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     (T          V          A)

                             March, 2001

and APPRECIATE the various roles played by Volunteers in Socio-
economic Development, and MINDFUL of the need to form a Non-
Governmental Organization to facilitate, share and expand knowledge
about volunteerism;

RECOGNIZING the contributions so far made by various Government
and Non-Government 0rganisations in Volunteer activities;

RECOGNIZING that there can hardly be a nation without volunteers and
that there is an increasing number of problems such as HIV/AIDS, Drug
abuse, pollution, violence, unemployment, environmental degradation
and poverty which transcend frontiers and require the help which
volunteers can give;

RECOGNIZING that national and International awareness campaigns
are needed with the aim of networking, recognising, promoting and
facilitating of the volunteerism spirit;

RECOGNIZING that the need for increased volunteer effort is greater
today than ever given the adverse impact of global problems in general
and our problems as a nation in particular;

DO HEREBY SOLEMNLY RESOLVE to form a Non – Governmental
Organisation (NGO) to be known as TANZANIA VOLUNTEERS
ASSOCIATION (TVA) AND ADOPT this Constitution for the same.

                            ARTICLE ONE.

1.1.   It is hereby established a Non - Governmental, Non – Political and
       Non- Profit-making organisation to be known as TANZANIA
       VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION (TVA) hereinafter referred to
       as “TVA”
1.2.   The Principal place of business of TANZANIA VOLUNTEERS
       ASSOCIATION shall be at Ilala District, Dar Es Salaam Region,
       in the United Republic of Tanzania.
1.3.   The postal Address of the TVA will be Post Office Box Number
       79922, Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania.
1.4.   The business of the TVA shall be conducted at its Head office and
       such other places in the United Republic of Tanzania and any other
       place (s) as may be determined by the Executive Committee in
       accordance with the Constitution, Rules and Regulations.
1.5.   The official language of the TVA shall be Kiswahili and English
       or any other language (s) as may be decided by the Executive

                                ARTICLE TWO

2.1    To identify and co-operate with Volunteer Stakeholders with a
       view to promote voluntarism
2.2    To administer Volunteer services
2.3    To facilitate Volunteer service in the fight against social and
       economic evils while targeting at women and youths.
2.4    To empower youths against dependence
2.5    To mobilise Government and Non-Government Organisations,
       International Organisations, Media Organs, Co-operative sectors
       and Community at large to promote increased understanding of
       Volunteerism issues.
2.6    To offer or facilitate availability of technical support to various
       Volunteer development projects.
2.7    To demonstrate care and concern for vulnerable people through
       counselling and facilitating availability of legal support and/or
       protection of the rights of children who are living with or affected
       by HIV/AIDS.
2.8    To improve conservation efforts and demonstrate care and concern
       for the Environment.

2.9 To advise the Government on all issues related to Volunteerism
2.10 To establish sustainable livelihood plans and seek to be availed
      educational opportunities especially for those students and/or
      pupils who drop out of school because of pregnancies and any
      other gender issues, poverty, lack of parents and/or any other
      responsible relative (s).
2.11 To provide special protection for the neglected groups
     which are inter alia: orphans, abused and neglected children, child
     domestic workers, children and youths with disabilities, children in
.    early marriages and/or early pregnancies, children and/or youths in
      Institutions and streets.
2.12 To build alliances with other networks and/or Institutions in
     order to mutually strengthen each other.

                               ARTICLE THREE

         For the purpose of carrying out its objectives and functions, the
         TVA may:-
3.1     Establish specialised Agencies and/or wings for the effective
        implementation of the programmes devised or designed by the
3.2     Acquire premises necessary or convenient for the conduct of
        affairs and business of the TVA and may for the purpose buy,
        take, exchange, hire or otherwise acquire movable and
        immovable property and interests, rights and privileges in respect
        of the premises or property
3.3     Raise loan, overdraft facilities or borrow monies in such amount
       for such purpose and under such conditions as may be determined
       by the Executive Committee.
3.4    Solicit and receive funds within and outside Tanzania, receive
       grants in cash or kind and charge an appropriate fee in the
       provision of the services aforesaid with the view to enhancing
       development, expansion and/or rehabilitation of the TVA.
3.5    Invest monies and other property of the TVA not immediately
       required as the Executive Committee may determine.
3.6    Acquire full legal capacity to institute legal proceedings as to sue
       and be sued.
3.7    Enter any agreement or contract.

