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					Common Errors and Solutions Error interview interview

 common error countermeasures interview

 Jin Shan Road Police Civil Service Examinations of the Faculty Research Center Li
 Error 1: "Article disarray "

  in the civil service during the interview process, a considerable part of the candidates
answering questions, often still" follow your heart "to go, think of where to say where.
Indeed, when the answer field soon, "follow their own sense of" the greatest benefit is
the speed of response to more "fast", thinking go, said a language where, in fact, if the
daily conversations with others'll be a general good idea, because people often
thought jumping, and jumping are thinking more in line with a characteristic of a
person's thinking, in this situation are more likely to have "better", "Flash's" view
from the mind " jump "out. But the question is, "follow your heart," such an "answer"
interview subjects "formulation" is really beneficial, "speaker" and "expression", but
not conducive to "audience" expressed by the speakers view of "understanding" and
"cognitive." In layman's terms, this approach is conducive to interview those who
bring their perspective from their own "mind" in the "referred to" come out, but it is
not conducive to "the examiner," "listen to understand" the meaning expressed by
candidates. Why is it? The reason is that each character and way of thinking are not
the same, "follow your heart" often is "jump thinking," As for the "thinking" from the
"what point" jump "which points" are often just "talking" and their know that other
people should "naturally" to understand other people's "leap of thinking" is often
difficult or even impossible. So the interview candidates will need to fully answer
their own geographical clear thinking, to orderly manner to answer questions, it is
better clarity to indicate their views of the "classification", "before and after the order",
"thinking based on" and "point of view The causal relationship. "

 Error 2: "restless"

 lot of candidates during the interview process is often a "sit still", and a chair will sit
too tight. The main manifestations are: hands seem not always secure, "busy" go on,
"tinkering with tie," "fondle hair"; or feet always not live rock, reach, tilt. From the
"tension" in view of the main reasons are the following:

  (1) too care about the examination result. For this reason, but it is still very easy to
understand, and the current civil service examination heat reclaim, You a considerable
number of Youxiudaxue graduates Xi Wang to Congshi civil servants can be done
Shui can enter the civil service examination of the interview session, for many people
is quite an opportunity is not easy. However, if the opportunity placed before a person
is likely to "get" may be "lost" Normally, even a very good psychological quality, his
heart will still be "waves." In the process, we are often written "against the clock" and
in the interview process is "languish" in the heart long thought process, the tension
will slowly open to breed. And all in the final analysis, "care" word. So how do you
solve this cause? Perhaps the students who will ask: "are we not 'care about' civil
exam?" "If 'do not care' in this test, how can a good note on how to test the good
results?" Yes, "do not care" is can not and practical. However, we always have to face
this led us to interview, "tension" of the important factors. In this regard, can use two
methods to solve this problem:

 first approach is "to care, but do not worry so much about." This requires balanced
view on the civil service career in this industry characteristics, treatment and future,
etc.. Many candidates now seem to regard the "civil servants" were "too heavy",
where the need to clarify that, Dai Bin teachers do not think the civil service is not
good, but we should not look, the civil service career is a good job "of 1 "is" one
"instead of" only. " That is what we should do our best to pursue "the opportunity to
become civil servants," but we do not have to do civil service. Why? As civil servants
are a good choice, but should not be "only" choice. As an ideal and aspiration of
young people, should strive to pursue the chance of success, such as civil service,
excellent business position, study abroad, graduate school for Ph.D. study, business
and all the chances of success, rather than just stare at the success of the eye One of
the corner. In fact, "the chances of success," itself does not "merits" parts only
"suitable or not," the difference. The key is that we must have in himself the best
opportunity to select a best suited to their career. If the majority of candidates to weed
out their own civil service mind the "only" type of property, for to the success of
"diversity" type properties, I believe the contrary, is conducive to their own civil
service test preparation and level of play.

  (b) "fear" leadership. For this question, probably many of the candidates participated
in the interview will have this feeling that one into the interview room inside, a dark
mass sitting in the front row of the leadership, and instantly some "Fan Yun," the. And
like a lot of leadership is quite serious, and candidates at this time, a "timid" situation
is a normal part of the. In fact, a candidate to correct the idea that leaders are human
beings, but as a person who's "come" and they may even than you can understand you
as an "interviewer" feel. So do not be too nervous to face with a look at the mentality
of the older leadership, people will interview the examination room in a "restless,"

 (c) not meet the interview occasions. On this point, the number of on and human
psychology is concerned. A person, unless it is very excellent psychological quality
person, in general, in a strange occasion in conversation with others, often occasions
than in the familiar seem much more intense. In layman's terms, just like at home,
even if you never talk about a topic related to off (for example, you talk about the
recent U.S. subprime market, the impact on global stock markets), and perhaps do not
care about financial matters and you do not will feel a trace of tension. And in a not to
be had without previous occasions (such as in a bunch of strangers sitting in front of
you a "small house" in), to talk to you about a topic you are very familiar (for
example, talk about your academic professional, or you alma mater), this time it may
be very familiar with the content will become less familiar with them, because people
will feel in a strange situation, "not used", which "used to" in the "purpose" of the
traction, the evolved into "tension", while the interview chair of
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