-waver Na reduction. Is people with the object of
Russia than in Kazakhstan further. It should be said that this is the history of human
thought and progress.

  European drama, all kinds of countless people, but the thinker's image less, but such
as Kazakhstan and Russia to explore the essence of life is rare at the image of human
thinkers. Their valuable is that the existing value system in the face, they can be
reconciled to loneliness, a clear and deep thinking about the new values, and
awakened the world to their own practice to demonstrate their unique value choice.
  second characteristic savior. Kazakhstan and Russia with the king's only son, of
course, is the successor to the throne, and thus the total with real thing itself, Russia
frequently referred to as "my subjects," "my land" as if the master of Argos. Although
the mercy of fear Claudius Ha, did not dare to act like an absolute monarch, but also
must refuse to admit the loss of the throne, he has said he is not depressing music
because there is no Siwei power [3], in Offe Julia's funeral, his King himself "king of
Denmark, Hamlet." Can be seen, the two throne prince ascended the throne while not,
but the king's feeling to the place. This feeling that they were not in this throne, but
always mindful of subjects people, but also keep them in heaven and earth upside
down when the conscious exercise of the powers of the country and people from
untold miseries of the Savior, in their time, divine right of kings, descendants of the
hereditary, not recklessly, who rebelled against purpose of God, who will have
committed a heaven, Claudius and 埃奎斯托斯 Regicide usurped the throne, not
only have to tolerate that man Lun shame that the face of outrageous, who for good
and eradicate evil? course rich sense of responsibility before they learned the prince,
not to mention, they have a large root with the murderer's Vendetta it? So Kazakhstan
and Russia, revenge is the best of both worlds, Gongsijiangu choice, of course. They
have hesitated, but eventually their savior complex so aware of their important
mission, the child reported that Fu Chou and getting rid of the private in public is
perfectly justified, but the price required to achieve this goal it to make the two
deep-Prince sense of anxiety. Kazakhstan has sighed: "This is a reversal and chaotic
era, alas! Unfortunate I have to re-break to take responsibility." Russia has moaned: "I
am responsible for the fate of the too heavy, I was young, my youth are damaged the.
" Puff But despite the difficulties, the two princes showed extraordinary determination.
But if they set the expense of revenge, whether it be anxiety? Answer is no, because it
is painful for them. Ha said: "If I do not cut off a harmful nature of the Spanish fly
thief, let him continue as non-evil, would not do that sacrilegious?" Russia believes
that once they are "alleys known to the world", it "must be a major crimes as my
ballast things. " In this way, revenge is a choice of options. Revenge is a means to
save themselves and the people is the goal. Save and revenge, to revenge to save,
means and ends, personal Friendly reminder: This article from
[worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original author. Enmity in the
national interest to achieve a perfect unity. That is why the tragedy to get rid of the
sense of sub-reports are usually the old tune Fu Chou, emit light noble tragic reason.
  savior is a series of European literature in the history of salvation, the literary image
of the Theme from "The Odyssey" to "Oedipus" to "Yi Nite", "Beiouwofu", to "
Kazakhstan "and" fly ", its hero is either monarch or a prince, who led the subjects to
overcome some natural disasters, some people alone to eliminate Half ghost, but apart
from Kazakhstan and Russia, other people do not have the thinker characteristics. Plus
the wisdom of thinkers messianic sense of responsibility, so that the image of the two
princes in the prowess of their kind, a particularly eye-catching.
  third of those characteristics alone. Examine whether a person is lonely, first of all
depends on whether he's living environment made him lonely, Kazakhstan and Russia
have the happy prince, but as the father's violent death, the transfer of power, the
living environment has changed. Mother remarried so that they no longer have the
warmth of the family, Jian Wang's vicious threat to their lives, snobbish courtiers,
friends, enemies to make them helpless, accordingly, we can identify the living
environment in which the prince was alone of. But the prince's own subjective will
also create the kind of environment can not be ignored reason. Kazakhstan can be
allies for Aofeiliya to change his lonely situation and the situation alone, but he not
only did not fight, but an aloof themselves wrapped with the outside world, became a
pure loner. Of course, his good friend Horatio, but only Kazakhstan has never asked
him to secrecy, and not invite him to participate in planning and fighting until the final
stage of struggle, also refused to discourage his [2]. So, to some extent is he chose
Kazakhstan alone. Compared with Kazakhstan, Russia seems to be lucky and have my
sister with revenge, of course not alone. But Russia's misfortune is that his sister
awoke him, and then abandoned him. Electra after revenge for the betrayal of remorse,
toward the Jupiter, and "The Fly" embrace and resent him, cursed him, calling him a
calm and stole her dream of "thief." Hard to Russia and Kazakhstan are more painful
than the more lonely?