3.8  Employ and engage upon such terms and conditions as the
     Executive Committee may consider necessary for conducting the
     affairs and business of the TVA to discharge its objectives and
     may suspend or discharge any such person (s) if it deems fit.
3.9 Acquire and lease land wherever the activities and programmes of
     the TVA are undertaken and carried on.
3.10 Do all lawful things and act (s) as are conducive to or necessary
     for attainment of the objective (s) of the TVA

                               ARTICLE FOUR


4.1.   The TVA shall have four types of members who are:-
       • Founder Members
       • Ordinary Members
       • Associate Members
       • Honorary Members.

      Shall be those individuals and / or institutions that shall have
      signed the founding instruments of TVA in accordance with this

       Shall be any individual person(s) and / or institution(s) interested
       to be a member who may be admitted under special rules laid by
       the TVA.

       Shall be undertakings, any other NGOs, Villages, Co-operatives,
       Groups or Individuals with the purpose of promoting Volunteerism
       and community development at large. The Executive Committee
       shall appoint Associate members.

       Shall include International Institutions, Donor Agencies or
       Individuals, experts in the field or discipline which may in the

       opinion of the Executive Committee, be a reasonable member in
       the furtherance of the objective (s) and function (s) of the TVA

4.1.5 The Membership shall be open to any individual or Institution as
      hereinabove mentioned interested in Development action
      connected to Volunteerism and development regardless of
      physical appearance, position in the society, religious beliefs,
      political opinion, race or nationality
4.1.6 In addition, an Individual member shall be a resident of Tanzania
      with mentally sound and well discipline; must bind himself/herself
      by the Constitution, rules and regulation of the TVA. He/She must
      have devoted time and/or materials towards the achievement of the
      TVA Objective (s) and function (s).
4.1.7 The Executive Committee shall have power to appoint Honorary
      member (s).
4.1.8 Membership of the TVA shall be confirmed to any person (s) who
      is willing to advocate for Volunteerism and Community


       Entrance fees shall be Fifteen Thousand shillings (15,000/=) only
       for individual members with fifty per cent (50%) annual
       subscription. Entrance fees shall be Fifty thousand shillings
       (50,000/=) only for Institutional / Group members with fifty per
       cent (50%) annual subscription.

      Entrance fees, shall be Twelve Thousand shillings (12,000/=) only
      for individual members with fifty per cent (50%) annual
      subscription. Entrance fees, shall be Forty Thousand shillings
      (40,000/=) only for institutions / Group members with fifty per
      cent (50%) annual subscription.

      There shall be no Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions for
      Associate Members.

       There shall be no Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions for
       Associate Members.

4.2.5. In consideration to the sections 4.2.1 to 4.2.4 hereinabove the
       Executive Committee of TVA shall have the power to regulate and
       make alteration for necessary changes on membership fees and
       annual subscriptions without necessity prior notice to members.

4.3.1. Every application for Membership shall be addressed to the
        Secretary General of the TVA and shall include inter alia:-
       a) The name, residential, postal address and present
            occupation of the Applicant.
       b) A signed declaration that the Applicant agrees to be
            bound by the Constitution of the TVA
       c) The requisite of Application and/or membership fees as
            determined from time to time.
       d) Every application for membership addressed to the Secretary
            General of the TVA shall be submitted to the Executive
            Committee at the following meeting unless the date of such
            meeting is less than five days after the receipt by him/her of
            the application in which case submission may be deferred
           until the next following meeting. Applicant shall be approved
           by a Majority of those present and Voting shall be by show of
           hands and in event of an equality of Votes, the Chairperson
           shall have a casting Vote
       e) When an application has been considered by the Executive
          Committee in accordance with this Constitution, the Secretary
          General to the TVA shall without delay send notice of the
          results thereof to the Applicant in writing. When the decision
          has been in favour of the Applicant, such notification should be
          accompanied by a copy of the Constitution of TANZANIA
          VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION (TVA) and any other
          necessary forms.
       f) The Executive Committee may, if it deems fit, bar any member
          from attending any meeting of the TVA, threat or receive any
          circular or communications of any kind from the TVA for all
          the period of the assurance of Misconduct. Misconduct shall
          include any act or omission by member, which in the opinion of
          the Executive Committee, is prejudicial to the interest of the
          TVA. The Executive Committee shall inform the Annual
          General Meeting of any action taken.
       g) In case the conduct of any member as it shall be in the opinion
          of the Executive committee incompatible with the objective (s)

         or injurious to the character, or interests of the TVA the
         Executive Committee shall call upon such member and if
         he/she fails to give an explanation within seven days upon
         receipt thereof or gives one which appears to be unsatisfactory
         the Executive Committee may impose on the member a
         punishment as it deems fit.
      h) Save by permission to the Executive Committee, no member of
         the TVA shall use name of the TANZANIA VOLUNTEERS
         ASSOCIATION directly or indirectly for advertising purposes
         for self enrichment.
      i) Subject to the procedure (s) for acquisition of membership, all
         those registered as a Group or Institution or Associated
         members shall be required to be organized and legally
         registered except those within rural areas which shall be
         required to be any Community Based Organization (CBOs) or
         legally registered or recognized by the Government.

       Founder Members, Ordinary Members and Group/Associate
       Members in accordance with this Constitution, Rules and
       Resolutions of the Executive Committee have the following
4.4.1. To vote at the General Meeting
4.4.2. To have his/her name included in the published list of members.
4.4.3. To receive all publications of the TVA at a concession as
        determined by the Executive Committee.
4.4.4. To participate in all general activities of the TVA and except for
        Honorary and Associate members, be eligible to hold office in the
        TVA when elected or appointed.
4.4.5. To uphold the Constitution’s endeavour and carry out assignment
        of the same.
4.4.6. Free professional Consultations services.
4.4.7. Provision of social services and emergency support in
       consideration to its availability, Regulations and Rules of the
4.4.8. Provision of future education skills.
4.4.9. To attend the sitting of the members meetings that may be
        conducted by the TVA
4.4.10.To request and obtain general information concerning activities of
        the TVA.

4.4.11.Notwithstanding provision of the section 4.4.10 hereinabove, a
       member may not obtain classified information without the
       permission of the Executive Committee.
4.4.12.The Honorary Member (s) and Associate Members shall have all
       members’ rights but shall have no power to VOTE and be elected
       in the TVA Meetings.

       Founder members, Ordinary Members, Associate Members and
       Honorary Members shall in accordance with this Constitution,
       Rules and Resolutions of the Executive Committee of
       following obligations:-
4.5.1. Cultivate a sense of love and respect to fellow TANZANIA
        VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION members irrespective of their
        faith and/or political inclination, physical appearance, race and/or
        nationality, status and/or position in the society.
4.5.2. With exception to the Honorary Members and Associate Members
        other members shall in addition:
       a)        Settle their financial obligations
       b)        Be ready for any call of members Voluntary Contribution
                 without failure.
       c)        Collaborate in forming Committees and related task
       d)        Provide forthwith any information requested and/or
                 needed by the TVA.
       e)        Undertake any assignment that may be needed by the
4.5.3. Notwithstanding section 4.5.2 hereinabove, in addition, any
        Honorary members or Associate Members may be ready for
        voluntary contribution, providing any information requested
        and/or needed by the TVA and undertaking any assignment that
        may be needed by the TVA.

       Membership shall cease to exist on any of the following grounds:
4.6.1. Failure to pay membership fees or arrears and/or subscription for
       eighteen consecutive months without prior reasonable
4.6.2. Withdrawing from the TVA Membership after giving a three
       months notice to the Secretary General.

4.6.3. Death of Member (s). In case this appears, the TVA shall follow
       the Judicial procedure (s) to get the right heir (s) of the deceased
       member and give them all the properties of the deceased if any.
4.6.4. Dismissal for any reason (s) such as disgraceful conduct
       detrimental to well-being of the TVA and failure to pay
       subscription or fees without any reasonable ground,
       commission and/or conviction of any serious criminal offence.
4.6.5. The Executive Committee shall not expel any person from
       membership without carrying out an appropriate inquiry and
       giving a reasonable opportunity to defend him/her self.
4.6.6. The Executive Committee shall report at the Annual General
       Meeting all cases of voluntary resignation and expulsion from
       membership for approval.
4.6.7. A person who loses membership of TVA through resignation or
       expulsion may re-obtain his/her membership if that person
       re-applies and the Executive Committee to recommend such
       application before the Annual General Meeting approval.
4.6.8. A person who ceases to be a member of the TVA for any reason
       except that stipulated in section 4.6.3 shall not be entitled to any
       refund of his/her entry fee, subscription or contribution
4.6.9. Upon recommendation of the Executive Committee in
       consideration to the expulsion, dismissal and resignation the
       member in question shall cease forthwith to involve him/herself in
       all activities of the TVA pending to the Annual General meeting