 lonely we define whether the second element is the subject of loneliness. If only the
poor living environment of the parties, no son no lack of friends and loneliness, we
can not tell who he was lonely. Kazakhstan and Russia have so lonely flu? Playing the
game before the Hardy clearly said: "I am just one person now," and loneliness is
obvious, because of this, he then the only reliable friend Horatio open [3], so that The
result is a vicious circle - because of loneliness and refused to friendship, friendship
and even more because of refusal lonely. Russia loneliness seems clearer and more
fully: "I am alone" and "until death I are alone," and "in addition to myself, can not
rely on other people."
 human existence, loneliness often With thought and culture from a higher level of
literacy and, more rich culture, ideas are often more Shensui more lonely. Wisdom,
the more is not gregarious. In this sense, the prince alone would have a "Superman"
  "Superman" This is Nietzsche's hero. Nietzsche pointed out, these "Superman" has
noble blood, well-educated, high moral character, personality aloof, with superior
wisdom and energy; disaster take the lead, they first consider their own safety but not
the happiness of most people . Nietzsche called "Superman" is that both Kazakhstan
and the Russian thinker, Savior, who features in one of the lonely excel.
  "Superman" is Nietzsche who dedicated a good medicine in times of trouble.
Shakespeare's late reign of Elizabeth has experienced troubled times, Nietzsche
experienced a "God is dead" belief in ruins, Sartre has experienced continuous
fighting, they are looking forward to turn the tide in the troubled times in the blaze of
a hero, and this hero is none other than that Nietzsche's "Superman", Shakespeare's
Kazakhstan, the Russian Sartre. Of course, they are experiencing troubled times,
whether it is the nature of conflicts, the causes of unrest, or the degree of turbulence
can not be mentioned in the same language, but Shakespeare and Sartre are choosing
the palace as a backdrop for the plot to usurp the throne to marry after the beginning
of This is certainly not a coincidence, indicating that in two different cultural context
of writers on the origin of evil is the same conclusion: the ancient times, power and
beauty are all kinds of strife, contention, conflict, the focus, there are two, there will
be evil arise. On this basis, the "Superman" is also consistent with the mission:
eradicate evil and save the common people.
  a result, "Superman" became a load of people, anxious people, his mission because
of his pain. As long as ordinary people to save themselves, "Superman" is not only to
save themselves but also to save others, so that with a double save for the purpose of
self-selection gave them extraordinary anxiety. Before the implementation of choice,
they will have worries (Kazakhstan on the responsibility of the major opponents of a
strong and wringing). Implementation options, they will choose to bear the
consequences due to anxiety (for the alliance and Russia on the differentiation, moral
blame and extra heavy). Should be noted that Kazakhstan and Russia have suffered a
post should bear moral blame. Their parent revenge, the people from harm, while
filling themselves in a moral quagmire, because in the eyes of the people, they merely
repeat a crime. Their own chosen goals is undoubtedly a double-edged sword, destroy
the evil and also hurt themselves. Kazakhstan and Russia is well aware of this
reasonable. This is also destined to become their anxiety and the inevitability of tragic
  "Superman" may have many failings, perhaps there are too many doubts about
hesitate lofty aloof; so the lack of fighting experience and strategy, etc., but they have
high ideals, but also promising spirit of dedication to the ideal , the man of noble after
all, is enough to awe the people. "Ha" and "fly" was published, its author in the form
of tragic hero tribute to his ideals.
 [1] Shenghao translation. Shakespeare Complete Works 5 [M]. People's Literature
Publishing House,
 [2] the fifth act second.
 [3] the first act fifth. Friendly reminder: This article from [worry
documentation] to collect and organize, for the original author. / Center>

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