                                ARTICLE FIVE.
5.1.0. The TVA shall have the following principal organs of its
5.1.1. General Meeting, shall be the TVA Council
5.1.2. Executive Committee, shall be the Management Committee.
5.1.3. Special Committees or Units or Department and any other organs
       that shall be established for performance of functions.
5.2. The TVA shall have the following Officers/Units
5.2.1.The TVA Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
5.2.2.The TVA Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General.
5.2.3.The Co-ordinator
5.2.4.The Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer.
5.2.5.The Head of Research, Consultation and Development Programme.
5.2.6.The Head of Social Services Unit.

5.2.6. The Head of Culture and publicity Unit
5.2.7. The Head of Finance and Poverty Eradication Unit.
5.2.8. The Head of Legal, Human Rights and Counselling Unit.
5.2.9. The Head of persons with Disability Unit.
5.2.10.The Head of Women and Children Affairs.
5.2.11.More Departments/Units and other supporting officers may be
       formed and/or employed in future depending on prevailing
       circumstances of the TVA

       Shall be the supreme organ of TANZANIA VOLUNTEERS
       ASSOCIATION. Its principal function is to see that the TVA
       carries its functions as prescribed in the Rules and Regulations. It
       is a major part of decision level on policies to be presented
       annually for endorsement.
5.3.2. The General Meeting draws its representatives from various
       organs consisting of elected and appointed members from TVA
5.3.3. To avoid any doubt, the General Meeting shall have the following
       a) The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.
       b) The Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General.
       c) The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.
       d) All Trustees, Co-ordinator , Patron/Matron Heads of units,
           one representative from Youth Directorate from Tanzania
           Mainland and Zanzibar, Prime Minister’s office, Vice
           President’s office, UNDP, and Ministry of Regional
           Administration and Local Government.
       e) All representatives elected in the General Meeting.
       f) Two representatives from each Region and District.
       g) Founder members excluding those who may be within the
           Executive Committee.
5.3.4. The TVA General Meeting shall hold its ordinary meeting ONCE
       every year at that place as may be determined by the Executive
5.3.5. Notwithstanding Section 5.3.4 hereinabove, Extra Ordinary
       Meeting may be convened in accordance with Rules and
       directives of the TVA.
5.3.6. Each Founder Member, Ordinary Member and Associate member
       and Honorary member shall have ONE VOTE at all Meetings of
       TVA except otherwise. Matters before General Meeting shall be

       decided by two thirds (2/3) VOTES. Whereas Votes for and
       against tally, the chairperson shall have A CASTING VOTE, but it
       shall not be the case in the election of the TVA Executive
       Committee and other Leaders and/or Officers.
5.3.7. The Annually General Meeting of the TVA shall be held every
       month of December of the year for the following purposes:
       a) To receive and approve a report (s) and statement of accounts
           of the proceeding year.
       b) To receive reports from the Executive Committee and approve
           the annual budget of the TVA
       c) To receive and approve the audit report regarding the year’s
           financial transactions.
       d) To fill the Vacant post (s) left by the Executive Committee
           member (s)
       e) To deal with any business dully submitted to the meeting.
5.3.8 Extra – Ordinary General Meeting
 a) The Secretary General or Chairperson may at any time for
     special purposes on the advise of the Executive Committee or
     upon request of at least one third (1/3) General meeting members
     call an Extra Ordinary General Meeting.
b). Notice of the Meeting shall be posted on the board or at different
     strategic position for members to read and shall also state the nature
     of business to be transacted by the TVA
c). Notice of the General Annual Meeting or Extra – Ordinary General
     Meeting shall be made in writing to all members and shall reach
     members at least twenty one (21) days before the day and time of the
d) Every member shall acknowledge in writing or otherwise at least
     one hour before the commencement of the General Meeting his or
     her willingness to attend or not to attend the General or Extra –
     Ordinary Meeting.
e) In moments of Crisis within the TVA and where the Chairperson or
     Secretary General have failed to call the Annual or Extra – Ordinary
     Meeting in accordance with article 5.3.8 (a) (b) and (c) to resolve
     other Crisis, Ordinary members of TVA can convene an
     Extra – Ordinary Meeting in accordance with provisions of article
     5.3.(c) provided such meeting is signed by at least one third (1/3) of
    fee paying members of the TVA and reason (s) for convention the
    Extra Ordinary General Meeting thereof.
f) Where a third (1/3) fee paying members have signed a notice calling
     an Extra – Ordinary General Meeting in accordance with Article
    5.8.3 (e) hereinabove the provision of Article 5.3.4, and 5.3.8 (c) and

    5.3.8 (e) shall be complied with strictly.
g) An Extra Ordinary General Meeting called in accordance with the
    provisions of Article 5.3.8 (a) and (e) shall deliberate upon a single
    agenda constituting the root of the crisis and not upon ordinary
    business of the TVA.
h) The TVA power is vested in the Executive Committee elected by
    the Annual General Meeting and shall discharge its functions
    according to this Constitution.
i). Conducting procedures of Meetings of this Constitution shall qualify
    to be called so when it rises a quorum of not less than two thirds (2/3)
    of the members of the TVA

                                  ARTICLE SIX

6.1.     All members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the
         Annual General Meeting of the TVA and shall hold office for a
         period of three (3) years but shall be eligible for re-election
6.2.     The Executive Committee shall consist of:
6.2.1.   The Chairperson and Vice – Chairperson
6.2.2.   The Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General
6.2.3.   The Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer
6.2.4.    Patron and Matron
6.2.5.   Two members of Trustees.
6.2.6.   The Co-ordinator, seven founder members excluding those
         mentioned in article 6.2, Director of Youth Department from
         Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, one member from the Vice
         President’s office, one member from the Prime Minister’s office,
         one member from UNDP and one member from the Ministry of
         Regional Administration and Local Government.
6.2.7.   A vote of No – Confidence passed by two thirds (2/3) of the
         members of Annual General Meeting or an Extra – Ordinary
         General Meeting against any member or the whole of Executive
         committee shall result in holding new election of member or the
         whole Executive Committee provided that the decision is
         supported by of least one third (1/3) of the Founder Members.
6.2.8    Any sensitive issue related to the policy, Constitution changes,
         expulsion and/or dismissal of member (s), performed and/ or
         approved by the Executive Committee shall be bound only if the
         same is supported by at least half (1/3) of the founder members of

6.3.1. The Executive Committee shall be the overall in charge of the
       Management and the conduct of the affairs and business of the
6.3.2. To maintain liaison with the Government for securing necessary
6.3.3. To ensure proper efficient management of resources.
6.3.4. To plan and supervise projects for the success.
6.3.5. To supervise both indoor and outdoor workshops, seminars,
       meetings or functions staged by the TVA.
6.3.6. To take disciplinary action against an employee or member of the
       TVA whenever it is deemed necessary.
6.3.7. To establish new Rules and procedures of the TVA whenever
       deemed fit which shall be implemented upon the approval of the
       Annual General Meeting.
6.3.8. See to the proper and efficient use and management of the funds,
       property and other resources of the TVA
6.3.9. Prepare accounts of the TVA and submit them for audit.
6.3.10. Do all such other lawful acts and things for the purpose of
       ensuring the effectiveness and efficient operation and discharge of
       the objectives and purposes of TVA and its organs.
6.4. The Executive Committee may appoint standing or ad hoc sub-
       Committees as may in any case be considered necessary for the
       purpose of better discharge of the functions of the TVA and the
       Committee may co-opt into the Sub-Committee any person not
       being a member of the Committee provided that the number of Co-
       opted persons shall not exceed one third of the sub-committee
6.5. The Executive Committee shall ordinarily meet once every three
       months provided that Extra – Ordinary meetings of the Executive
       Committee may be conferred at anytime.
6.6. At any meeting of the Executive Committee, half (1/2) of members
       shall constitute a quorum. Decisions shall be passed by majority
       of votes of the members present and voting. In the event of a tie,
       the chairperson shall have a casting vote in addition to his
       deliberative vote. Votes, shall be taken by secret ballot or by show
       of hands as Executive Committee may deem fit to direct in each

                      ORGANIZATION OFFICERS
6.6.1.         CHAIRPERSON.
         a)   The chairperson shall be the statutory head of the Executive
              Committee of the TVA, in -charge of all management and
              General Administration responsible for proper execution of
              the TVA activities, directing and supervising all Heads of
              units and shall preside over all meetings.
         b)   Together with the Secretary General shall confirm the
              minutes of the previous meetings at the next sitting.
         c)   The chairperson shall approve the yearly report being
              presented to the Annual General Meeting.
         d)   The Chairperson shall consult the Secretary General in
              preparing Agenda for the meeting.
         e)    The Vice – Chairperson shall assist the chairperson and
              assume office in the absence of the Chairperson.

       a) Shall record all information pertaining to the TVA and all
          minutes of all meetings.
       b) Shall record, draft agendas, monitoring, recording and prepare
          contracts of the TVA.
       c) Shall be the principal link between the TVA members , Head
          of units and the office of the TVA.
       d) The Secretary General is the Advisor to the chairperson of the
       e) The Assistant Secretary General shall assist the Secretary
          General and assume office in the Secretary General’s absence.

      a)  Shall be responsible for keeping and recording down all
          financial accounts and books of accounts of the TVA
      b)  Shall be responsible for all payment that may from time to
          time be approved by TVA
      c)  Shall be the Advisor to the chairperson in all matters
          relating to Financial aspects
      d)  The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer and
          assume office in the Treasurer’s absence.

                                    ARTICE VII
7.1. The Heads of the TVA shall be appointed by the Executive
       Committee and approved by the General Meeting.
7.2. There shall be the following Heads of Units.
       a) Shall be responsible for all matters of feasibility studies
           project appraisal and Entrepreurship skills.
       b). Shall be assisting in the linkage between the TVA with the
           National and International Agencies relating to the
           Development of Volunteer programmes.
       c) Shall assist the TVA to compile all Developmental Volunteer

      a) To arrange for relief and charity services.
      b) To initiate and visit youth and children’s activities and free
          time centres with the aim of delivering social services.
      c) Shall prepare programmes of seminars, workshops,
            symposium and debates related to Volunteer social
            services delivery.
      d) Shall be the advisor to the TVA in all matters
            related to the administration of the Unit.

      Shall be responsible for:-
      a). Collecting and keeping all data and information related to
      b) Preparing posters and various educational materials eg films,
           Flip charts and video
      c) Publicising and making the TVA known to the public and
         other Agencies.
      d) Mobilizing target groups to participant in various games
          and sports.
      e) Mobilising institutions and community at large to engage in
          Volunteer issues and programmes at international and national
      f) Advising the TVA on all matters related to the administration
         of the unit

      a). Shall be responsible for all matters related to mobilization of
      b) Shall assist the TVA to arrange and set Financial Monitoring
          system to any project implemented or jointly implemented
          by the TVA
      c) Shall compile all sources of employment for the benefit
          of the target groups.
      c) Shall prepare means of getting financial resources for
           Pre-Vocational training Centre (s) and other TVA activities
      d) Shall prepare programmes and implement seminars,
          symposiums, workshops aiming at raising spirit for
      e) Shall prepare programmes aiming at income-generation
          poverty eradication.
      f) Shall prepare all formal and informal training needs of
         the TVA and beneficiaries.
      g) Shall advise the Association in all matters related to the
          administration of the UNIT.


      a)    Shall be responsible for all matters related to Constitutions,
            Laws, Rules and Regulations.
      b)    Shall assist to prepare and arrange for basic legal support
            and counselling among members and youths
      c)    Shall assist in preparing seminars, workshops and training
            for those being harassed, marginalised and prone to denial
            of rights.
      d)    Shall assist the TVA to organize and initiate Committees,
            task forces and other legal related issues,
      e)    Shall be the advisor to the chairperson of the TVA in the
            administration of the Unit

       a)  Shall be responsible to all matters relating to gender issues
           and to closely collaborate with other NGOs, International
           Organizations and Government Institutions which are
           responsible for gender issues and together plan strategies for
           empowering the women .

       b)   Shall prepare small and medium scale economic projects for
            young women
       c)   Shall prepare plan of action for assistance towards
            Vulnerable persons.
       d)   Shall initiate and visit children’s activities and free time
            centres with the aim of delivering social services.
       e)   Shall be responsible for all issues related to childrens rights,
            Development, upbringing and welfare.
       f)   Shall also be advisor to the chairperson on all matters of the
            Unit and under normal circumstances the Head of this Unit
            shall be a woman.

       a)  Shall prepare project and programmes with the aim of
           encouraging people with disability to be involved in various
           levels of education system, business and other aspects.
       b)  Shall prepare seminars, workshops and training for the
           community with the aim of eliminating stigma and negative
           attitudes against people with disabilities.
       c)  Shall work on all issues related to equal opportunity for all
           irrespective of the colour, physical and status in the society.
       d)  Shall prepare plan of action for assistance towards people
           with disability.
       e)  Shall be a link between the TVA and other Agencies related
           to people with disability at the national and International
       f)  Shall be Advisor to the chairperson on all matters related to
           the administration of the units

                              ARTICLE EIGHT

8.1. The funds and resource of the TVA shall comprise of:
8.1.1. Such sums as may be realized from entry fees and subscriptions by
8.1.2. Such sums as may be paid to the TVA through
       voluntary contributions by members.
8.1.3. Such monies or property as may be payable to the TVA by way of
       donations, gifts, grants, loans and requests.

8.1.4. Such sums as may be lawfully payable to TVA as a result of its
       funds mobilization campaigns including charity endeavours and
       consultation fees.
8.1.5. Such assets as may be acquired or obtained through investment of
       any form accepted to be investment within and outside the country,
       operation of short and long term project, loans from within and
       outside the country.
8.1.6. All funds of the TVA shall be deposited with such Bank accounts
       as the Executive Committee may determine and shall only be
       withdrawn by cheques endorsed by chairperson or Secretary
       General or Treasurer on the basis of a general or specific authority
       of the Executive Committee
8.1.7 The Treasurer of the organization shall, subject to such general
       or specific directions of the Executive Committee and to the
       decisions of General Meeting cause to be kept and maintained
       such books and records of accounts as may be considered proper
       and desirable or necessary for purposes of safeguarding and
       enhancing the position and viability of the TVA
8.1.8 The Financial year of the TVA shall be the period of twelve months
       commencing from the first (1st) day of January and ending the last
       day of December in each year except that the first financial year
       after the establishment of the TVA may be of a shorter or longer
       period than twelve months.
8.1.9 The Executive Committee shall with a reasonable remuneration
       appoint a professionally qualified and dully registered person or
       body of persons to be External Auditor (s) of the accounts of the
       TVA either in respect of each financial year or generally. There
       shall be submitted at the next Annual General Meeting a report
       a)         A statement of income and expenditure during the past
                 financial year.
       b)         A statement of the assets and liabilities of the TVA on
                 the last day of the financial year; and
       c)         A copy of the report of Auditor (s) on the audited
       d)         The audited accounts of TVA shall be made available for
                  inspection by members at the principal as well as other
                  established offices of the TVA

                               ARTICLE NINE


9.1.1. Patron or Matron of the TVA shall be individual or Organization
       from within or outside the country, International or national
       Institutions or any responsible and/or reputable person in the
9.1.2. The role of the Patron or Matron shall be to advise the TVA in all
       matters of long and short-term plan from the earliest stage.
9.1.3. Patron or Matron shall be able to link the TVA with other
       reputable person (s) or organizations or other Communities.
9.1.4. Patron of Matron shall play advise the Association leadership
       accordingly on various sensitive policy issues and decision matters
       of TVA

9.1.2 The Coordinator of the TVA shall be a reputable person in the
       society who is willing to assist the TVA
9.2.2. The principal functions of the Coordinator shall be:-
       a)        Chief technical Adviser to the TVA on matters such as
                 amendment of the Constitution; setting and changing
                 Rules and Procedures; implementing Rules and
                 Procedure (s); interpretation of various articles in the
                 Constitution; and entering various contracts.
       b)        To advise the TVA on how to achieve its
                  objectives and functions.
       c)        Shall be the chief administrative and liaison officer of
                 the TVA.
9.2.3. The Coordinator shall be a person with knowledge of Volunteer
       issues at national and international levels, Community
       Development, or youth Development, or any other behavioural
       sciences. He/she should be nominated by the Executive
       Committee with a support of at least one third (1/3) of the TVA
       founder members who are members of the Executive Committee.


9.3.1 There shall be not less than three (3) Trustees of the TVA each of
      whom shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and
      approved by the Annual General Meeting and who shall
      collectively be known as “TANZANIA VOLUNTEERS
      Trustees shall be person (s) of impeccable integrity in the society.
9.3.2 The maximum number of Trustees shall be ten (10).

       REGISTERED Trustee shall hold office for a term of three (3)
       years and a TRUSTEE shall be eligible for re- appointment.
9.3.5. A person shall cease to be a Trustee and his/her place be vacant
       a)          He/She resigns the office
       b)          He/She dies
       c)          He/she becomes insolvent and
       d)          He/she is convicted of any offence involving morally
            turpitude or is otherwise punished for any offence with
            imprisonment exceeding six months.
9.3.6. Upon incorporation, the TANZANIA VOLUNTEERS
       ASSOCIATION Registered Trustees shall become a body
       corporate in which shall be vested all movable and immovable
       property of the TVA and shall be capable of being sued as well as
       concluding contract for and on behalf of the TVA
9.3.7. Any property acquired by the Society shall be vested in the
       Trustees and acting in accordance with the General directions of
       the Annual General Meeting, the Trustees may deal with property
       of TVA by way of sale, Mortgage, charge, lease, or in any other
       way in the interest of the TVA

                               ARTICLE TEN


10.1. For any necessary demanded amendment to any part or the whole
      Constitution the registered TVA should be made by the General
      Meeting if:-
10.1.1.The Executive Committee, Chairperson, Secretary General or any
      other member of General Meeting presents a proposal for
      amendment and that at least two thirds (2/3) of the General
      Meeting members vote for.
10.1.2.Part of it becomes out of date and loses its essence as will be
       considered by the TVA.
10.1.3.A person or group of people proposing amendments shall have to
       present the written details of such a proposal to the Executive
       Committee before submission to the General Meeting for
       discussion and approval.

                         ARTICLE ELEVEN.


11.1. Save by permission of the Executive Committee no member of the
      TVA shall use the Name of the TVA
     directly or indirectly for purposes of self enrichment.
11.2. The Rules of the TVA may relate to:-
11.2.1.Matters of procedure guiding the conduct of meetings of the
      organs of the TVA
11.2.2. Matters of procedure of performance of functions by each organ
       of TVA
11.2.3 Matters of procedures and activities of TANZANIA
        VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION Registered Trustees.
11.2.4 Procedures governing the Expulsion and re-admission of
        person(s) to membership of the TVA            .
11.2.5.The Electoral procedures(s) at the Annual General Meeting.
11.2.6 Any other matter which the Executive Committee shall consider
       desirable to be regulated by Rules of TVA.
11.3 The funds of the TVA may be used solely in the
        furtherance of the objectives and functions of the same
       and shall not be distributed amongst the members.
11.4 The TVA may be dissolved by a resolution of not less
        than three quarters (3/4) of the members present and voting at a
       General Meeting of TVA at which due notice as
        prescribed by this Constitutions.
11.5 Any member of Executive Committee who does not attend three
        consecutive meetings without notice and/ or any reasonable
        cause shall be withdrawn from the Committee.
11.6 The Executive Committee may suspend any office bearer upon
        proof of violation of leadership ethics, misconduct, and vote of
        no confidence pending the final decision of the General Meeting.
11.7 The Executive Committee reserves the power to suspend any
        Trustee on health ground or misconduct, incompetence and refer
        the matter to the General Meeting for final decision.
11.8 The Executive Committee shall establish offices at all levels
        from the grassroot level provided that the establishment of offices
        at the said level shall be approved by the Annual General
        Meeting. Without prejudice to the other clauses of this
        constitution, Rules and Regulations; Constitution changes shall
        be valid unless it is supported by at least one third (1/3) of the

      Founder Members of the TVA eligible for voting in the General
11.9 Without prejudice to the other parts of this constitution at least
      half of the TVA Trustees shall be appointed from the founder
11.10 Among other qualities of the TVA leaders, one must have stayed
      to the Organization of TVA for at least two consecutive years
      before being elected or appointed except for the founder

Drawn by:
Julius Tweneshe Shulla,
March, 2001


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